Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Nov 14th 2018

From the sublime to the... zubdiculous




Guild News:


Thanks this week for Guild Bank Donations to: Ray, Usti, Ida, Ala, Didds


This week's mats needs: We need around 400 Frenzied Fangtooth to make our next batch of feasts this week!


Two farewells and a promotion!


We are having a little Officer Team shakeup! Mivz and Averte will be stepping down from their officer positions.


Mivz's work travels have become such that he is home much less than in the past couple of years and on top of that, he is finding trying to keep up as a backup raider more difficult and BFA isn't really lending itself to making that process exciting or easy. Mivz has been with DR since Panda times when he joined as a Druid healer, then taking one of our tank spots firstly on a monk and then on a DH throughout WoD. He has fullfilled various roles within the officer team and when in Legion he started to travel with work, he went Lock and managed to raid with us a month on, a month off for the entire expansion. He took the role of Assistant GM providing me with an ear and advice wherever he was in the world. He has been super supportive and his no-nonsense but fair attitude has been very valuable within the team and earned the title 'The Sherrif' for enforcing some of the more tongue in cheek rules like fast logging!


Averte joined us at the end of Pandaland and took Melee lead mid Legion with Zubs. From the moment he joined his double-act with Zubs had us in stiches, but as time went on they became less a 'pair' and both integrated so well with everyone that many people wouldnt know they joined together. Averte continued his humour into his officer role and has been the main 'voice' of the Officers in the team during raids, bringing banter and making himself the butt of jokes, being the 'Daddy' to Levy's 'Mummy', leading the dps team, raids on occasions, telling people off.. has not only helped with the leadership of raids, but has been instrumental in creating the atmosphere we enjoy as a raiding Guild. At the start of BFA he went to Uni and the workload there along with running 'Best in Slot' and making the most of the social opportunities at Uni mean that something had to give and unfortunately for us, that's WoW.


I'd like to thank both Mivz and Averte for their service! On both a personal level and on behalf of the Guild. Being an Officer, however that may appear to the Guild, is time consuming and changes the way you approach the game and your own responsibilities. There have been times when their work has been clearly visible to everyone, and many more times when this has happened behind the scenes. This is a game, but both of these, along with my other Officers have given above and beyond in terms of making DR as it is, so thank you both - best wishes for all you are doing outside the game and while you aren't dead and arent leaving the Guild completely - miss you both already!


With the departure from the Officer team of these two, we are changing roles a little. Gaps have been apparent since the start of the expansion while both Mivz and Averte took some time to see how things would pan out for them. Cy has taken on a lot more in terms of supporting me on a personal level with decisions outside tactics, helping with recruitment, giving advice and opinions on a whole variety of issues. Along with raid leading and the enormous amount of effort he puts into planning tactics for fights, he has been doing more than he should in terms of dealing with dps players and organising this side of things as well. So he has kinda been 3 people! I can't say how much I appreciate this, but it can't be a permanent solution or Cy will collapse! So we are delighted to welcome Didds as Melee leader. Didds has proven himself a very skilled player, has raid leading experience and is one of those rare players who can handle mechanics as well as maintaing damn good DpS. Didds is also incredibly 'even' and fair. His calm, considered attitude is going to be a real asset to the team and most importantly.. he 'gets' DR, what our aims and approach to this community are.


Levy and Didds are going to work together to look after DpS. While Levy is also healing in raids, Didds will be the main go-to for all DpS, but his special focus will be Melee, with Levy assisting with ranged. Tactic planning will play a big part in their roles to assist Cy and I, as well as taking more active roles within the raids both in terms of organising DpS and doing shouts to give Cy more of a chance to take a whole overview. Didds and Levy are your main contacts for any DpS issues, so please make use of them. I know that you will all give Didds your full support and join me in congratulating him on his promotion.


Last Week in Review:


We stormed through HC and the first 3 Mythics on Wed, having some attempts also on Vectis. On Sunday we took the entire evening to learn more about Fetid and having more melee than we wanted added a complexity to the fight. However, we managed to get through the first set of adds and the last hour or so saw us dealing with the fight more consistently, giving us a view of some light at the end of the tunnel! On Monday we were missing a number of main team and so progress on Fetid seemed a little out of reach, so we went in, dealt with Vectis and had ourselves a well deserved early night! Throughout the week we were treated to Grimey's backcatalogue of terrible, I mean, truely terrible, jokes. To even call them jokes is a stretch. Also apparently I have decided that MystikJ is GrimeyJ so I am also concerned that I may be inviting 2 lots of terrible jokes in future.


