Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 29th 2019

and more Jaina..




Guild News:


Grats to Raiders of the Month:


Cy, Ellz, Ida, Levy, Muhnz, Ray, Cookie, Tac, Usti


Good job team!


Meat Appeal: We have managed to get through almost all our reserves for food and while herbs are still in abundance, we do need some donations to keep feasts going for raids. We have bought some meat to cover this week, but would ask people to spend a little time this week gathering both Meaty Haunch and Stringy Loins before next Wed. Offers to make feasts once we have the mats would be much appreciated, or you can also donate feasts direct to the Guild Bank so we can calculate how many nights we can cover. Many thanks in advance!


Last Week in Review:

The last step on our journey to Cutting Edge started in earnest this week with Jaina. Actually we made really really good progress over the 3 nights. I dont think we were expecting to get P1 sorted as quickly as we did, but each night we got more and more P1 clears and into the Intermission. We also saw some progress at the end of the week into the Intermission, but it is here that we need to focus our efforts this week, avoiding those orbs and tornado's and getting cleanly into P2. We never expected this to be a 3, 6 or even 9 raid kill but what we have done is made a really solid start, so well done everyone. There did seem to be some frustrations during Monday's raid, so I just wanted to remind you all how far we have come! This is a long slog, so we need to be patient with each other and focus to the best of our ability.


This Week's Plan:



Firstly, roster. We have varying numbers of people available over the coming weeks, meaning that some nights we have no backup available and other nights we need to sit 2/3 people out. We will try to do this as fairly as possible, but everyone should expect to be sat out at some point with perhaps exceptions for Tanks and Healers. Some of you I know will appreciate the odd night off, as I said.. this is going to be a hard slog so a little break might be welcomed! At this stage we want to try and keep as many people available for progress which means rotating people around so that everyone keeps up-to-date, however if people are away during a week, they might be asked to be backup on the night/s they are available so that we can keep some progress consistency.


This week the following people will be backup:


Paul: Wed/Sun


Styhl: Sun


Sam: Mon (Late arrival)


We have no backup for Mon except Sam who will arrive late from an exam, so the rest of you.. if you drop out, you will incur meat/feast punishments for keeping the other 19 people waiting! Beware! :D


Please refer to the calendar sheet on the TLDR for who is coming to each night.



Things we learnt and need to take forward this week:


Drop stacks on the Boat: Keep your eye on your stacks and drop then by dipping into the fire when it's safe to do so throughout the fight. This will greatly help healer mana.


Avalanche: If you are still having problems knowing this is on you, then go look at your WA before the raid and add larger warnings or sounds to really ensure you don't drop this on others.


You should do this with any mechanic you have issues with. The really loud ringing you sometimes hear from me is for the Freezing Blast so that whatever is happening I know to look up and check that. Have a think about where you are having difficulties and work on strategies to solve these problems. The faster and cleaner we can get Intermission attempts this week, the better.


As far as the Intermission goes, again, do the same. I am having some issues with it myself, so have come up with a personal strategy to try and improve that for me, so do the same, use your brains and find something that works for you.


Above all, as we are going to be working on this from some time, a little fun, humor and patience is called for. I want to talk a bit more about breaks and wipes in other news, but lets do our best to enjoy learning and overcoming this fight together! Banter between pulls is always welcome, but everyone deals with things differently, and as usual IN fight we need concentrate so the only things we want to hear are instructions as allocated to people so that we keep other distractions to a minimum.

In Other News:


As I mentioned above, we are all different and work differently when we are raiding. I found myself getting a little frustrated on Monday because people were not rezzing, forgetting to repair/eat and holding us up, apparently not listening or hearing calls to eat/repair until they were asked a second or third time! Some people like quick pulls where we make the most of our time and dont sit around between pulls - I fall into this camp. As SOON as I can rez I do and then immediately start eating and then do anything else I need to while I do that. However, as was pointed out to me in Officer Meeting, others of you might be used to tabbing out, checking your phone, whispering other people and on fights where we have to run in, or wait for a mass rez, this is much easier to manage. On Jaina there is no 'run-in'. We rez and are immediately in place to start again. There are not many people who are holding us up, so I have to guess that the majority are in the lets-get-going camp. However, I will try to give a little more time between ready checks given we don't really get any break between pulls, but this will be 60 secs or so, not 5 mins! If you wanna whisper someone, or wanna make a comment on the fight between pulls, please start eating before you start talking! :D


We have set bio-breaks that are 5 or 10 mins and this is stated at the start of the break. Please try to keep to these, having to take 5 mins between these really holds everyone else up. However, I do appreciate as I've already said that when we have run-ins on other fights some of you will have taken the opportunity to make a quick dash to the loo, so as I cant offer commodes, this is another reason for delaying the ready check slightly. Also, having 5 min breaks that last 10 mins makes me reluctant to offer 10 min breaks that will turn into 15. So while I do understand that a slightly longer break between pulls might be appreciated, the other side is that your time is not more important than everyone elses and we do need to make the most of our raid time if we want this dead sooner rather than later. So show some consideration to others and rez fast, ready up and get back from breaks on time.


In Summary:


Give us meat!, be patient, be considerate with others time, look critically at where you are having problems on the fight and come up with solutions, pay attention.... and let's this week goal be to get a smooth first Intermission and get to the wall!! We can do this people!