Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update June 19th 2019

Ice Wall.. got it.. smashed through it.



The Job we need to do.


8.2 is a week away, thats 3 raid nights to kill Jaina before patch hits. We wanna do this. We can do this. Yea, we could wait till those essences, and we can still get Cutting Edge..but, but.. Oh the sweeter victory would be that all the hard work we have put in over the last few weeks would get us the kill before what is effectively a nerf!



However, it seems that Ala has unsigned from the raid since Mon evening as we were 19 signed with Ecks available but not able to get online to sign. With no notice from Ala in the forums or whisper to me or an Officer, I'm kinda left not knowing if we will actually raid tonight!


Last week saw steady progress on Jaina, with some really good attempts at the start and end of Sunday. More and more attempts into P2, the wall down more times than before. Best was 22%! However, waaaay too many P1 wipes to get the kind of progress we needed to on the second intermission and P3.We cannot have people either getting Ice blocked, or dying in that phase. Some of you were consistently having issues - you know who you are, so make sure you understand why and take measures to fix it. We had some very clean Intermissions, and some very messy ones!


The fight is over at 5.5%. So that attempt we had at 22% was not far - we just need to be alive in that last phase and smash it.


So, what do we need to change:


  • NO deaths P1
  • NO Ice blocks P1
  • NO deaths/Ice blocks Intermission - if people get blocked towards the end, then get them out, we have at least a few seconds before Jaina is active. Throw on some dots - but DONT get Ice'd yourself!
  • P2: Drop your stacks and get out at the last moment - you need to get this right. Out too soon means too many stacks later and strain on healers. Out too late is a one-shot. Time it - we are getting calls,  but get your WA so YOU can see when you need to move.
  • The Ice Shards - this is the Hand of Frost, still way too many people getting this - it isnt the easiest to see, but you have to work on this. LOOK, DODGE.
  • Stack - we are still having people running all over the place. There is a green marker on Cy - be on it.
  • Intermission 2 run together.. seriously.. together. When you first go in run behind and the move as a team on Cy to avoid the Barrages. Heart of Frost people - 4 yards out to the side and move along at the same rate as the team.
  • P3 - move around the arena ON Cy. All you have to do is avoid shit at that point.
  • NUKE

Cy is going to do a little P3 walkthrough before we start tonight - so for a change, LISTEN! :D




We have 20 on Wed - IF ALA is coming, otherwise we are 19


Sunday: Ecks/Styhl standby - we will decide if we need an extra Spriest or Rogue closer to the time.


Monday: Ecks/Styhl standby on same basis - both Cram and Uz are tentative so will be standby's if available after Ecks.




If we want to do this this week I can have NO Dropouts, seriously - no last moment internet/electricity/sub-runs-out/accidents/illness/dogs destroying sofas. On both Sunday and Monday we may have a delayed start with Visp and Nasty a little late. We don't have an extra evening to raid, and my idea of having a Sunday raid from 4-6 then 8-11 wont work. We could talk and see if we could find an extra couple of hours on Sunday lunchtime, or if push comes to shove, on Tues evening. We will talk about this at the raid tonight.


Next Week and Patch:


IF we kill Jaina then we can all focus on getting up to speed as fast as we can with Essences and farming ready for the next raid. IF we don't the plan is to raid on Wed from 9pm for 2 hours. This will give all those working a chance to get home and get started. Getting the first Essence doesn't take long, so we should be able to go in and see how much of a difference that makes.


What we are left with before the next raid however, is the fact that some people, having been present for Jaina for weeks won't get the kill as we are more than 20. So it would be nice to re-clear and get a second kill - and second chance for a mount before the next raid comes out. That's gonna be gruelling perhaps - with essences we might just breeze through! But it is kinda also the right thing to do.




Can anyone who can make feasts please speak to Levy at the start of the raid tonight, thanks.


Right - we got our job, lets do it.