Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Oct 17th 2038

3/8 Mythic!




Last Week's Recap:


Wednesday we had our best run through Uldir to date! One shotting all HCs and Taloc/Mother Mythic. Excellent work! We then set about doing some work on Zek'voz. We only got close to Phase 2 on 2 attempts out of 9, but really ended up the evening making no real progress. Sunday we had 22 attempts with only one where we got to 20% and the rest of the attempts were pretty much early wipes. I think it's true to say that tempers started to get frayed and Zek'voz looked like being the worst boss ever, since the last worst boss ever. Monday, despite ending the previous night in frustration, suddenly we seemed to pull it together and got regular P2 wipes, 5 of which were pretty close calls until attempt 13 (unlucky for some but not for us!) it went down.


We deserve to drop a place in the server ranks to be fair. The performance on this boss was not our finest hour and it has highlighted that we still need to do some work as a team. Our gear is good, our DpS is good - I'm really happy that we have class groups going on where people are sharing ideas and spurring their fellow Mages/Rogues/Boomies/Locks on with some friendly competition, but even more important, support. Raiding Mythic and aiming for server ranks requires each person in the raid to push themselves performance-wise. The bit that we need to work on is mechanic handling and personal responsibility.


Zek'voz is not a difficult boss. Every single ability we need to manage is on a set timer, there are no surprises, it's a case of this happens, move here ready for this to happen. The difficulty element is when those abilities happen together for one or two people only. This is where we had problems. We all have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to game-play but if we want to regain our number 3 spot and avoid the level of frustration experienced on Sunday, we have to have every single person in our team not only executing their classes well, but being raid aware and on the ball, understanding these mechanics inside out and dealing with them. Quite some time ago, I made a forum post about the next step for us as a raid team and while I do think we have made progress towards it, we still need to do some work. I'm not going to repeat all I said before, you can go read it here. Instead I am going to highlight a couple of individual issues specifically for this past weeks wipe fest.


Raid awareness:


We have got to get better at being aware of what is going on around us. By this I don't just mean dodging a mechanic, I mean SEEING what is going on for others and making adjustments accordingly. Half the wipes we had were because people didn't spread for Beam, or when they got it, they just ran it over others. When doing the dance, half the time people blindly ran, got into the safe area and stopped, didn't think.. theres 2 people running in behind me and beam is coming, so I'm gonna NOT stand on this edge but run in further where no-one is in case I get beam or one of my 2 followers do.  Or seeing someone else running out with the debuff and not taking into account where you are going to drop yours in relation to theirs only to find yourself running over their puddle on your way back and spawning an add.


Don't Panic


I am aware that when we have been wiping for ages and frustrations start to show, the pressure on handling a personal mechanic becomes higher. Some people respond to this by upping their games, others panic. We are all different  - and thank god for that. But panicking is NOT the answer. When you ran over others with beam, you either were totally oblivious that you had it - get gud for gods sake, you had nowhere to go cos everyone else was stood on top of you - see above, or you panicked and ran about like a headless chicken. On a serious note, IF you were unaware you had it, then either Mythic raiding is not for you - or you need to cut down on any distractions you have or change your UI so that the MANY warning that come are more visible to you. Again, we are all different, I know some of you raid without game sound, some of you have music playing. Thats all fine - play however you will get the best result. But if you dont SEE the big sign above your head, then your UI is fkd. IF you dont HEAR the loud raid warning - turn your music off and your game sound up. I have no problem people playing how they want - as long as you dont kill everyone else in the process.




We are not talking for the pleasure of hearing our own voices and if you think that shouting out warnings during 22 wipes in one night and watching people ignoring them is fun - then you are very much mistaken. Cy has a limit to his patience, and he pretty much reached that and more on Sunday. This is not a Cy problem, this is a you problem. So sort it please. IF you want shouts - then make them worthwhile doing and listen and obey! :D


We had some instances where someone messed up and talked about it.. but people didn't listen to that and repeated the same mistake! LISTEN!


We come from all over the EU and english is not the first language for many of us. So when we ask if everyone understood, or if there are any questions.. respond please! I'd much rather take an extra 5 mins to make sure everyone is clear than have people too afraid to ask for clarification and wipe for an hour before the penny drops that we need to spread for Beam. Cy's accent can take some getting used to.. say if you don't understand something. You hear a lot from me out of fights and maybe switch off.. dont.



