Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Oct 24th

Guild News:


Guild Bank Requests: We are looking pretty good this week due to so many punishments last week! If any of you have spare herbs floating around, they are always welcome for runes etc, so send em to me!


Last week's summary:


Mythic progress this week was on Vectis and on Sunday we did make some decent progress. Just like Zek'voz, we do need everyone to be on the ball and get the mechanics right. On Monday we were short one person with 6 from our roster away, see other news for more info on that. We do need more damage on the adds, so look at ways you can do this, be that changing your nameplates/ui, saving cds/resources or changing rotation. The other issue is your positioning, standing out of your groups when you shouldnt, soaking effectively, and dodging the geysers! Cy is going to take people who are doing low add damage out for a chat during our first break, so look at how you can improve ahead of that!



Plan for the coming week:


Wed: Mythic


Sun: HC + possibly Achievements (we may do normal as well if needed)


Mon: Mythic


Friday: M+10 weekly


With the sign ups looking like they do, we are having Sun as the HC run. If numbers jump up between now and Sunday (we need 3) then we will just clear HC fast and move back to Mythic. If we don't have the 20 needed we will do as many achs as we can and then switch to normal to finish any off we need to. Alts will be on a priority basis as we do actually want to clear it :D Getting healers their second character is first, melee with ranged alts second and ranged with melee alts third.Unless a miracle happens and we find we do have 20 on Sunday and want to skip through HC, I will look at putting some more second characters in as we will have the whole evening on HC/Normal for achievements. If you do come on a second character, you need to speak to me about his ahead of time and be prepared to swap to your main at any point should we struggle.


In Other News:




With so many of you having real lives.. damn u all! we have looked a little thin on the ground this last couple of weeks. There are some on-going conversations, the return of Ray, Styhl due back next week, Averte catching up with uni work, Tun MIA, to name a few. We are actively recruiting, however the only interest I am getting which is anywhere near Mythic ready is from melee, which isn't ideal. This is just a couple of tough weeks with multiple people away on the same days, but from next week on with Averte/Styhl/Ray all back, it's looking a little healthier. What I don't want to do is over-recruit or recruit people for the sake of numbers, at the same time we do desperately need some lee-way with the numbers, so it's getting a balance that's important. We are still 25 in the roster, it's just getting all of you here on the same night that's proving the challenge!

Second Characters and HC clears:


Having room in the healer team with Zubs and Ida having dps specs is going to prove useful to be able to switch healers in and out fight dependant, and we have 2 druids able to swap in. Having melee dps with ranged second characters is also pretty nice, so any of you melees wanting to have ranged second characters let me know. What I don't really need is ranged with melee seconds, Auldrin has a monk which might be useful if and when Ida goes warrior, but beyond that melee is looking very crowded! I have some interest from a group of 5 but they include a tank and only one ranged, a resto shammy with DH second character and a warrior - all of which would be potentials for next tier more than this.



Not many of you responded to the HC gear requests, but we will need to clear HC for possibly 3 more weeks to get everyone up to speed. From then on I anticipate we will run a HC alt night where we will work on second characters and only run HC on one of our set nights if we can't get 20. I will keep you updated on this.


Ok, see you this evening!