Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update April 24th 2019

2/2 HC and 7% Mekka




Guild News:


Welcome back to: Zubs who just couldnt live without us.


Happy Birthday: to Didds!


Raider of the Month: Grats on achieveing this most prestigous of acolades to the following stalwart and intrepid members of our team:



Cy, Ellz, Usti, Ray, Tac, Uz, Cookie, Munhz


See you all in the pub after tonight's raid! (Also watch here in case I missed anyone.. still waiting for Levy's list at time of publishing!)

Last Week recap:


A brief soujourn into Crucible on Wed saw us getting both HC bosses down, I wont say with ease exactly.. but down is down! While the concept of risk V reward is a very strong and pretty interesting theme in this mini-raid I think that most of us feel that the time V reward is a little lacking! There didn't seem to be an overwhelming desire from the team to switch to Mythics there, over pushing through the pain that is Mekka and given HOW much pain Mekka is, that is certainly saying something! However, what was really nice was to get everyone together, new raiders and backups and hit things together with a change of scene. Switching back to Battle for the remainder of the evening, we took the lockout and headed over for some more erm, practice? Sunday evening we had our best night on Mekka so far, with 5 really good attempts, the best being 7%. It really started to look like we were getting there! On Monday, we knew we would be one druid down, but still looked pretty strong to continue this and hopefully get the kill. With it being Easter weekend as well, we had an opportunity to land this while much of our competition took the weekend off! However, last min roster issues hampered any progress we could make and while Usti stepped in on his alt to make us 20 and Ecks played from his lappy IN his bed with pneumonia, we werent able to get any progress over Sunday evening.


We are so close to getting this, but we do need the perfect set-up both in terms of roster and how we handle P1. If we can cleanly get through to the Intermission, handling the Giga's is all that stands between us and never ever having to see this damn boss again. What I do have to congratulate and thank people for is their patience and good humour. Roster issues, late starts, so many early wipes, could have resulted in impatience and frustration, but those who of you who show up night after night, on time and ready to take the pain have been real troupers. I salute you!


Next Week's plan:


I'd love to say, ok THIS week lets kick ass on Mekka! However, we have numerous roster issues again. This evening we have 4 key members of the raid absent, Sunday we have Mystik possibly late or absent, Monday we have Complete away (no forum post about that?) and possibly Nasty. This isn't a case of not having 20 people to raid, we do have that. It's having 20 geared with the experience on this boss to get us a kill or at least progress. Sunday is looking to be our best opportunity, with Monday a possibility which I won't know about until nearer the time. Having seen the effect of Mon's roster issues on our ability to get progress, tonight is not a set-up which is likely to get us a kill. Our choices are to take the evening off, or to go for a Mythic clear - NOT something we had been planning to do as taking the lockout from now until Cutting Edge is preferable.


With it looking like the new raid is coming late June, early July - we could be forgiven for thinking we have LOADS of time to kill Jaina. We don't. We are going to need a good few weeks on Jaina and while Blockade should be easier, this is not going to fall over in a couple of nights. Add to this that I don't think we have ever had a roster that is so unreliable in terms of last min issues - there isnt a raid night where I don't get at least 2 whispers of people unable to come or going to be late, or many nights where we can say we have the same team twice in a row. We have an excellent main core of reliable people, but what this raid has proved over any raid before is that we need a lot more than 20 geared raiders to get a chance on these really hard last bosses. We have taken on some new recruits, at a time when they will really be sitting there waiting until the new raid and that's 2 months away. So, we have made the decision to clear Mythic tonight for a few reasons.


1. We are not going to get progress let alone a kill on Mekka tonight with the team we have available.


2. We need some 'kills' for morale!


3. We have some backup raiders who we could take this last opportunity to gear (along with some of you getting those last few items) which could help integrate them into the team with a long wait until 8.2 and maybe help strengthen our roster for Blockade and Jaina when we are seeing so many reliability issues.


I know that some of you may be disappointed with this decision and that I am asking the 'constant' majority to go back over bosses we killed months ago and hoped we wouldnt have to see again - but honestly, over the new raid or having a night off, spending this evening doing this is what I think will get us closer to cutting edge. The risk is that we get stuck and can't get straight into Mekka on Sunday which is looking like our best evening to get progress. So, I will swap people in and out as needed - on early bosses to get them gear and on later if needed to get us a kill. We can do this! So those of you new, please read up on tactics and come prepared.


I can't say what will happen Sunday/Monday at the moment as I don't have a final roster for those evenings, but we will raid and if on Monday we can't get a team that can progress we will do some achievements or give a night off. We are at the point with Mekka where not having the right people there is the determining factor.


In Other News:


Farming Weekend:


Sam and Ray have organised 3 events in the calender to farm much needed mats for our raid consumables.


Friday 7.45 Fishing Event


Sat 2.00 Herbing Event


Sun: 3.00 Massacre Event


Each event lasts one hour and all mats collected should be sent to Sam or Ray for a tally-up. Everyone who uses cauldrons and feasts in raids really should make some contribution of some sort over this weekend. If you cannot spare the time to actually attend the events, or the idea of spening an hour herbing, fishing or killing stuff is so abhorant to you that it really would lose you the will to live, then donating items needed from your own stores or purchasing on AH is the answer to that! Thank you in advance for your support!


Guild Meet:


Please see the forum for possible dates for this year's Guild Meet. We could go later, like end of Sept/Oct but I'd like to propose a day trip to Folkstone on the Sat (a seaside town) and having the chance of decent weather would be preferable! Lets work on the 2 dates proposed at the moment and see where we get with that.



Thanks this week to Uz for the screenies (I've saved some extra ones for another time!)


Right, see you all this evening!