Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 22nd 2019

How we get here?




Guild News:


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Last Week in Review:


8/9.. Cutting Edge here we come!


So it might have taken us all week.. but we got there! Mythic Blockade down! We forgot to do the screeny at the end, so Uz sent me a 'we-wouldnt-have-gotten-here-if-we-didn't-kill-it' pic. Great job guys, this was an easier ride than Mekka (tho not so much fun according to Ida!) but still required us to conquer what seems to be a real problem with our team.. the dreaded 'stacking'. Lord only knows why, but even on those last close attempts some people still seemed to struggle with it! The other key part of the fight was target switching, so following instructions and shouts which we found we had to do quite a lot of because otherwise people didn't seem to be able to make those decisions solo. These are issues that are gonna come bite us on Jaina, so hopefully we can take what we learnt forward to our next and final (this tier) challenge!


This Week's plan: It's all about Jaina!


We are going to focus work on Phase One and First Intermission this week. Phase One is tricky because as I said on Monday, the abilities dont come in a set order, so this requires us to understand each ability and react quickly to it when it comes in. Cy and I have updated the TLDR for the first phase and intermission, so head over, watch fat Boss and start to get into your head what you need to do when each ability comes in. We have allocated responsibility for shouting/organising to some of you - and as we progress through the other phases will be calling on more of you to help out in this way. Expect a lot of P1 wipes! There are so many different possible sequences, we will take some time to learn how to handle different orders/combinations.


The format for our raid nights will be that we will test out plans, and then take a longer first break or second break and talk through anything we want to change. We'd also like to stop earlier for a summary discussion and plan for the next raid night on it as is appropriate. This is going to be a bit of a long haul, so if we feel we are losing focus then we arent adverse to calling it early, but we will call this. I wrote about the options for Jaina a month or so ago, but with the nerfs and with how long we seem to take for everyone to understand mechanics, we think it's best to push through and see if we can get a break before next raid at the end. We don't want to come so close to Cutting Edge and then miss it!


The TLDR also has a calendar where I am putting who is away for the next month or so. Please do NOT edit this. If you are going to be away, post as usual in the forum. For now, it doesnt really matter who we bring and I want to try and get as many people as possible learning the fight so that we aren't sat at the end with people missing and having to pull someone in to learn the whole thing as we want the kill. There are some preferables aside from the obivous tanks and healers. These are at least one Lock, 3 Priests (4 would be better) and 4/5 melee. A Hunter is useful, but not impossible without and Boomies are pretty good this fight as well. Other than that, we can play about with classes - having one DH and one Monk on each side in the first transmission for example would be pretty nice.


We are going to 5 heal this - at least at the start to get us through as safetly as possible. So Ala will join on his Shammy and once we get a bit further he is ready to go DPS Spec Healer if needed. Nasty is going to act as a bit of Jack-of-all-trades and bring his Lock when Esu isnt here, his Spriest when Muhnz is away and Boomie otherwise! We are also bringing Crambo in on his DH and (if I ever find him for a chat...) would be happy to have Light along when possible too. Styhl will also be available, so as I said what is important at this point is getting 20 people and having everyone available familiar with the fight. Some of you are going to be afk over this period, so I will select a weekly team mainly based on who can make all 3 nights for some consistency. This week, Esu and Didds will sit out tonight as they can't make Sun/Mon. As we get closer to a kill, we will make decisions on the kill team based on who we think will get us that kill the fastest as well as availability, so how you perform while we are learning as well as who is actually going to be around to help us get the kill.


We think that we will be able to tell if we can do this pre-patch at the wall. If we can get the wall down, then we can probably kill it pretty soon after. So we will use this as the decision point and look at taking a break until patch if we can't get this. I would hope that with the nerfs and some effort on our part to learn this as fast as possible, we can get there before! So we have a couple of weeks free-for-all where we just want to learn/practice and swap people in and out. Then we have a bit of a push to the wall, then a decision on who is available/able to push for a kill or do we break for patch. We will play this by ear. We are almost there team - our first Mythic Cutting Edge, such a lot of good work from all of you over this Tier, so let's just make that last push and DO IT!


Standby's tonight: Esu/Didds

We have no standbys for Sun/Mon - so make sure you are all here!