Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Oct 10th 2018

New Office revealed!



Guild News:


Congratulations to: Uz and Aeli on the arrival of a female gnome called Ava! Absolutely thrilled for you both <3


Grats on promotion to Member: Naazo and Sam - both great additions to our team.


Welcome back to: Ray who is going to join us for HC clears and act as a backup raider for the time being. Lovely to have you back hun!

Last Week's recap:


On Wed we did a full HC clear and our 2 Mythic farms. Excellent night's work everyone! We then gathered at the new office over on the posh side of Boralis for our Raider of the Month celebrations. They were a little subdued, partly because my BFITWWW arrived as we gathered there, so I was busy having 2 conversations at the same time and partly cos we didn't have goodie bags to hand out! We will work on getting something together as the expansion moves on, but great to see so many making the grade this month!


We then flew off to glorious Prague.. ow wait, wrong news.. we then headed off to Zek'voz and spent Sunday and Monday testing strats and dying quite a bit. Progress was finally made, getting to Phase 2 a couple of times, but while we have pretty good dps, its the personal responsibility over mechanics here that is holding us up. We have had lots of fights over the years like this, where it takes forever to get to the last phase and one little mistake by one person can mean a wipe. Everything has to go pretty perfectly, and as the evenings wear on people get tired and lose concentration. We have had a pretty good run in Uldir so far, HC bosses pretty much fell over and our first 2 Mythics went fairly smoothly - ok Mother was the balls at first, but this is kinda the next gear up and in truth we should have killed it last week. So, what do we need to do? Each of you HAS to manage those mechanics flawlessly, be it dropping crap in the right place, dancing, cc-ing, interrupting, all the while killing adds like whirling dervishes. We know what we have to do, we just need one attempt where we ALL do it! So this coming week we need to step it up - come prepared, remind yourself of what the job in hand in, be alert, rested and ready to get 3/8 Mythic!


The Coming Week:


Wed: HC Clear + 2 Mythics


Sun: Mythic


Mon: Mythic


I have put people as standby in the calendar and this may change as I still need to speak to one or two, so keep an eye on it.


Tues: Mythic+ for those of you who havent gotten yourselves a +10 by then.


In Other News:


Signing up and availability:


Most of you are doing great with this and it's much appreciated. However one or two still seem to either forget to sign, or forget to post why they havent signed or are tentative. Please, please follow the rules here. Sign for ALL 3 raids each week by Monday evening and if you can't or have to be tentative, then post why in the forum so I'm not sitting around waiting to get hold of you while planning for the following week.


Our numbers have dropped quite a bit since week one, and with people seemingly not available 3x a week as expected, we are cutting it close some evenings, with late drop outs as well, to get a team. If I can't see any improvement on this, I am going to start recruitment again.


Guild Bank:


We are running low on supplies peoples, so please take a look and see where you can fill up those slots. Anchor Weed and other herbs are where we need some donations. If you ever have spare and the slots are full, feel free to post them to me direct for scrolls and runes. Fishes also are always needed, so please give what you can. Much appreciated!


See you in-game