Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 26th 2018

Ahead of the cuuuuurve!




Guild News:


Congratulations on promotion to Raider: Shadows


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Cy, Sam, Shadows



Last Week in Review:


We cleared HC Uldir on Wed to Mythrax, with much faster kills on Zul, still some work to do on getting Vectis smoother! In all though a decent speed through. Mythrax we had attempts but just didnt seem to be feeling it at the end of Wed raid night! Sunday we gave over to Mythic and apart from a wipe on Taloc where I had a power cut, it took us 2 attempts to get it down. Nice! We then went to work on Mother and made really good progress by the end of the night, even with a missing Zubs! That first transfer was the real sticking point and from then on its just a case of all being on our toes and it's looking like a kill this coming week. On Monday we went back to HC and dealt with Mythrax pretty fast, getting it down after 4 attempts. I dunno why it felt longer.. but this is really good for what is only our second kill. Cy and I felt ahead of the evening that we could kill either G'huun OR Mother Mythic and as we were 24 we decided to go for G'huun and a full HC clear. 8 wipes were all it took and yes, that definately felt longer.. we had way too much time debating in between wipes to be honest, but it was surprising how easy things went once we got to the last phase! Excellent work everyone! 8/8 HC and Ahead of the Curve done! We then popped back to Mother Mythic to get a few more attempts there and Zubs up to speed as he was with us again. Things went smoother, but we really need an evening on this to get it down next week. We even had a couple of suicide attempts at raid end.. because, well, because why not? It would be rude not to !



Great week again people.


This Week's Plan:


With Ida in hospital this week, we are going to clear HC Wed/Sun and then go Mythic either late Sunday if we have time or Monday. We will select the team for this after this evening and I will mark those sitting out as 'stand-by' in the sign-ups before Sat, so keep an eye out for that as the week moves on if you want prior notice.


Mythic+ Night will be Friday this week, so sign yourselves up and check the calendar for next months raids.. its over the page!! We may also do the weekly Timewalking is people want that.


Wed: HC

Fri: M+/Timewalking


Sun: HC/Mythic (standbys in calendar before the weekend)


Mon: Mythic (same standbys)


In Other News:


I want to talk again about chat during raids as we feel we wasted precious pull time this week. Don't get me wrong - we are making excellent progress and everyone is doing great! However, there is always room for improvement! I spoke to a number of people over the last couple of weeks with promotions to member and raider. Many said they liked to get involved with tactics and aside from that, we have a lot of vocal raiders in all. This is a good thing! However, we have asked for those of you with suggestions or ideas to grab Cy outside of the raid for a discord chat and so far no one has actually come to him. It's really unfair to expect him to deal with 5 whispers in raid, it's not that he is ignoring you when you do this, its that he simply doesnt have the time to reply with getting back after a wipe himself and contributing to Officer chat where we are discussing almost every attempt how to progress further in a fight. Feel free to whisper him or me with things you notice, I always try to include it in the quick chat before the next pull, but I also don't have time to reply by whisper. If its a strategy change can I please ask you to think through these things before the raid and make some effort to speak to us ahead of time. I also need to knock chat on the head in between wipes, it's a fine line between not listening to anything that's suggested and taking on board ideas that will get us a faster kill. Please try and help us out here a bit.


Cy and I will be looking at our next Mythic kill after Mother. so keep your eyes open on the TLDR for updates on that.


We used a hell of a lot of feasts this past week and will continue to do so now we are progressing Mythics. Thanks for all the donations this week to the Guild Bank - please keep them coming so we can continue to do this! You can see what is needed there.


Okies, enough of me.. see you in-game and lets get our second Mythic kill this coming week!