Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update June 5th 2019

..and more Jaina!




Guild News:


Grats on promotion to Member to: Crambo. Welcome aboard!


Last Week in Review:


Wed and Sun saw a real step forward in Jaina progress, particularly Sunday where we were consistently getting into P2 with more and more alive as the evening went on. This was always going to be a long haul and require us to have some staying power, but to see a consistent amount of progress, however small, is very encouraging! I also have to say that the atmosphere was much improved over last week, so really well done guys, was a pleasure to raid with you all! I don't know that we have a 'dream team' for the fight, but the combination seemed to work this week, DpS was higher and while people still fk'd up at times, there was a real sense of moving forward and consistently overcoming the challenges of P1 and the transition. If we can continue this and get to P2 to give people time to learn the 'dance' there, we are close to the wall, and that means close to a kill! There is still a lot of work to be done, but missing a night on Monday really kinda threw a spanner in - it would have been so good to work on the progress of Wed/Sun.

This week's plan:


As I posted yesterday, we don't have the team to raid this evening. I could scrabble about and find 20, but without Visp in particular, I don't feel this would be a productive evening and given the amount of wipes we already have before us, I would rather we came fresh on Sunday with the best team to take the fight forward. We do have some leeway with time, but even so, to have to take one night out last week and one this week isn't the ideal. While we can probably afford to do this, we cannot afford to keep doing it.


It is summer and people are getting busy with out-of-wow stuff. I'm really grateful to people posting their availability ahead of time and giving me the opportunity to organise a team the best I can. While I appreciate that things do come up unexpected, everytime this happens it slows our progress to Cutting Edge. Posting when you are away, or an explanation on why you didn't make it to a raid because of some last moment emergancy isn't just for me. Communicating with your team and apologising for absence is important. I have to deal with the fallout of you not being here by running around like a lunatic trying to plug holes, but I then also have to answer questions from others in the team about why you arent here. That's not my job. That's your job - so do it. You have made a committment to raiding, and thats a commitment to a team. So show your team some respect. Do not miss a raid without explaining to your team why. Visp, Esu, Ecks - posts please.


Wed: So this evening we are doing HC. We have 10 people, which actually might be quite nice! Like the good ole 10 man raiding days! So the lineup for this evening is:




Tanks: Usti/Cy


Healers: Cookie/Ellz


DpS: Tac/Cram/Sam/Grimey/Nasty (Also Ailoo, Nasty's better half!)




Tanks: Usti/Tac


Healers: Cookie/Ellz/Sam


DpS: Cy/Nasty/Cram/Grimey/Ailoo



Thanks to Heli/Didds/Esu for responding that they will enjoy an evening off. Shame on the rest of you who are stated as available frankly.


Sun/Mon: we will return to Jaina. We have 23 people available at the moment. The only confirmed standby I am going to state is Styhl. I need 2 others to sit out if everyone shows up and frankly, given how the past weeks have gone, I don't want to give anyone false hope of a night off! I will make the decision nearer to Sunday once the enevitable whispers start I need at least 2x spriests, a lock, rogue and feral druid as well as my 2x tanks and 5x healers to get us the best chance of progress. Forward availability will be taken into account along with when I think we can get the kill and making sure that I keep everyone as up to date as possible. Do not take offence if I sit you out - there isnt anyone performance-wise I have huge concerns about, this fight does require people to deal with the mechanics, so dead is no use to us - but its also about key classes to make the fight as easy as possible for us to overcome as well as some confidence around people actually BEING here!


In Other News:


Guild Meet:


The date for this was confirmed in the news a few weeks ago, but I hadn't yet made the private forum for it, so it appears there was some confusion.  The set dates are 6th-8th September. I will make the forum later today and so far looking at who confirmed they could make those dates I have the following to add to that:


Uz, Paul, Levy, Styhl, Ray, Tac, Ida, Mystik, Zubs, Ala.


Right, thats it for this week! See you this evening for some HC fun!