Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update November 28th 2018


5/8 Fetid down!




Guild News:


Thanks for Guild Bank Donations to: Sam, Nazz, Didds, Ray, Bon, Visp, Usti, Grimey


Welcome this evening to: Nymlock who will be cross-server joining us tonight with a view to joining the raiding team on his warlock.


Last weeks recap:


Wed Mythic clear saw us doing our best run ever, ending up at Fetid by 9.30 for some progress runs. Really good job, which if we could repeat and better this evening would be great! Sunday we made really good progress on Fetid with some changes, dropping to 3 healers and that extra bit of dps saw us more consistently getting the adds down and into the burn phase. It was really a case of waiting for the best add spawn sequence and DOWN it went! To get this 3rd on server and before the nerfs come in is excellent progress for us, so well done everyone and good job despite the many frustrations this fight brought.


We popped, I say 'popped' - but the way trash works in this raid, it was more like doing another boss before we ended at Zul for some practice runs to test out how we wanted to make this fight work. We got 12 attempts in and a pretty good idea of what we needed to do before we got back there on Monday. Styhl joined us, and I have to thank Uz for making room for him. It's always horrible to have to ask someone to sit out, particularly when there isn't a performance reason! Uz ws so gracious and made that conversation really easy, so thanks Uz! Armed with 3 rogues, we settled in for the night and my, did we do well. Truth be told, I thought Fetid was going to go down with the drop to 3 healers, but no way was I prepared for the amount of progress we made on Zul in one evening. We got 39 attempts done, 3 of those saw us around the 15% mark and 2 at 6% and 4%. We were so hyped that a vote was taken to extend the raid by 30 mins and while we didn't get the kill, the enthusiasm and motivation was really something - can't actually remember the last time everyone was so excited about the possibility of a kill!


All in all, an excellent week of raiding - thanks guys!

The Coming Week:


Zul can easily be a kill this week. The question is when, and will we retain our 3rd spot on server? Our competition for that spot have the potential of bringing 5 rogues and in all honesty, they should kill it Thurs as they are likely to extend as they have the past 3 weeks. So, we have one chance. We need to kill it tonight! However, this is a little more complicated as Styhl is not available on Wednesdays to raid. However, he has said he will get here between 9.30 and 10. So this is our challenge. We need to clear ALL Mythics by 9.30. Last week we did this to Fetid, this week we need to better this and get Zekvoz and Vectis down faster, one-shot Fetid with the nerf and land in front of Zul as Styhl logs in to give us a shot at killing it before the competition this week. Doing a clear also gives us the chance for our new lock to try us out and for just a little more gear to not only help with Zul, but also with later bosses. Up for that?


I have had some conversations this week with people who could bring alts to early Mythics, however, can we please just bring mains and second characters who really need gear so that we get the cleanest, quickest kills possible. If you don't need gear on a particular boss and can step out for someone else then we will do this on the hoof., but if we want to get to Zul, we really need your best characters there to get this chance.


Wiping 39 times is tiring and can be very frustrating. However guys, on Monday - at the end of the evening, depsite the long night, depsite over 30 wipes, you all proved that when it's really needed, you can all pull it out of the bag. Those last attempts on Zul were damn good. The focus, the effort, the motivation of getting it before the competition and suddenly we were pushing through more consistently. So thanks everyone for that effort and if we can apply that to the whole of the raid, I think we have a chance of not only getting to Zul tonight, but getting it dead.


We have to get to that last phase a good few times to have some practice on handling it. The damage going out is pretty intense and there's still a lot of DpS needed and the dispells, tank movements and survivability need work on. So we need to apply the same attitude we had at end on Mon raid, get to the last phase, sort the mayhem out there and we have a good chance.


We will take the same teams tonight for Zul and for Fetid please - all are signed which is great, to give ourselves the best chance. Sorry to those sitting out - Uz in particular, you will get you chance on him at a later date!


Wed: Mythic Clear+ Zul


Sun/Mon: Mythrax


Tues: M+10s




In Other News:


Raid Mats:


With the possibility of getting repairs on the Guild as ROTM and cauldrons and Feasts, with Cookie, Ida, Cy and Shadows in particular having gems and enchants available to all raiders, with Vantus runes and even Augment runes available from the guild bank... the only thing we ask is for you guys to bring your own pots. However, being able to provide these things isn't without cost and having everyone help with contributions means way less work for the individual as its way more efficient to provide stuff en masse than ask people to to farm everything themselves. We have a good few of you who aren't making any contribution at all. It kinda falls to the same people every week. I appreciate that not everyone has the same time available, but everyone can make some kind of contribution. We have run 2  hours over the past months, one for group fishing and this past week for herbs. This last Saturday Sam ran a herbing hour - and I really want to thank her for that, the preparation she did and the fun the guys who showed up had! In fact, she did such a good job, that I have asked her to co-ordinate this on a regular basis! Here is a message from Sam:


The hunt for herbs


Last week we had our first herb hunting event in Drustvar around atom’s stand.

In the beginning it was searching for the best way to find as many anchor weeds as possible. We started going our own ways and when someone found an anchor weed they would call it out on discord and we would all race to get there in time. Many times the anchor weed disappeared in front of us. Then we tried staying together so when we found an anchor weed we could all gather it. We ended our run 2 hours later and we managed to get a lot of herbs and anchor weeds. I had around 1200 winters kisses and 150 anchor weeds, normally when I do this run alone i have between 50 and 70. Later in the evening Ray and Diddi couldn’t get enough of the herbing. So we explored the herbing in Tirasgarde Sound, there I found out i could sit on ray’s back in travelform and we could herb together. That was so much fun! I hope there will be more hunts in the future with a lot more people showing up.


I wanted to thank Naazo, Ray and Diddi for coming to the hunt, I had such a great time with you! Thanks to you i can say that this event was a BIG success!


Lots of love, Sam


The results of 4 people only, spending just this amount of time, resulted in 70 of each flask, providing 24 cauldrons which will last us 12 raid nights - 4 weeks, plus just over 2 weeks of Vantus runes and scrolls. If everyone managed to spare even one hour - and that doesnt have to be weekly, just when we call for it, we would have no problems at all in covering everything and may even be able to give even more back by giving ROTM pots as we used to!.



Sam, will be running more gathering sessions as required so I'd ask that people watch out for these and support her. Thanks!



Mythic Clears:


We are getting to the point where we should look at taking lockouts on Mythic, not necessarily straight to the current progress boss, but with the amount of time we have left in this raid, if we want a shot at Curve, we need to get a move on. So can I please ask that you all reply in the forum regarding which bosses you NEED mythic gear from so we can make an informed decision. Chances on tf items are not enough reason to run a boss again, but key items that will help us get these last 3 bosses down are.


Right, see you this evening!