Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Jan 16th 2019

One week to go..




Guild News:


Welcome to: Esu, who joins us as a Warlock, good to have you here and looking forward to taking the fight to the horde in the new raid with you! Esu has a Intro post in the forums so check it out guys There's this story about Warlocks being like buses... you wait forever for one to come along and then...


Welcome back to: Auldrin! Delighted to have Auldrin back with us after his break, making our Warlock class channel almost as popular as the Druid's!

Thanks for Guild Bank Donations to: Ray, Cy, Usti, Didds, Mystik, Shadows, Heli



In Other News:


Plan for the week!


Wed: Tonight we have our first Tactic preview on Discord, 7.45. We have 6 bosses to go through and I hope that a good number of you are intending to come along to review tactics planned so far. The TLDR has been updated with the first 6, so take a look and the areas in yellow: 'To be confirmed' are where we would particularly like some discussion, or where we have some questions that will likely get firmer answers once we see US streams on Tuesday next week. I will do a brief over-view of each boss, so even if you don't have anything particular to add, but would like to come along to use the evening as preparation in a group rather than just watching videos on your own, then feel free to jump on Discord.


Thurs: Visp will be running a HC Alt run to Uldir on Thursday evening, so feel free to sign up for that in the calendar


Fri: Officer Meeting to discuss remaining 3 bosses


Sat: 4pm server time. Mats farming with Ray and Sam! Again, sign up for this in the calendar. I have asked for mats for the upcoming raid a couple of weeks ago, but so far it's the same old faces who are helping out. Support our 2 heroines please and give up an hour or so of your time to help gather what we need, while it's quiet and we have some spare time, so we are well-stocked for the new raid.


Sun: Tactics preview on Discord. IF enough people turn up we may go do the achievement we missed last Sunday first, we literally just need 16 of us for about 5 mins! In the tactics session we will be looking at the final 3 bosses.


Mon: Raid Meeting 7.45pm. If you are on the roster to raid in Battle of Dazar'alor then you need to be here! It should take about an hour and is just some final news and info before the new raid.


Tues: We will be meeting on Discord to watch live US streams of the new raid and have some banter and discussion and make final amendments to the TLDR


M+: We don't have a specific M+ night this week, but it has been great to see so many of you doing these again, so please continue! Usti and Visp would really benefit from running a few more on their Monks, so getting you guys along to help out with that as well would be much appreciated.


Other preparations:


Tactics: Fat Boss have 7 bosses now available for you to look at, there are other kill vids etc and more guides may come out over the coming week. If you find anything useful for people you can link it in the Dazar'alor chat channel in Discord, (which will appear later!) or on the website Raid Tactics. Do make sure you have watched something for all bosses


Gear prep: Make sure your gear including gems and enchants are all ready to go. High gems and enchants are required for raiding, so if you need any help with these, get in touch with an officer who can either provide these from the Guild Bank or point you in the direction of an enchanter.


Roster: I would still like to see if we can get one or two more new recruits. We stand currently at 23 + 1 backup. 25 would be the ideal number given availability and would give some flexibility in terms of people getting a night off. Class-wise I am now pretty open, although a new Rogue/DK/WWMonk/Spriest/Hunter/EleShammy are still where we would have gaps. So again, I will ask that anyone who has not yet bumped both forum posts do so THIS WEEK! I think it is likely that people will be looking for guilds the week before a new raid, so please do it! If you are not sure what to write in a post then just ask someone for some ideas! It doesnt have to be clever, I mean Zubs posts there - so how hard can it be? Just a little recommendation based on your experience in the guild. Yet again.. here are the links: Arathor, Main Forums


Sign ups:


Please sign up by Monday for next week's new raids. Signs will be locked on Monday evening as usual. Check the calendar and you will see we are going with the same raiding arrangements for the week as we had last raid. I have also put raids in for Feb for any of you who like signing a month ahead. Any questions about exactly what we will be doing Week One will be answered at the meeting on Monday.



Having prepared 6 bosses and looked in some detail at the last 3, they look like a hell of a lot of fun! I'm pretty hyped to be getting in there next Wed and even MORE hyped by my one-on-ones with you all. People seem really motivated and up for the challenge and everyone seems to have gotten on-board with putting a little more effort in preparing and coming along with full focus. So go us !


Have a great week