Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 8th 2019

2 to go!



Last Week's Review:


Sooo last week was Mekka-week. The plan.. kill the damn thing and never... no, never, ever go there again. (Ok, maybe that has been the plan for a few weeks now.. lets not dwell there!) Our logs for Wed evening show a glorious technicolor range of white, green, blue, purple, orange attempts and then the kill! Mekka died with 15 mins to spare before raid end, proving yet again that the end of the evening can be a success!


This has been a long-haul. We struggled big time with this boss, but somehow, we managed to keep the atmosphere good and 'some' of us actually enjoyed it! I am seriously considering providing Ides with some psychiatric help.. his good humor and pleasure at that fight is just not quite right I'm sure! Really good job people, well done for keeping the faith, keeping pushing and despite this taking longer than maybe it needed to, we did manage mostly to show some progression every evening, getting more and more decent attempts as we went along.


So Sunday we set about Blockade and had a good first night, seeing some decent progress in Phase One. On Monday that continued and we got to Phase 2 a couple of times. If we can get the boat phases down regularly we are looking good to getting this Blockade to Jaina and Cutting Edge out of the way! (See what I did there?)

The Coming Week:


This week will be all Blockade. I'm gonna talk a bit more about attendance etc in Other News, but we really do need a consistent team on this if we want to progress faster than we did Mekka! Ecks is not available Wed, so Uz will be taking his spot and then be backup for Sun/Mon. When we have more than 20 available we will select the team based mostly on attendance, there will be some consideration as well to performance, but what we need here is not having to start over every raid night.


This fight needs people who can handle mechanics, but also is very dependant on people doing good DpS. Ideally on those boats we need to get to P2 a tad faster than we managed last week. If we can avoid the extra Siren/Lightning on each side, it's really going to help. So the 2 things we need are consistency in attendance so we arent having to wait for standby's to learn the phases and more deeps! Take a look at the logs and if you are towards the bottom of the DpS charts, do some more! If you are towards the top - that doesnt mean you are doing all you need to do, look at improving that a little as well. Bear in mind that the 2 boats will have different opportunities DpS-wise so you should be checking yourself against others on your boat. In the first half of P1, the left boat will be able to do more deeps in general to the right boat, and then that should reverse a bit.


Both boats now 'know' how to handle the mechanics in their Phase One's - what we need is everyone getting it right and focusing so we can get to Phase 2. If we can see Phase Two on Wed enough to test some ideas out, then we will have a tactics meeting on Thurs to look at how things went in P2 and any adjustments we want to make. There isn't much point doing this if we haven't been able to see a good amount of the Phase however. So lets give it our best and start to look at how we want to handle the adds/movement/dps split.

In Other News:


Plan for the rest of BoD:


We have been looking ahead at these last 2 fights, estimating that we have a month and a half, possibly 2 months before the patch hits. The quicker we can get Blockade down, the more we have to play with Jaina. When the patch hits, there will be a small window to benefit from the new power in 8.2 before the new raid starts. So we'd like to work towards killing Jaina the week the patch comes out! In the meantime we will spend our time learning that fight so that we are totally prepared for that. Now, of course, we might get there and find we can kill it before the patch! but at the moment our guess is we might need that little extra boost... feel free to prove us wrong :D


It's getting towards summer and people's availability has already started to cause us problems. So, this is the kind of idea we have, in order to give people a bit more flexibility and not totally burn you all out! There are 2 ways we can do this, either push as hard as possible and 'hope' we get some time before the new raid or this:


Blockade: Full throttle on this. This means 3 nights - usual hours, you all showing up and making that commitment. No last min decisions to go for a BBQ on raid night - you all put in the time and we get it down.. fast as possible.


Jaina: We cut back on raid nights/hours. We can discuss if this is to have 3x 2 hr raids, or 2x 3 hr raids for example. We would go with the majority vote. The aim is to learn the fight, but take a little more of a relaxed approach and give ourselves a kinda rest from the Mekka/Blockade-type hurt! We obviously will still need 20 people during this time, but we hope it would also be possible to give people some time off. So we kinda have a month with a less pressure, but reserve the option to return to 3x usual nights if it looks like we are near a kill, or if the more relaxed schedule results in zero progress.


Patch Week: You all commit to being here and we use the week/2weeks before the new raid to again go full throttle and get Jaina down.


In order to know if this is possible, I need you to know if you can keep those 2 weeks as free as you can. If you have planned holidays last week of June/first 2 weeks of July, please can you post that in the forum asap. Obviously, this can't be helped. But if you want Cutting Edge, then we are asking you to keep those weeks free from other commitments and arm yourselves with the new power and get Jaina dead.


8.2 and raid roster


A number of people have spoken to me, or hinted that they might be considering a change of class for the new raid. So we want to start that ball rolling now really. We are happy to consider class changes, with a few caveats. Firstly, anyone who is currently playing a class or a role gets first priority on that. So if our 3 mages want to continue maging for example, I'd be unlikely to allow 3 new raiders to switch to Mage as well. If all our ranged players decide to go Melee, that isn't gonna work. We are already melee heavy, so unless they all want to go ranged, 5 Warriors is not going to work!


The other requirements, and why we want to start talking about this now, is that any current 'alt' you want to change to a 'main' for raiding will need to be neck level 50 and ilvl 410 for the new raid. No exceptions. The neck level will also cover any current main wanting to raid in 8.2. This is so easy to get over the next couple of months, it shouldn't be a problem for a main, but if you have one or two alts you are considering and want us to take a chance on something we haven't seen you play - then you need to put the work in now.


Until we see what the fights in the new raid look like, it's hard to tell if we are going to want 5 Rogues or 5 Warlocks. So right now there are no promises going to be made about switching class. I just want you to start talking and thinking about it now while it's quiet and you have time to test out other classes and get them in M+/pugs and working on their neck levels.


We have had some success this tier in having secondary classes we can swap about as needed: Paul Hunter/Priest, Tac Rogue/Hunter, Visp Monk/DK. We'd like to continue that. So if some of you want a second class but still want to maintain your current main, then that is something we would really be interested in. Now is the time to get those other classes raid ready and that can so easily be done outside Mythic Guild Raids.


So ye, come speak to me.. have a think.. get prepping!




I briefly talked on Sunday about Letters comments on leaving the Guild and it is important to me to take feedback from people who leave us. Our Guild Charter really says everything that needs to be said about how this Guild works and how we run it and after some consideration, I've decided that I don't want that to change. Ida mentioned that not having Mivz the enforcer around has kinda been missed! So beware, Bad Books will apply, followed by herb/meat or fish punishments for repeat offenders with regard to Hi's and by's!


I was a little surprised to hear from a couple of people that they hadn't ever read the charter. So I suggest you go do so now. By being here you agree to it.


Aside from that, this is a very difficult time to join a Guild who are in the state of progress we are. I am always very honest and clear with people who join us about their opportunity to raid, and at this point, unless someone joins with similar Mythic progress and ilvl, it is unlikely they will be able to join us on Blockade or Jaina. Not raiding here, particularly given how little else there is to do in the game is going to mean that integrating is going to be tough. We have a few members in this situation, so can I please ask everyone to be considerate and try to include others who aren't raiding in non-raid activities whenever possible. I will however not be taking on anyone else outside of Blockade/Jaina-ready applicants until nearer 8.2


Right, let's go sort Blockade out.. we are close to Cutting Edge guys, we CAN do this!