Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Dec 19th 2018

One to go!




Guild News:


Thanks for Guild Bank Donations to: Ray, Mystik, Didds and Usti


You will notice that we have changed the donation tabs around to reflect the new feasts, giving more room for yummy herbs and meats. You can donate away to your hearts content now! While this does make Guild Fishing Events redundant, we may end up with Guild Killing Events instead to keep a steady supply of meat. Please take any time you have free over our 2 week break to help stock up ready for Jan's G'huun marathon and the new raid beyond.


Weekly News: There will, of course be no weekly news next week.. so see you again here in 2019!


Last Week recap:


Our work on Mythrax Mythic continued this week and Wednesday, truth be told, was a bit of a struggle. It was only the last few attempts of a 3 and a half hour raid that showed any progress and this took its toll with some people needing to make sure they manage their frustrations appropriately. We have good nights and bad nights, and this was not one of our best! However, in true DR style everyone showed up on Sunday with what seemed like renewed vigor and we had 8 good attempts out of 24 scattered throughout the evening where we actually managed to get through into phase 3 and get both phase 2 and the transition into phase 2 a bit more under control. Some adjustments were made and on Monday we continued to build on that. Ok, it wasnt without its early wipes, but suddenly we were in the last phase and healers took a deep breath, never having seen this phase before and imagining all kinds of damage - mana had been saved, CDs were all ready and prepared, fingers on the buttons ready to save the day..... and..... it just died. Just like that. Bam, into the phase and it rolled over. Cheers of jubilation followed, screenies taken, loot gathered.... and wasted! Yup forced personal loot FTW - NOT! However, forget that, we did it!!

What made that attempt so different? We had everyone alive for 6 mins. We lost 2 towards the end, but for the majority of the fight people dodged what they should, stood and moved where they should, got people out of orbs at the right times and it all came together. All the tactics and guidance in the world never achieves as much as personal responsibility. Thats what won us the fight - just finding one attempt where all 20 people did the right thing and the right time. And how appropriate to take this into G'huun!


Great job people - we should/could have gotten there earlier.. but get there we DID, so lets look to the next and last challenge!


The coming Week:


It's the holidays!! So firstly, let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year! I hope you all have a great break with family and friends and look forward to seeing you back in raids on Jan 2nd. This week we are raiding tonight only. More on that to come.. but Sunday evening we will also have a fun achievement evening with those of you who are around. The plan is M+10s/Glory Dung achieves and Hivemind Mount hunting. Depending on numbers, and I know some of you signed already have the mount we will make one or two groups. If there are not enough for 2, we will run this again at another time, so it's first come, first served. I have asked Uz to run a group - so there is a forum post with more details for you to sign up to and we will see what we can organise. People who have the mount can do remaining Glory achievements and maybe some M+ as we wont be having our usual M+ evening on Tues.


We are then breaking for the holidays and will return on Jan 2nd for raiding.


G'huun this evening. Tonight is going to be a discussion/practice night on G'huun. We need to test out the pairs we have made in the TLDR for orb running and handling mechanics in Phase. Please head over there to see where you are in the rotations. That's our main aim for tonight so that we can return in Jan with some of the planning/orgnaisational work done and ready to get into it proper.


In Other News:


G'huun (and beyond)


We will be having a Raid Meeting before the next raid comes out to talk through lessons we have learned through this Tier, set some goals for the new raid and some ideas we have as an Officer team about how we take the next step as a Mythic raiding guild. We are evolving as a team all the time and whatever the outcome of 9 nights on G'huun, we always have the next raid in mind and how we improve our performance over a tier as a raiding team.


Some of this however needs to be applied now. So while I will go into more details when we meet, the main things we need to focus on for G'huun are as follows:


Attendance. We have 9 nights. Thats it. This is an incredibly complex fight, so having the same people there every evening is going to be crucial to whether we kill it or not. Having to get people in to run orbs in pairs they arent used to is going to heavily hold up progress. So I am asking you NOW to sign for ALL THREE weeks so that I can see ahead who I have a plan accordingly. You all voted to do G'huun over taking a break - so put your money where your mouth is... or your signs where your 'ready' was! You don't get Cutting Edge with dodgy attendance, so if you really want this - show the committment.


Preparation. You HAVE to step this up. Some people are excellent at researching not just the fight, but their particular role/class in a fight. We notice who these people are because they 'get it' faster and they make suggestions or comments that show their knowledge of the mechanics. Others of you are slacking big time with this. Now thats ok if you can just do as you are told! However, everytime we have to 'tell' and then at times argue with you, slows progress. You want this killed? Do your planning. G'huun like a lot of other bosses we have seen is all about personal responsibility. Yes, being IN a fight makes a big difference to watching videos or reading guides - but doing those things ahead of the fight will always give you an edge and a step closer to making faster progress. We don't have the time for slackers. Pick up your game those of you this applies to! We have the ability as a team to kill end-game bosses, doing this efficiently is something we need to work on.


Attitude. Keep your cool, follow instructions.


We had a hour or two last night on Discord to discuss Tactics and throughout the 3 weeks we are going to continue this. If you want to have discussions around problems we are having, then show up to this. We will do this on Thurs evening this week after tonights attempts. We don't have the time to have full out discussions in the raid, so having an hour out of raid where people can come and throw out new ideas or talk through issues we hope will help keep this to a minimum during the raid. Cy will be tanking and this will limit his ability to lead in the same way he has done throughout the tier, so I will also be looking to give out some responsibilities to people to monitor various issues, or to check logs in between wipes and feedback info. This needs to be done on a structured basis. We sometimes spend an inordinate amount of time talking and we need to find a workable balance. It is crucial that we dont just ignore problems and just keep going making the same mistakes, but at the same time we need to be efficient about it. The kind of people I will look at giving responsibility to for these things will be people who are able to be succinct, say what needs to be said rather than waffle on and around a topic for the sake of hearing their own voices! People who make suggestions, or take a view of what is best for the WHOLE team rather than what is going to make their personal life easier. Also people who are able to do this without being condescending or, ok lets say it.. just downright rude or insulting... back to creating an environment where people actually want to show up and are motivated to do their very best.


So, these are some things we want to trial on G'huun and perhaps take forward into our next raid. Raid Leading week after week is terribly tiring and looking at ways we can help with this is one step we can take forward. At the same time, we have an enormous amount of talent in our team and utilising this for the good of the team as a whole is only going to make us stronger and better.


So, G'huun it is. Make the most of your 2 weeks off and come back refreshed, re-invigorated and ready for a fight to the edge.. to the cutting edge! Depending on how things go, we may want to extend raids, add in extra nights, maybe start earlier on a Sunday.. who knows. If we are doing this - we are going all out. So get yourselves ready!




Post... ffs. Honestly, its a tiny little thing. NOW is the time. So over the 2 week break add something in. We have 24 raiders and more NON-raiders. Thats enough to keep our recruitment posts at the top and alive for a month. Yet its the same few people who make the effort - both with bank donations for those feasts and cauldrons that save you all so much gold and time, and for bumping the threads to help ensure we have a strong roster. You have 2 weeks off.. there is no excuse. Again... Arathor and Main.


Along with looking for new members, at the end of the Tier we will be looking at promoting some of our newer members to Raider Rank. If you joined us half way through the tier, then we will look at you after the next tier, perhaps after HC if that takes longer than Uldir did, but certainly by the end of the Tier, or when we reach our agreed goal. Those of you up for consideration now, I will be having discussions with you ahead of Jan 22nd.


Rightio - looking forward to tonight, and again... have a very very lovely holiday time! Here's to 2019!