Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 1st 2019

Glory to us all... well to most of us!



Guild News:


Apologies for late news today, I'm poorly! Also due to cancelling Monday's raid to do achievements, we missed Officer Meeting where I later realised we would have had some decisions to make which will now be delayed until next week.

Last Week in Review:


I actually can't remember the last raid we had where no one dropped out at the last min. By the last min I mean a few hours or less before we were due to raid. In retorospect, clearing Mythics due to lack of availability kinda backfired as we weren't able to clear by the end of Wed and so spent Sun finishing with only an hour on Mekka. However, not having the right team there kinda didnt help either! With Monday looking like being the only night we could get mostly everyone we needed, disaster in the form of no internet struck again so we went and had fun finishing the Glory achievements. And actually, it WAS fun!


Internet/PC issues, health issues have plagued us in recent weeks but are totally unavoidable, it's just a coincidental sequence of events that with 24 people is gonna happen from time to time. However, there does also seem to be a lack of interest among some people on top of that, with no shows or late shows at the last moment. I appreciate that Mekka progress is long and tiring and seemingly never-ending! This isnt helped by not having the same people there each time we try it. We HAVE been making progress but Mekka and the next 2 really need a concerted effort from us all if we want Cutting Edge... and it IS within our reach, but if we take much longer on Mekka that goal will get out of our reach. We have a core group of people who show up night after night, putting in max effort and you guys should be applauded because it's you really who are being let down.


So this is a call to arms to everyone - lets make that last effort to get Mekka down, lets move on to Blockade and leave the robot behind us forever! We can do this.

This Week's plan:


I can only really give you tonight's plan which is Mekka. This evening we have the best chance team-wise, Sunday is looking dodgy with Monday possibly another try. It isn't that I can't find 20 people, it's that at this point, unless we get the right 20 people who have sweated blood and tears learning this fight.. then it's unlikely to happen. We will see how this evening goes, if we can kill it tonight then Sunday on Blockade is fine, if we can't then I may make the call to give us all Sunday evening off and go back to Mekka on Monday.


It looks as if we need to Monk/DK tank this fight this week, I am really concerned about Nasty as we haven't heard from him from nearly a week and I am guessing he is poorly again - so sending best wishes and thoughts to him. So tonight lets kick some ass, be on top of our game, come up with a strat for not having 2 sets of bot grips and give this the best shot we can!


In Other News:


Farming Weekend:


As I said in Raid on Sunday, many thanks to Ray and Sam for organising and all those who took part and/or donated over the weekend to provide mats for our cauldrons and feasts. I appreciate that some people were unavailable over the weekend, but to see so many making no effort at all to even donate is a little disheartening. I would like to give special mention to Letters and Light who donated/attended even as backup raiders! Those of you who did NOTHING.. SHAME !!


Guild Meet:


After quite a big response to being 'interested' in a Guild Meet this year, there were a lot fewer responding to which weekend would work for them. We will go with the weeekend of Sept 6th-8th and I will make a new private thread for everyone who said they could attend that weekend for arrangements to be made as usual.It's quite a way off.. so plenty of time for planning!


Right.. I need to open my boxes and get back to bed before tonight!


See you there Ellz