Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update April 3rd 2019

Cluck, cluck, CLUCK, CLUUUUK...FUUUUK!




Guild News:


Welcome to: Complete who joins us on his Rogue, looking forward to raiding with you tonight!


Grats on Promotion to Member to: Tony


Last Week's Recap:


Wed we had a fun reclear with wipes that shouldnt really have happened, but we still got to Rasta to try for our second kill with an hour to spare! This was really good going and while we didn't secure the second kill that evening, it wasn't for lack of time at least! Sunday/Monday was a mess with attendance, we did managed to get enough people but there were SO many last moment changes on top of 4 of you afk Sunday that left me very little room to manouver. Can you please co-ordinate your extra-curricular activities and emergencies :D


However, we finished Rasta off and then started work again on Mekka. Sunday was not very encouraging - we had problems with gigavolt and people not going to the right rock, dispel fails, this apparent love of taking a Buster Canon to the face and then of course.. there were the bots. So on Monday we changed some strats and went in 2 groups to HC to really work on sorting that out. When we returned (19 man!) to Mythic we finally started to see some progress.


We also had a LOT of fun! Our April Fool's (which practically EVERYONE fell for) was to have more shouts. So we asked for all DpS CDs to be shouted, we asked for all Slow Falls to be shouted, we asked for Tanks to shout for where they were pulling the Bots, we asked for everyone to call the symbols in the bots instead of the colour, we asked for Gnomergan Pride toy to be used.. and we even asked for anyone polymorphed to make chicken sounds... while saying that we wanted to simplify things. The chicken sounds were used throughout the evening with hilarious results.. in particular Cy who made his chicken sounds when poly'd at first quietly then louder and louder as Ida was laughing so much he mis-clicked his dispell and Cy ended up with a 'cluck..fuuuuuck!' as he died. Too funny.


It was a great atmosphere and the last half hour we asked for real focus and bam, 2 really good attempts which make moving forwards look more encouraging.


The Coming Week:


Wed: We will do our usual clear rotating in and out those who still need gear. Please update the loot sheet today. We have a feeling that once Mekka is down we may extend so it could be only a few more weeks we are clearing so lets make the most of that in terms of getting people those final bits of loot.




This fight is not really about the DpS, certainly not at this point - although pushing P1 to skip the 3rd set of BoTs is preferable and even with 19 DpS on Monday looks very doable. It is about personal responsibility and mechanic handling. Some people have difficulties with this and those of you who have missed evenings in the last 2 weeks are going to be behind others in terms of practice on the Bots at least. Buster Canon, fall damage and failing with your Gigavolt is not a practice issue however and what we need are people who are able to focus consistently and not have to be told over and over again where they are failing mechanics like this. You gotta sort it.


With all the attendance issues recently it's really hard to select a team based on who we feel are going to handle the mechanics the best. Having 2x DK tank is going to make the end of this fight SO much easier, however Nasty as we know is still recovering and may need to step out from both Sunday and Monday's raid during the evening. The important thing here for us as a team is to get this boss down so that we can move onto Blockade and Jaina. We cannot be beated by Bots! We could be in danger of not finishing this raid because we hit a wall here which is based on personal responsibility. What the Officers and I want is 20 peole who are going to commit to being here for the next few weeks on a consistent basis so that we aren't re-progressing every night. We want people who are confident that they can deal with the mechanics and handle Bot calling. We also want to be able to laugh and have fun at the same time as all of this!


We CAN do this people, Monday showed us that. Come speak to me today or tomorrow if you know you will have attendance issues in the coming weeks on a Sun or Mon, or if you would be happy to be a backup for this fight. The extra favour I am asking is that I have people who would be willing to sit around and jump in late so we can continue some practice over the next Sun/Mon's in the event that we need to allow Nasty to step out and not over-tire himself. I also need all backups to be available for last min selection and NOT to have 20 of you be chickens cos this is gonna be hard work! With the number of late drop-outs we have had over the past 2 weeks, I don't feel confident in selecting a team on a Wed that I can guarentee will be here on Sunday! So while the officers and I did a brief ideal team selection Monday evening, we had a number of people not yet signed and will make that final decision on Thursday/Friday and change the calendar accordingly.


In Other News:

Guild Meet:


With all the Brexit nonsense I've been a little nervous about making decisions about this year's Guild Meet, besides of course my usual 'I'm never doing this again' annual claim. So right now, what I want is some indication from you guys who is interested in meeting up late summer, maybe Sept. Respond in the forum and I will make the usual private thread for everyone that's shown interest in coming along. For those of you who haven't attended before, we meet at my place just outside of London for a weekend, Friday to Sun usually. You obviously need to arrange for your own transport here, and there are some local places for accommodation or you can sleep at mine on beds/sofas/blow-up beds and maybe even tents. Food/drink is provided and we chill out, go out for the day usually on the Sat and generally drink and play games n chat. It is a really fun event and good to bring us together, faces old and new!


Have a great week