Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Jan 2nd 2019

Happy New Year DR!



Guild News:

Welcome to: Zardeth who joins us as a Warrior. Looking forward to raiding with you!


Thanks for Guild Bank Donations to: Mystik, Didds, Ray, Usti and Sam

This Week's Plan:

We will start G'huun progress again this evening, planning on raiding all 3 nights. There is a seperate forum post about this which you can find here. Please pay attention to the in-game calendar for those who will be backups each evening, as I said, this is planned across the full 3 weeks, so I have gone with who is available most frequently with Ray as our main backup. The more people drop out.. the harder this is going to be, so if we want this done, you need to be there!


M+10s Tuesday



In Other News:




Much thanks to those who bumped the forum posts, please can someone do this again. I would like us to get at least another 2 for the roster going into the new raid. Pretty please! Links again.. Main + Arathor




Just want to thank all of you for your hard work and support last year! We had a great year as a Guild, finishing Legion having learnt loads as a raid team and even though we started BFA with quite a few new-to-us raiders, we made excellent progress in HCs - and I mean EXCELLENT! We have also had some really good progress in Mythics, I was looking at a little comparison of our wipes per boss (even tho I could only really find Methods to compare!) and Zek'vox was really our stumbling block. Mother could have been faster but people just werent able to use our preferred tactic, once we changed, it happened. Vectis went pretty smoothly with 59 wipes - ok Method did it in 22.. but Zek'voz 118 wipes versus their 8... gulp! Fetid was great - 98 v 133, Zul was pretty amazing with only 64 wipes, got it down in 3 evenings! Mythrax, tho most of you will say that was the hardest, was actually 112 wipes v 184 for Method. And now we stand before G'huun.


As a Guild we have gone from strength to strength. We are a work in progress and progressing we are! Whatever happens with G'huun, Uldir is our most successful raid to date and I am confident that as the next raid comes along, we will build on that progress and take a step further as a team. We will be talking more about that at a later date, what our plans are for the raid, what goals we want to set, and how we need to move forward. It's a new year, and a new raid looming, and DR ready to take our next step! Great job guys n gals.