Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Nov 21st 2018

Shaggybear: 'It wasn't me!'




Guild News:


Welcome to: Nasty (aka Relentless) who joins us this week. We are really excited to have Nasty join us as Cy and I spoke with him about a month ago and really felt that he would be a great fit with the Guild. As usual with recruitment at the moment, he was melee - Warrior called Barbie at the time, however, among the other classes he plays, he has a spriest! So we were pretty interested in that. He will be joining now on his DK, playing Hunter for Fetid and DK for Zul with an eye to looking at Spriest as a second character after 8.1


Congratulations on promotion to Member to: Usti. Usti has proved to be a really good fit with the guild and has been great helping out with tanking at +10 nights, donating to the Guild bank and showing self-awareness in raids, being able to analyse his performance and identify things he can improve to assist in progress. We love that effort and willingness to challenge himself to do better. Good job Usti and welcome to the family on an official basis!


Thanks for Guild Bank dontations this week to: Ray, Usti, Ida, Ala, Didds, Visp, Nazz, Sam and Mystik


Last week recap:


Wed's Mythic clear got us all 4 bosses down and ready for Fetid progress. We took a little longer than previous weeks downing the 4, bringing backups and second characters to get gear ready to help out on later bosses. Zek'voz was particularly challenging with this set-up, taking 10 attempts before it went down and Vectis taking 8. We did however finish with about half an hour to spare, so took the opportunity for an early night! Sunday we had set aside for a HC clear with some alts and finishing off the achievements on normal, the new fix on Mythrax making this a breeze, and G'huun actually proving way easier than we had imagined. Glory completed, mounts gained, good job!


Monday we set about Fetid, taking a good few attempts at the start with the emphasis on finding positions over dps and working on dancing to avoid spreading the debuffs. We had one decent attempt really in 29 wipes. While everyone made mistakes at some point, the positioning for Group 2 seemed to be the biggest factor and Didds and I are working our way through replays to identify where the problem lies.


The coming week:


We have a full team for 3 nights!! Woop! So the plan is:


Wed: Mythic clear - bring what you need gear on and step out if you don't need any. Mains on Vectis (possibly on Zek'voz if we have the same issues as last week)


Sun+ Mon: Fetid

Sat: HC Alt Run


Tues: M +10s


It would be great if we could get some time on Fetid on Wed for us to test out re-working the groups, so a faster Mythic clear would be ideal.


The HC Alt run numbers for sat at the moment look like this won't be happening. Certainly when we cleared on Sunday there didn't seem to be much enthusiasm for this and we only had a couple of alts attending. I will leave the sign ups in place until Thurs evening and cancel if we don't have 10. As an alternative for those of you wanting to clear HC on Alts, or mains there is the Azys run available on Sat afternoon, you can sign up for it here.


In Other News:



As I said, Didds and I are looking at replays to identify where we are having problems and will be speaking to people individually between Thurs and Sun. If you have a particular insight, then give either Didds or I a shout and we will be happy to take that on board. We will look at changing people around in teams to try and help make this easier and looking at performance in general. This fight, as we have experienced on the last 2 Mythic bosses, is really taking way too many wipes before people seem to get the hang of it. We need to work together to try and make the learning curve easier and faster. Raid and personal awareness is really key for us as a Guild to move forward as Mythic raiders, making the effort out of raid to check logs or replays to see what you could have done better, being prepared to admit if you messed up and work on fixing any issues you are having. We are in danger of losing our number 3 spot on the server this week, however we are not going to skip to Fetid to try and keep it - what is more important is getting people a bit more gear, especially those who are bringing second characters as DpS is also a bit of a check here. Our focus this week should be internal, not external, looking more at making the learning curve easier and faster and as such, we need everyone making max effort and bringing focus to the raids. Being prepared to adjust your play to help others, being aware of who is around you and what is happening for them and how that might impact you is a major plus on this type of fight! We had a little frustration showing on Monday evening, so I will remind you again that if you have comments to make these should be in the DpS/Tank/Healer channels or in whispers to your role leaders rather than you deciding you are raid leader number 15 and telling others what to do on discord. Typing often takes the heat out of comments and is fed back to officers and raid leaders. Supporting each other, bring the bants between pulls, keeping spirits up can make even the hardest of wipe fests easier!


It wasnt me:


Aside from a real improvement last week in the banter between pulls - which was great to see even if indicative of the infantile sense of humor held by many of you!.. we had 'Growlgate'. For those who weren't there, Heli got melee'd to death and told the tanks off for letting him get splattered all over the place. Fair point you would think.. after all, thats what tanks are for , to protect the delicate little DpS flowers! The tanks and Cy then suggested he had taunted, an action he vehemently denied. More than once. More than twice. Only to later put his hand up to admit that he had 'growled' at the boss due to using a appearance toy which hid him changing to bear. It was the funniest moment of the week and Heli was a really good sport about the teasing that resulted!


Future requirements:


If anyone has a rogue they wanna use on Zul, we would be very interested in talking with you about it!



Bank requirements:


This week we need herbs to have enough cauldrons for this week's raids. It is the same people every week donating, so those who are notable by their donation absence need to pull their fingers out and contribute - we don't have room for people taking and not giving! To assist in this, Sam, one of our main donators has offered to run a herb hour this week - so watch out for that on the calendar, join in that if you can, or donate on your own time.


Rightio, see you in game and have a great week!