Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update March 27th 2019





Guild News:


Best wishes: In a week where many Guilds had roster issues due to player suspensions, DR managed to hospitalize their players instead! Nasty and Ala who were both taken into hospital this week and we wish both of you a speedy recovery. Ala at home now and Nasty hopefully coming home on Friday. Thanks to all who stepped in to make raids happen and you two... take care of yourselves!


This Week's Roster: In light of this and one player suspension, we cannot confirm the roster for Sunday/Monday at this point. We will be working on Mekka so will select the team later this week for Sun/Mon and those of you standby please be ready to step in should you be needed.


Last Week in Review:

Wed we managed to wipe on every single Mythic boss on our way to Rasta! 2 Shots seemed to be the order of the day and then Grong... still not sure quite what happened there! However, we had the least wipes ever on Opulence and two-shot Conclave which was a huge improvement! Really good job there on those 2 bosses, lets pretend the others didnt happen :D


Sunday we resumed work on Rasta and given we had a slight roster change we managed to get our progress boss down on the second full evening's work on him after 12 wipes. Ok, there were 7 of us left alive... but hey! a kill is a kill right? Great job people getting to 6/9! We then popped into Mekka to take a look and on Monday spent some time on HC working on Bot management before taking that over to Mythic and an early night.


The coming Week:


This evening we will zip (lets try zipping!) through our Mythic clears for missing loot pieces and then Sun/Mon will be Mekka progress. As I said earlier, I will set standby's on the calendar either Fri evening or Sat morning, but I will still need all of you available. I'll try to get the same team together for both Sun/Mon for some consistency. Our roster is looking tight so I really appreciate you guys giving decent notice of absence in the forums. Zubs will be taking a break from WoW from this evening, so we continue to look to recruit to fill his spot plus a couple of additional DpS.


We will play around with raid length now that I hope we would have 2 full evenings on Mekka. This of course depends on us actually clearing to Mekka this evening! That's the aim, and then we can take Sun/Mon and call it when we are getting tired or progress seems to be halting. We do want this boss dead and dead as fast as we can, but I also want all of you alive and healthy and looking forward to the next raid evening rather than jaded, exhausted and burnt out.


Having said that, this is where the real hard work starts this tier guys, so whatever you think about the expansion, however annoying Azerite or world quests are, it's now that we need to pull together as a team and push on through. Now is the time for your resiliance, determination and commitment to come into it's own! We are more than capable of doing this, so put on your big girl pants, take a deep breath and lets keep the atmosphere fun and light to balance our focus, skill and concentration to take us through this final third of the raid.


In Other News:


HC Runs:


For the second week in a row we didn't get 10 definates for HC, and with Nasty in hospital, we won't be offering this option again for now. It is a shame and I'd like to thank Nasty and Usti for putting in the effort to try and make this work. I do get that when we are progressing hard 3 nights in a raid it leaves little appetite for running it on a lower difficulty. I don't want to give up on this option altogether however, perhaps next raid we can look to running HC for alts earlier and get more of you through to give us wider options of class choice. I will talk to Nasty and Usti about this.


Game exploits:


In the light of the recent suspensions over the XP buffs can I please remind all of you that we have a pretty strict policy on player suspensions for abuse of game mechanics or actions against Blizzards ToS. Not only is this an issue in terms of fairness in the game, but to put the Guild's progress at risk by getting yourself banned or suspended is unacceptable. As Raiders here you have a responsibility to your team members and even as non-raiders, a responsibility to uphold the standards the Guild aspires to.  As Cy said to me yesterday, if something seems too good to be true, then it very probably is. We were lucky as a Guild not to be hugely impacted by this lastest suspension wave and I do appreciate those who came to discuss it with me. However, as I didn't speak to all of you, I do need to make this statement and warn you all that should this kind of thing happen again then we will follow the guidelines in our Charter and take actions be that demotion or guild removal.




If I can again ask you to update the loot chart, respond to the recruitment posts and try your best to give as much notice as possible of absence.