Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update June 12th 2019

We got to the wall!




Last Week's Recap:

So, we had only 2 nights on Jaina this week due to not having 20 for Wed. Instead we went and had some alt fun by getting the 2 new HCs down in Crucible and then got all the way through to Blockade in Daza. On Sunday and Monday we resumed our marathon with Jaina and if we are honest, we didn't really move much further forward until the end of Monday. Maybe having a 2 night raid break from her (after having missed both the previous Monday and Wed) wasnt dreadfully helpful, but we do seem to go back to square one when we start each night and it takes us some time to get into our stride. We had so many P1 wipes, even on Monday, but we did seem to push a little further when we actually got through the intermission into P2. Then, last attempt of the evening we not only GOT to the Wall, but we smashed the wall with 6 or more raiders down. So good job people!

This Week:


This is light at the end of the tunnel guys, if we can start to do this consistently, a kill actually isnt that far off. We do have to learn that second intermission and we will have some P3 wipes as we work out a pattern for that, but brute force is gonna come into play as well. So the plan this week is 3 raids. We have only 20 tonight - so if we have any drop outs we are gonna have problems. We have more than 20 for the rest of the week, but again - not enough for one of you to go to hospital, one lose their dog in the park, one lose their internet into the nether. So, plan this week is to consistently get through to P2 with everyone alive, we are sticking a marker on Cy - so stick like glue, get to that wall, get that intermission sorted and start to see P3 coming together.


In terms of standbys for Sun/Mon - I'd just like to mention what standby is for clarification. I have to handle last min drop-outs or no-shows, which means that until invites I cannot guarentee with 100% certainty that I wont need a backup. So you need to be available until that last second. I'm sorry about that, its not how I really like to run this - but I have no control over people doing this. So as backup you need to be available I'm afraid until first pull. When I have to run around backups who have made other plans, or now dont really feel like playing - that kinda defeats the point of being a backup. Go shout at those people causing that situation!


Backups this week could be: Uz/Muhnz/Styhl/Ecks and that is based soley on availability both coming up and to date. I do need at least 2x Spriests however, so that might come into play if I lose one short notice. Ida and Tac may or may not be here. I want to see how we do without Zubs this evening as if we could let Tac and Ida enjoy their break - one of very very few they ever take, that would be good. However, they are both potentially available even while away (on borrowed PCs/mad dashes home) should push come to shove and we definately need them. Of the backups I have listed I will need 2 of them each evening if we are leaving Tac and Ida to their own devices, so while I may be able to give you advanced warning about that, I can't give warning of the whispers I might recieve 15 mins before raid start I'm afraid!



The following are changes to individual responsibilities for this week - so make sure you are good with these:


  • Levy will be healing in Zubs/Ida's absence - so tonight, full dps P1 and Sun/Mon covering Ida's healing in P1.


  • Levy will still come left side for the intermission, so Cookie/Ala will deal with 2 healing that side on Sun/Mon.


  • Grimey I'd like you to do Ballisters with Mystik this evening in prep for Uz's absences.


  • Nasty and Paul will be doing the MCs, with Ecks  also Mass Dispelling at the Ring of Ice so that we have 4 going out to cover any late MCs going off as Ida also potentially not here for a Revival.


  • Styhl - I want you helping getting rid of right sides ice swirlies during the intermission in place of Tac - or in addition to him if he is here.

Right, this week lets not get caught up in endless P1 wipes - we can do this team! Best foot forward and lets get closer to that sweet Cutting Edge!