The Coming Week:


Wed: Mythic clear


Sun: HC Alt run + Achievements


Mon: Fetid progress


Tues: +10s


This evening we will do Taloc/Mother and Zek'voz with those signed. We have more than 20 so will swap in and out people who do not need gear on these 3 fights. Vectis we feel still needs the main team, so Ray and Kas will sit out for that fight and if we have time we will go on to Fetid with the main team. On Sunday we have 4 again of the main team out.. oh for a week with everyone here - damn your real lives! :D I have cancelled the planned HC Alt run this Friday and instead we will do this on Sunday. We will see if we can pick up a couple of the achievements people missed on HC and then either take the lockout to Mythrax on normal or decide to do a full normal run. Priority here is getting those who joined for the last normal achievement run their missing achs, not re-doing it all for no-shows that previous evening. There will be time later to do full ach runs as well as getting the Dungeon achievement next time we have to cancel a Mythic raid due to people being unavailable.


With regard to the Alt run - I need to know which character/role you want to bring alts on. Ilvl 340+, full gems/enchants - dont show up without flasks, pots and food. We are not gonna mess about waiting, so come prepared, we wanna get through this and do Mythrax/G'huun achievement! If at any point we are struggling to get HC bosses down, we will ask people to bring back in their mains and drop out the lowest alts if we have too many to make it a smooth-ish run. If you are bringing me an alt, then let me know by end of play Friday please. For the achievement run on normal, all should bring their main characters.


In Other News:


From the sublime to the Zubdiculous.


Last week's screenie was our victory over Vectis! This week, perhaps a side effect of missing Averte has left Zubs losing all sense of style and flair in what can only be described as possibly the worst transmog ever created. There are those among us, having met Zubs at Guild Meet who might quietly think that actually this is not so much a departure from the norm as par for the course... ahem, beautiful Zubs! BEAUTIFUL!




A couple of notes from our Fetid attempts:


  • Use personal damage reduction CDs for knockbacks


  • Look to see if you have an opportunity to move closer to the boss just before a knockback - do NOT cause problems with debuffs because of this, but the closer you are, the shorter distance you will have to run to continue to hit the boss. Don't run more than you actually need to.


  • When moving to the adds, we need to make roon for melee to get to them. When you have the small circle, you can stand closer to each other as long as you are not hitting anyonewith it, so group up a little more to make better use of available space for others to move to adds. You need to move further away when you get the big circle - it spreads as it ticks.


  • We would like EVERYONE to turn on chat bubbles for this fight. You can do this from the interface>Display>Chat Bubbles>All. Melee, you need to make a macro to /say '!!!!!' This will pop a chat bubble over your head so everyone can see where they need to make room from easily. Please only use !!! as we dont want to distract people trying to read a sentance of 'get the hell outta ma way' or something!

Not only for Fetid...


It has become pretty apparent that while Cy spends an inordinate amount of time and effort planning tactics, many of you turn up having done zero research yourselves. We changed from putting full explanations and videos in the forums to the TLDR because people just didnt read them. However, it was made very clear that you should all do your own research. This involves watching Fat Boss or whatever so you are clear about the flow of the fight and its mechanics as well as using the various class resources available to make sure you are on top of your game in terms of what talents to use, or how best to handle a mechanic, when your utilities or CDs might work best. This is Mythic raiding. Turning up with no planning isnt gonna cut it. We spend way too much time learning a fight because people expect to be spoon fed. Not only is this not a Mythic raider attitude, can you imagine how frustrating and soul destroying it is for those who are making the effort, and especially Cy, when some people just dont make the effort. Work on that please, it will make your lives easier, cut down on time wasted and wipes and give us all more successes and dead bosses and loots!


We are pushing for some more ranged to bolster the Mythic team. This is partly due to a lack of ranged and an excess of melee, and also to needing a larger roster as we currently cannot rely on having 20 main team 3 nights a week. Pushing Mythics now is our priority and we need 3 nights to do this effectively. There are posts in both the main LFP forum and in Arathor, please visit these and post replys/recommendations to keep them alive.


Ok, long news this week! See you in game.