Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update June 26th 2019

The cold never bothered us anyway!




Well, good morning you Cutting Edge Guild you!

Guild News:


Welcome to: Elessyl who joins us as our shiny new Monk healer! Good to have you on board, looking forward to raiding with you!


The Big News:


The big news this week is that Nasty got swollen lips.. from what...I will let your imaginations work.. Oh wait, that ISNT the big news. The BIG news is that it seems summer has finally arrived and it's damn hot.


There was some other news.. let me think... Uz is back from holiday!! Annnd.. we killed Jaina Mythic before essences and got CUTTING EDGE!


Great job guys, we really exceeded our expectations on this final boss, with a lot less pulls than we imagined - P1 went a lot smoother and faster that we thought it would in progression, the intermission and P2 took some sorting, but P3 also went pretty well in terms of time spent. So really good job everyone involved, including those who didnt make it to the kill. I do want to make a couple of mentions though. People took different responsibilities during this fight aside from their usual role as well, so thankyou to Mystik for doing so many of the shouts/managing the ballisters and Ida for patiently calling for everyone to drop stacks! Also thankyou to Nasty for swapping between spriest and warlock at the drop of a hat to help out. Thanks to Zubs for being stackman in P1 and keeping us on our toes and keeping everything new.. will he go left, right or back?? Also Cy - not just the usual prep and raid leading, but the step-by-step guide to P3 made such a huge difference.


I really do also want to mention one little man. I dunno if he IS little in rl.. but he certainly is in-game. Grimey gets my man of the match for this kill. This isnt to say that everyone didnt do a great job, but Grimey went away and learnt Fire - and boy were the results impressive. Go take a look at his damage in P3 :D Not only did he do this, but also had a job with Mystik dealing with the ballisters. I couldnt be more impressed Grimey - excellently done and well played!


So, thats another Tier done. A successful tier as well! We were aiming for Cutting Edge and we got there. We had some stumbles along the way.. lets NOT talk Mekka, or Opulence actually! However, to finish the tier is what we wanted, and its what we achieved. Thanks all of you for the effort and patience and good play!

So what next?


This week we are going for a reclear and hoping to get our missing raiders through Jaina so they also get cutting edge.


Wed: We will start around 9pm. This is so that those working can get home, start the new patch and get their Essences. As soon as we are ready, so this may be before 9pm, we will make a start on Mythic.

Sun: continue to clear - if we get Jaina, great..


Mon: If we need to continue to clear, we will but we will not kill Jaina if Cram cant be there, and he is tentative at the moment. So we will then delay the kill until the following Sunday which is the next time we have all the missing raiders together.


I will be sitting some people out from a second kill to make room for those who still need it. Will make this decision nearer the time.


If we need to delay Jaina then we can have some nights off! So for now, sign for all raids please and we will adjust our timetable as we go.


In Other News:


New raid/patch plans:


With the new patch there will be a lot to do, so just a reminder that if you want to raid Eternal Palace, your neck level needs to be 50 minimum. If you are still behind you should be able to catch up by release, but you WILL be sat out if you don't get there.


As usual we will have a meeting before the new raid comes out - potentially Mon 8th or Tues 9th July. We will lay out how the raid will be managed, our aims and the requirements for raiding both HC and Mythic. We will confirm a date for this next week when we see how Jaina is going.


Cy and I will be working on tactics soon and will update the TLDR the weekend before the raid.


Once the new M+ season starts we will have Tues evenings as Guild M+ night again. There are a few groups doing M+ on a regluar basis and of course these will continue, but there will be people havent been interested in pushing for the sake of it, but who will now need/want M+ again so for a while we will run these as a guild and make groups up so that all raiding characters can get their weeklys done. I would really appreciate those in their own groups to help out if needed with this.




The recruitment posts are back up and need bumping, so can people (partic those who havent before) please go and do that. Link


I have moved - well, copied, the roster for EP that I was running on the Daza roster sheet to its own tab on the TLDR. I have taken into account what people have spoken to me about, but if there is anything anyone wants to further discuss then now is the time to do that. Some of you have offered alts for the raid, we won't be looking at alts until we are farming HC and on our way to Mythics, so please focus your attention for the 2 weeks on getting your mains as prepared and ready as possible. Our aim is to clear HCs asap and move onto Mythics, so we need characters ready. I will go through the plans more at the meeting, but just to say that your Mythic spot will depend on you getting your essences and your neck level as high as possible, so spend these two weeks getting as far as you can.


Raid Mats:


Obviously we will be looking at using the new food/flasks/potions in the raids, but we anticipate that we will use up what we have already from 8.1 at the start in HCs. We will plan a guild farm event at some point to get these in place for later HCs and Mythics.

Right, I think thats quite enough from me.. it is now patch day, so I'm gonna publish early! See you in game.