Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU



Time to get Mumbling!



We have a Mumble Server available now, currently with 30 slots. In order to use mumble with us you must be a Guild Member and of course, registered  on the site! Connection details are in the Guild Forum. 

But first a little guide to Mumbling.

What is mumble?

Ventrilo and more recently, Teamspeak have been used for Voice Communication in game. The problem with Vent is it's old and the quality is appalling. Teamspeak is a problem for MAC users, so Mumble has come to the rescue.

What are the system Requirements?

None really, if you have a PC connected to the internet, with a sound card (presume you wouldnt be playing WoW unless all these were big fat ticks) then all you need apart from that is a headset with microphone.

Where can I get Mumble?

You can download Mumble for Windows and Mac HERE

How do I set Mumble up?

Once you have downloaded and run the exe file, the programme will take you through a wizard to configure your audio. DO THIS WIZARD! Most of the problems people have with Mumble is because they think they are too clever to do the wizard and try to configure it themselves.

If you have problems there are Mumble help pages HERE

If you still have problems, then ask in the forum or pm me (Ellz). I should warn you though, that I have helped many people set up mumble (for Windows... for MAC, I have NO idea :P) and the most common problems stemmed from the following errors:

  • Oh, I didn't realise I needed to plug my Mic in
  • What, I should have tested all the device options before asking you??
  • Oh, I didn't realise I needed to plg my Mic in

So, please make sure you have run through the wizard, read the help pages and got a mic as well as plugged it in before you come asking!

Ok, so Mumble is installed, my wizard has taken me through set up and my audio is working... now what?

Head over the the Guild Forum to get connection information.


Speak soon!