We have had some discussions after this weeks raid and we are doing some things to try and work on our raids. Cy's job is a really tough one, so we are going to have backups within the officer team to take over with shouts when needed, the healers are now meeting on progress bosses to look at how we can help by being more efficient and co-ordinated as a team. You can do your part too, so after a first night on a new boss, spend time with your class groups to talk about how you might get the best out of your rotation, or what talents might work etc. As a dps group in general, talk about what is working or not for you.


We deserve to lose our place to Trip Hazard. So now, we gotta pick ourselves up and get it back - by working as a team, with determination and with each person doing their absolute best. I think this may be a good thing actually. We pretty much sailed through HCs and the first Mythic, had some time wasted on Mother, but Zek'voz was our first challenge and we made it harder than it needed to be. So this is a little wake-up call and a reminder to not get complacent. Dropping a spot now is not the end of the world, it might be later. Not getting it back will put us behind, so lets get back in there, learn from what happened with Zek'voz and improve as a team.


All of this said.. we killed Zek'voz!! 3/8 Mythic. We didn't give up, we kept going and we beat it!


The coming week:

Wed: HC clear + Talco/Mother Mythic. Vectis Mythic


Sun: Vectis


Mon: Vectis/Zek'voz


Thurs: +10 Weeklys


We only have 20 signed for this evening. So if you drop out, you will be cancelling the raid. Dont. We only have 18 signed for Sun and Mon!! So unless that's gonna change, we arent raiding!


We think a break from Zek'voz is in order. So this evening we will do some test runs on Vectis. Cy has a number of strategies to try out, so work with that. I am not here this evening, so we will talk how things went after tonight and make some plans for Sun. Depending on how Vectis goes Sun, we will either continue, or drop back to Zek'voz to see if we can farm it :D


Tonights roster:


Second characters:


We have identified that we need a spriest for Zul Mythic, so that is why Chum has been bringing his Priest to HC farm In addition this evening he will Disc Priest Mother (ie drop 2x bubbles and dps) so you can clear this. As a heal team, one of the things we discussed was what heal classes are working on what bosses and we want to be able to switch Zubs and Ida out for Druids as needed. Therefore Zubs (as first priority) will be also bringing his warrior for some gear, and Ida next. Anyone else with secondary characters will be rotated in at a later date, but for now these are our priorities.


Please can all 3 of you have both characters ready to swap in and out as Cy and Cookie agree. Chum, please be very clear WHICH bosses your Priest needs this evening so that we can work with Zubs and Ida swapping in. We dont want to slow the clear, so having all 3 of you would be an issue.


In other News:


Bank Mats:

We need more! Particularly fish. IF we dont get these, then we will have to stop using feasts, maybe use the lower ones, or ask you to use your own on progress fights. As a result of Mondays wipes, the following people broke CCs and this is punishable by 100 fish per break:


  • Chum 1
  • Heli 1
  • Mystik 2
  • Grimey 5(!)
  • Bonbo 1
  • Didds 1
  • Sam 1
  • Term 2

If you want to negotiate or think this count is wrong, speak to Cy - otherwise check the bank and see which fish we need and cough up!


Signing for Raids:

Seriously. BY END OF RAID MONDAY! We have officer meeting after raid on Monday and sort the teams for the coming week. I like to give people notice if they are sat out. I think its polite. I think its a sign of consideration of my teams time and just a organised, nice thing to do. I value your time and effort and have respect for your time. NOT signing or saying why you havent in the forums is a total lack of respect for MY time and your fellow team mates. Anyone not signing by end of raid Monday without an explanation in the forum will have herb or fish punishments of 200 if I have to unlock. Sort this out, it's really pissing me off now. If you are going to be away on a Monday, then do it BEFORE !


HC Gear:


I've heard rumours that the next raid may come in November, it may come later. Whatever, we are disenchanting gear in HCs now and we need to know when to call a halt on HC clear, or when we can bring in more alts and if we can focus our efforts on just Mythic. We may look at a separate HC clear on another night as an alt run as well, or we may just rotate people in and out on a Wed. The problem with alt runs is that they take a lot longer obviously if we have only a few mains, so doing this on a Wed may cut down the time we have free for Mythic progression.. and Mythic progression is our aim. To help us decide this I need to know what gear you guys still need on your mains, so please respond here with that.




I am opening recruitment again as having only 20 people available on a given raid night is not working. Having only 18.. definately isnt working!!


Ok! Lets have a great week, Vectis here we come!