Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Oct 3rd 2018





Guild News:


Best wishes to: Ida for a speedy recovery from his Op and to Uzzie and Aeli awaiting the arrival of the new gnome!


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Auldrin and Tun (and any others who deposited before Auldrin over-ran the logs!)AND to Visp for 200 anchor weed + other herbs to me for Vantus Runes!

Grats for Raider of the Month to:
Auldrin, Averte (!) Tac, Shadows, Cy, Ellz, Didds, Griney, Heli, Levy, Mystik, Uz, Cookie, Visp, Chum, Ida


For those new to the Guild RotM gives you Guild repairs in raid, a special rank in-game and colour in Discord and the chance to roll on special items in the Guild Office after this evenings raid. As a result, we end tonights raid 10 mins early and will meet up in a surprise location in Boralus Harbour so don't leave the raid group and follow the dots on your map. We ask all raiders to attend the ceremony to congratulate their guildies.

Last week recap:


Monday we did a full HC clear - first time to clear all in one night! Good going everyone. Sunday we 2 shot Taloc Mythic and worked on Mother, which we then finished off on Monday and worked on Zek'voz. Doing this without our main tank, Term and one of our main healers, Ida, added another layer of difficulty, but huge thanks to Cy and Levy for stepping up and doing a great and successful job!  To be frank we wasted time on Mother, there are lots of ways to do this fight and having put in hours with the 4x5 strat and almost getting there it was a hard call to continue or go the 15/5 strat. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! The main issues on both fights are handling mechanics not dps, so we need make sure we focus on that and keep the progress momentum going. Getting our second Mythic kill is fab! Thanks to everyone for the effort and patience while we tried different strats.


The Coming Week:


Wed: Mythic Taloc + Mythic Mother, followed by HC as far as time allows. Standbys: Uz for Ida dependant on Ida's recovery, Shadows for Uz dependant on gnome arrival


Sun: Finish HC, Mythic Zek'voz Standbys: Uz for Ida again


Mon: Mythic Zek'voz, clear rest of Mythics!! Standbys: Uz for Ida, Shadows for Uz


Sunday heal team: Cookie/Zubs/Heli + Ida/Chum dependant on Ida's recovery


I am away from Thurs till Mon, so can I please ask EVERYONE to not drop out last min Sun or Mon to make things as smooth as possible for the officers. Sunday we have Ida/Uz/Kasme for the last spot. Uz and Ida will depend on Ida's recovery, Uzzies baby arrival and Kas - not sure why you are tentative this week, but knowing ahead if we can call on you would be appreciated.


In Other News:


Second raiding characters:


We have been looking ahead to Mythics later in Uldir and what classes we might want for specific fights. As a result we will be having chats with some raiders to invite them to bring a second character to gear up in HCs for the next few weeks. At this stage, second characters will be on invite-only basis so we can continue to farm HCs effectively and quickly and get max time on Mythic progress. I know there are many of you who want to bring a secondary character and we want to do this fairly, so for now it will be on the basis of what the team needs and later we will look to do a rotation for alt HC farm and perhaps an extra HC alt night further down the line.


Right, gonna keep this short and sweet this week! Great progress so far team, lets keep it up!