Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Nov 7th 2018

Halfway there!




Guild News:


Welcome to: Usti who joins us for our BFA journey and more! Good to have you on board.


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Cy, Ellz, Didds, Mystik, Uz, Ray, Thana, Term, Heli and Grimey. Some of this was as a result of our Guild fishing night on Sat - thanks to all those donating. Those of you conspicuous by your absence in this list and raiding every week might wanna make sure your names appear next time we call for help with feasts and cauldrons! Please all check the bank tabs for what we are missing for our next load.


People news: Mivz is returning for a brief visit today between South America and his next posting. Auldrin's Dad is very unwell and he has gone to help his Mum take care of him so will be afk for the time being. Welcome home Mivz, and Auldrin - our thoughts are with u, take care. Kasme is going backup for the time being as rl issues take up his time.


Last Week's Roundup:


 Wed we cleared HC and Mythic to Mother with one-shots all the way. Zek'voz eluded us but we got some really good attempts in with a number of new people in attendance. On Sunday we jumped straight to Vectis and he went down after 5 attempts! Excellent work from everyone, the kill was just about perfection! We then went back to Zek'voz and two-shot that leaving the rest of the evening to play about with Fetid. Monday was fun night. Well, that was the intention! We took our normal lock-out to Mythrax and went for the achievement there. This is perhaps the worst achievement ever. Since the last worst achievement ever. We ended up splitting the raid into 2 teams to try to cut down on the number of people available to mess up. One team was successful, the other not :( We will do this again and split the teams with those who have done it and those who havent. This is kinda a good practice with regard to personal responsibility, and communication is key here. It's noticable that the team with the more vocal people in it were the ones who managed it. You HAVE to shout out if you get surrounded and ask for others to come clear a gap for you and hold your hand up when you mess up so the team can work out better ways to move. We WILL do this people!


This week's plan:


Wed: HC + as many Mythic re-kills as we can.


Sun/Mon: Fetid + any missing Mythic re-kills


Tues: M+10


On Wed we will take those needing gear for the Mythic re-kills, so those stepping out will be done on the fly. For HC we will be taking the following alts: Tac/Nazz/Zubs/Ida/Chum. Please all have your alts ready to go outside the raid and jump in and out during trash for fights you need gear on.



We will also see where an achievement run on Mythrax normal might fit in.


Please keep your eyes on the calendar for updates on backups for Sun/Mon. This may change and I may not get time to speak to you individually, so check as the days go by. If we have mythic re-kills still to do, those of you backup could jump in if the Fetid team have people who don't need gear from any of the others.


In Other News:


Mythic Fetid:


We are going to play about a bit with some alts for this fight, so Tac on his Mage, Zubs on his warrior. Healing will be: Cookie, Ellz, Ida and Levy.  There is a double issue here. One is to have bursty classes on those small adds, but the other is that this is a DpS race, so team selection will be based on both of these factors. Those of you with lower DpS will be taking backup places if we need them in order to get the first kill. We also will find this fight much harder with more melee, so those of you with ranged alts (Nazz) may also be changed if we can take the dps drop.


Healers can we please meet at 6pm on Sunday for a quick chat about strategy for this fight.


Cy and I will update the TLDR with tactics for Fetid and possibly a forum post, so watch for news on this in GMOTD and on FB later in the week.


Uldir HC:


This is the last week we are running HC on a raid night. We will go 3 nights Mythic from next week. Instead we will run a HC alt night on either a Friday or a Sat evening each week. This is optional attendance and we will vary the night so we cover as many people's availability as possible. Those of you on mains who still need gear, or just like to run it are very very welcome to attend - obviously the more of you in attendance, the faster the run will go. All alts are welcome as long as you are 340+ gemmed, enchanted and bring your own pots/flasks/food. Guild repairs will be on for all mains attending regardless of RoTM status but we will not be providing feasts or cauldrons for these runs. We will set the time at 2 hours and just see how far we get dependant on how many mains we have in attendance.


Mythics will still only be for alts we actually need for main team progress at this stage.


Rightio, that was the news. Here starts the week! Have fun.