Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 15th 2019

See this? Need this...


Last Week's Recap:

For a moment there last week, I thought we were gonna have no acts of God or last moment emergencies, but silly me... of course we were. This week in the form of heaven-sent thunderstorms, bus breakdowns and.. well, not sure why Esu was late 2 nights.. but we managed to still run with 3 raid nights, all on Blockade. Saw progress all 3 nights even with having to swap people in, so we are pretty much all set for getting it dead this week!

The Coming Week:


We wanna make some adjustments, not to how we handle mechanics themselves, but how we 'manage' them. While I have listed these according to the person calling, it is not just their responsibility! So please make sure you read carefully and follow the plan.

Tac: Continue to do his stack point, calling and also warn people who look like they arent managing this - this failure to stack is causing wipes and deaths and we really cannot afford for this to continue happening. One of the skills of raiding is to learning to minimise your movement and so up your dps/hps but it is also part of working as a team to follow tactics and give some confidence and assurance to the rest of your team that you are in the right place and not going to cause others issues moving late or at the last moment. From talking to a couple of people since Monday - there is fear among some that some people stood out and moving in at the last min arent going to make it, so they run earlier or further to try and avoid swirlies potentially left by these late people. The result is that THEIR swirlies end up killing people. Feeling on edge and nervous cos you are worrying about others doesnt make for fun or effective play! We have a tactic. Do it.

Mystik: When the random orbs spawn we need that call so people are prepared - but everyone needs to make sure that their WA or Boss mods are giving them warnings that will grab their attention. Not realising you have Storm's Wail on you is also going to wipe us. If it's on you, then quickly run over puddles to clear them and get to the far back of the platform to drop the Add. Mystik, we'd like you to be more vocal in shouting out when slows or dps are needed or when dps should stop. To be clear for the rest of you, we are trying to slow the add and kill it at the last possible moment so that the rate of Adds spawning is controlled and we have as few as possible, getting more dps on the boss to actually kill it! So Mystik is in charge of asking for DoTs/no dps/full dps to try and kill it just before it starts to cast.

Levy: Levy will be responsible for shouting and marking Sirens. We are still sometimes letting Siren's be up for too long. This is FIRST target priority for ranged and everyone should switch to the marked Siren immediately and every time, then swap to the final one BEFORE they go back to the boss. Add management is the key to this fight along with stacking to move together.

Usti: Usti needs to call for when he should be dispelled. When he NEEDS this, he NEEDS it, however as he is dispelled anyone near him will get the debuff and we don't want this. Sometimes Usti hesitates because a melee or Visp is too close. Don't hesitate Usti. If you hear Usti call.. get the hell away from him. This is your responsibility, not his.


Visp: Visp is mainly managing his own soaks, but perhaps it would help if he took the odd soak off to make 100% sure he is ready. So Visp if you could plan that and shout ahead of time for a Hunter or Boomie to soak for you so that we have no Vispy deaths :D People able to help soak shout that you are taking the ones he calls for.


Healing: We will have a turn taking CD rotation so that we aren't overlapping in Phase 2. To be agreed at start of raid and shouted when yours has been used. It's a little hard to predict when they need to be used, if people handle mechanics properly then it's really only the random positioning of the Lightning lines that need to be covered, but just use yours whenever it will get the job done and shout so the next in line knows it's their turn. Zubs and I can probably cover the lightning between us, so we could go Zubs>Ellz>Zubs>Ellz and then have Cookie>Ida as needed after that. Will confirm tonight.


Please keep chat aside from these shouts to a minimum so people can concentrate.


So, the main tasks this week are to get through the boats on a consistent basis, stack and move as a team, switch to adds on time, keep away from Usti and kill, kill, kill!

Jaina/Rest of the Week:


We have 19 signed tonight. Ecks was still without electricity yesterday, am hoping he is back tonight. We are missing Paul and having spriests is very useful this fight! We will have 20 whatever, but we have room to sit out on Mon/Tues if we manage, just for once to have no drop outs. If anyone drops out tonight, we are not going to make it. SO DONT. We will see how this evening goes and monitor add management and movement and then make a decision on team for Sunday/Monday's blockade if we need it.. we could otherwise just kill it tonight!


I talked last week about our potential plans for Jaina - but then we had some nerfs! So the plan at the moment is to go full out on Jaina after Blockade and then see how that is looking and then make a decision about if we want to push for the kill now and take a break at the end, or ease up a bit now with the plan to kill her post-patch.


Right team, we got a job to do. We need some team work as well as some personal responsibility to get the job done. Let's do it!

In Other News:


We need Winter's Kiss. Urgently. Please donate to the Guild Bank and get those tabs filled! Thanks in advance.