Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update March 13th 2019





Last Week recap:


Wed's Mythic clear went pretty smoothly with one-shots on the first two.. Grong seemed to have a log blip, so lets call that a one shot as well (grin) and then 11 wipes to get our second Opulence kill with a different line-up. Opulence may take us some time to get to one-shot territory with so many moving parts, but to get to progress boss in one night was great work and we had 30 mins to test out Conclave before raid end. Nice work guys. Sunday was a tiny bit of a panic for me at the start and I decided we would start with HC as Zubs decided to sabotage his entire street's internet somehow and let me know an hour ahead of raid he couldn't get online. Rebel backfire maybe? Who knows what he did, but he managed to fix it by the time we got to Opulence HC. We then did Conclave on HC as a little prep for the rest of the evening.


Moving onto Conclave Mythic, we got some pretty nice attempts in before raid end. Monday took us only 40 mins to get the kill so a total of around 3 hours work to get our progress boss down. That's pretty nice work guys and girls - well done everyone. We took a peep at Rasta and then had a break to clear some more HC to finish up this week's raiding.


The Coming Week:


  • Wed: Mythic clear


  • Thurs: Rasta Tactic Meeting 8pm Discord chill out channel


  • Fri: 8pm HC run by Nasty and Usti - sign up!


  • Sun: Mythic Rasta


  • Mon: Mythic Rasta


  • Tues: M+10's as usual for anyone still needing this


I have been asked to make a calendar event for Tues M+ again, so will do that and then hand over moderation to someone from within the sign-ups.


At the moment we are 21 on Monday (not including Styhl as backup) We will take a decision on the team for Monday depending on how Sunday's progress goes and select the best team to get Rasta down (or of course Mekka if Rasta has already become a ghost of the past!) While obviously DpS will be a factor, survivability and managing to deal with mechanics will play a huge part and there are some classes that will bring additional benefits. I appreciate that we usually like to let people know they are sitting out ahead on a Wed but with numbers as they are, I do need everyone, backup or standby to be present at raid start so that things like street inet sabotage don't stop us raiding! So will need all of you to be there irrespective of signup status. Levy won't be with us this evening as he has had to go to hospital, so we wish him a speedy recovery and this does mean we won't be rotating people out of Mythics based on loot needs this evening.


We don't know how long we have in this raid. The new mini raid has been announced, but that doesn't make Cutting Edge no longer attainable, so we do need to press on and maximise the amount of time we have left. After Rasta, the final 3 bosses are going to be tricky so we cannot afford to be missing raids or not making the most of every moment we have in there. Having HC run out of raid schedule by Nasty and Usti means that we can gear some alts, have a chance for upgraded items, work on muscle memory and as it will be a set 2 hours, possibly have some later HC bosses to give us a break from Mythic progression should we need it. However, the name of the game now is max focus, max prep and max effort and having the very best team to push progress. You all signed up for our goal this tier - so lets do our very best to get there or as near as damnit!


While we are not in massive danger of calling raids due to numbers, it is getting very tight. So please can I ask again for people to comment on our recruitment posts - I have reactivated our longer one in the main forum as a brief one got very few views. Thankyou to Mystik and Light who replied last week. So again, links: Arathor/Hellfire, Main Forum




So, a busy week - the focus will be on getting Rasta down, so come with plenty of energy and focus and preparation!


Go us!