Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Oct 31st 2018

We wait..



Guild News:


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Visp, Didds, Sam, Ellz, Cy, Ray


Grats on Raider of the Month to:

Alathea, Tac, Shadows, Chum, Cy, Didds, Ida, Levy, Naazo, Cookie, Visp, Zubs


Good job guys, c u in the office after raid tonight!


Last Week's Roundup


We started with Mythic this week as Sunday, while we had 20, we didn't have 20 geared, we decided to HC and run normal for achievements. So we one-shot Taloc and Mother and to our surprise, only took 5 attempts on Zek'voz before we got a kill! Off to work on Vectis with a few good second phase attempts for the rest of the evening. On Sunday we got to Mythrax for achievements and will keep that normal lockout to finish off another time, as well as a full HC clear. Monday back to Vectis and progress made, getting to 13%!

We seem to be a bit short on memorable banter these days.. need to do some work on that I think! We did establish that despite protestations to the contary, Zubs is NOT 'a bit of rough' however much he might aspire to that description. Shadow's issues with gaps still appears to be unresolved as he insisted on Mythrax achievement that he hadn't hit his own orbs, on 2 attempts.. spatial awareness, or he just should have gone to spec savers, who knows.


The coming week:


We have Styhl rejoining us this evening! We are going to do a quick HC and Mythic clear to try and get him and Ray some more gear, then progress on Sunday and Monday. I am still missing some sign-ups it seems, so I can't confirm backups these nights yet. I will change the calendar as I get more info - Heli hasn't signed yet, and Auldrin's PC issues might delay his response. Kas hasn't signed either, so we have 3 in all yet to confirm. If I do need to sit people out as backups, then I will give you a shout individually.


M+10's are scheduled for Friday.

In Other News:



We are getting dangerously low on mats for raid feasts, fish particularly are the issue and Cy calculated that if all raiders fished for one hour, we would be pretty much set for a few weeks. Please check the guild bank for which fish we need so we don't end up with all of one and none of the other. If you don't want to end up farming for personal food, then we need some help here please! While you can do this at any time of course, I'm going to suggest that a 4.30pm server time on Sat anyone who wants to chat while they fish can come gather on discord for a wow quiz and fishing session! We could maybe group up after for some M+ or achievement hunting!





We have never made M+ obligatory, but I cannot stress enough how helpful these are with regard to gear. If we can get everyone in the raid theam through a +10 each week, it really will help with downing Mythic bosses. We do see people asking for these randomly during the week, and that's great as well, if you want to guarentee getting your chest, then Friday pop onto Discord and we can make groups up.


Azys Mythic Run:


This Sat at 2pm Azys are running their second Mythic Mother/Taloc and HC raid, open to anyone on the server, Possibly Zek'voz as well. If you have second characters, or otherwise alts then I'd recommend you hop in. You can sign up on their list in the Arathor/Hellfire discord. If you haven't joined then this link should work for it. You need to be 360+ ilvl, gemmed, enchanted and have own food, pots, flasks. Do NOT take your mains there, or alts you want to Guild run on. I have set the fishing event for after this finishes so we don't clash.


We wait..:


Not just outside the raid on what has become our little ledge, but for news from Blizzcon about 8.1. Would be great to get some updates on this and resolutions to a number of issues,, also to get more content! It's very noticable that the current state of the expansion is not encouraging many people to play outside raids and getting more reasons to log in would be much appreciated!


Okies, that this week sorted.. see you in-game