Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update April 17th 2019

Cannon fodder?




Guild News:


Welcome to: Crambo who joins us on his Hunter to raid, Joe who joins us with his Shammy, looking forward to raiding with you both!


Grats on Promotion to: Paul, a very long over-due promotion to Member!


Last Week's Recap:


This has been another week of last moment emergencies, laughs and pleeenty of Mekka wipes! With Nasty, Zard and Levy all still recovering from hospital visits, a certain rogue who forgot he actually needs to 'write' to do his studies, a spriest who decided to blow his pc up.. getting the 'Kill Team' on Mekka was a bit of a challenge! However, we did get 20 people to clear Mythic and enjoy 2 evenings of dying with our friendly Tinker. Having decided that people might be starting to be immune to Mystik calling 'Buster Cannon', instead of handing this over to someone else so we had a different voice, he decided to mix it up and so we had an evening full of 'Cannon of the Lost Ark', 'Throne of the Cannon' with many film, dungeon and raid references. Not sure if this did make us dodge them properly or just resulted in a lot of laughs, but really nice job Mystik!


We did make 'some' progress, but we were also banging our heads against the wall. As we have said before, this is a fight where personal responsibility is the key and just one person making a mistake can lead to a wipe. However, looking over the 2 evenings, I have to say that everyone showed resiliance, staying power and no one person caused more wipes than anyone else. What we need is the right set-up and one or two perfect runs and this is ours! I am really proud of how well we maintained a positive atmosphere and sense of fun - fights like these can result in bad atmospheres and frustrations, but we held it together, did make progress and had some fun doing so, so good job people!


This Week's Plan:


With the new raid coming out today, we will be taking a break from BoD and heading over on HC for Crucible. The TLDR is updated with tactics and links to Fat Boss videos, and I strongly recommend you watch those as these are hectic fights with loads of mechanics, seeing them is going to give you a much better head's up than anything we can write on the TLDR. We will be taking all raiders to these 2 fights this evening, backups as well as main team so see you there!


Talking of the 'Kill Team' for Mekka, we have an opportunity on Sunday to get this team together for one night only :D Nasty hopes to be able to be back so we can have 2x DK and we should have ALL our Druids and our SPriests available, so this will make things just that little smoother and give us a little edge. We wave goodbye to Heli on his holidays on Monday so while we can afford one Druid less, Sunday is kinda the dream team - IF of course we don't have any last moment catastrophies!


We think HC in the new raid is doable in one evening, but we will really need to get in there and see before we can make any definate plans for the week. We want both HCs down, so at the moment this is the plan:


Wed: Crucible>Mekka


Sun: Mekka


Mon: Crucible>Mekka>Achievement Run


If we get both HCs down tonight we will run Mekka Sun/Mon with a possible visit to Normal for acheivements if we need a break. If we don't get both HCs then we will pick that up again on Monday, but Sunday we are gonna take the lockout to Mekka and give us a Kill Team shot!


For Sunday's sign-ups Letters will be backup, Usti has offered to sit out so that we can bring Nasty in to DK tank (and I really have to mention Usti here as his 'What's best for the raid' attitude over any kind of personal stuff is just awesome) Ecks hasnt signed yet... (NOT helpful!) but I know he is intending being there and having 3x spriests to help with leap and Mass Dispell would give us an edge as well, so I may be looking for someone else to sit out.

In Other News:




I have updated the Roster on the TLDR as we have had a number of people join recently. For the rest of this tier our 3 newest recruits will join Styhl and Light as backups but it does mean that looking forward to the next tier our roster is looking pretty good. We currently have 23 main team and 4 backups! Styhl will be finishing golf at the end of this month and will then be able to return to main raider, and who knows if a certain Resto Shammy Captain (he's not MY Captain) will reappear or not! However, as has been proved many times, we need to continue to look for recruits to maintain our roster. If we want to progress further this raid, I do need you guys staying the course as most of our backups are not really geared to step in. For the last few weeks we have had up to 5 people away on any given evening, some totally unavoidable due to personal circumstances, but it does show that we need a healthy roster to deal with this.


First of all if people are planning to take any kind of break after this tier, I would really appreciate as early a head's up as possible. Secondly, with a larger roster this will mean more rotating in and out and might give us some wriggle room to give people a night off from time to time! So, please keep giving your recommendations on our 2 recruitment posts.


Raid Farming Weekend:


Sam and Ray will be running another farming weekend from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th April, so weekend after next. This will involve one hour events each day for us to group up to farm mats for flasks and feasts and I would encourge you all to try to join at least one of these over the course of the 3 days. Like last time we will have an Epic Contributer for whoever donates/farms the most mats and all mats should be sent to either Sam or Ray so they can keep track of them rather than deposited into the Guild Bank. If you are unable to make any of the events, then making direct contributions to either of them would be much appreciated. Watch the forums for more details and thanks again to both of them for organising this.

Right, looking forward to seeing these 2 new fights, lets have a great week and... Happy Easter!