Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 19th 2018

1st Mythic down!




Guild News:


Congratulations on promotion to member to: Auldrin, Mystik, Alathea, Kasme and Grimey. Welcome to the team proper guys! Prepare yourself for the overwhelming celebrations before raid tonight!


Raid Mats: We are in need of Redtail Loach and Frenzied Fangtooth for feasts for the raid. All donations welcome!


Raid Progress Uldir: 8/8 N 7/8 HC 1/8 M - Server rank 3


Last week in brief:

What a successful week we had! Not without it's wipes, but to get one Mythic down in the first week they open is a new Guild record for us!


Wednesday we cleared to Zul on Hc with some difficulty with Vectis which we just didn't seem to nail for 9 wipes. This we need to do some further work on and dealing with the Omega Vector correctly is the biggest stumbling block. But we will get this sorted! We had 2 wipes on Mother and one-shots on the other 3. With 30 mins left of the raid we decided to try our luck on Taloc Mythic rather than face the pain of Zul, so off we went and in just 3 attempts got to 31%.


Sunday we headed back to poke sticks at Taloc and it took us only 9 attempts to get our first Mythic kill of the expansion - and in the first week that Mythics opened! We actually had the kill at wipe 7, getting him to 0% but just missing that last one hit needed. The actual kill was a little messy, but there were enough of us alive to claim it as a victory! Great work all.


We then headed back into HC and set about Zul. Took us 9 attempts, this boss really doesnt like us :D We had Rogues doing.. well, some sneaky, crafty rogue stuff, tanks frequently running for their lives, me dispelling all over the shop.. but not at the right counter.. until it came together and he finally hit the deck. Onto Mythrax for a well coordinated, thought-out attempt aka Levy throwing the switch.


Monday we started our work on Mythrax HC proper and while Cy and I thought we might get a bit stuck here, it went down after only 5 wipes. G'huun was all that was left and we put in 20 wipes, many almost immediately we pulled.. or, some one other than the tanks pulled! Getting the orbs running, tanks surviving, the rest of us target switching and dealing with the 'stack', 'spread', 'run out', 'dodge!' were our main issues. So, yup.. everything! The Orb team under the careful guidance of Ida seem to be pretty much sorted now, the tanks have met and have some new plans and the rest of us need to be 100% clear on the mechanics before we head back there this coming week to get 8/8 HC.


This Week's plan:


Mythic+ night will be Thursday this week. Please sign up so we can sort groups ahead of time. We want to do some specific gear hunting as well, so I'd really appreciate if people could let me know what keys they have and which dungeons they really need pieces from. Reply here in the forum please.


Raids this week:


Wed: HC clear - as far as we can go


Sun: Mythic Talcoc + Mythic Mother depending on Wed progress - or HC if near a G'huun kill


Mon: Mythic Mother/HC G'huun


Mythic raid this week (Sunday):


The team on Sunday/Monday are those signed up and back-ups this week are:




We may well be moving onto HC after so you are both free to jump back in then.


In Other News:


In general:


We have a number of things to work on this week. Firstly, gear. The more gear we have obviously the better prepared we are for kills! The best source of gear outside of HC farm is M+. We do not plan to run Normal Uldir this week, so you are free to pug that from today should you wish. However, farming Mythic+ is a much better bet to get what you need than pug normal or.. if you literally have the patience of a saint and want to go LFR. I wouldnt even recommend doing this to get used to tactics! We do want to try and get key people key pieces of gear they are lacking outside of raids, particularly our tanks, so if you could reply in the forum with your initial key, on Thurs we will try to direct people more to where they need to be as balancing teams doesnt seem to be so much needed now. We will all do our first keys and then re-group and move people around according to what keys they get after. We do want to get as many people through on a 10 as possible, but we can also do this later in the week, so farming specific dungeons while we get to 10s seems to be a sensible way to gear.


Mother HC. We will be doing Mother tonight properly and testing out one or more approaches we want to use on Mythic. Cheesing for our first kill and first clear is all well and good, but that won't work on Mythic, so this evening we will use HC to do some prep.


Raid Rules:


All of you should know the raid rules. Old members have been working with these for years, new members should have read them before they joined. You can find them here. At the officer meeting this week it was raised that we are having way too much chatter in fight and starting to get back to tactic discussions, that could have been had before raid, between wipes. Please review the rules, Averte will be talking some more about this at the start of the raid. Coming along and saying ' I saw this video that handled this mechanic like this..' is not what we want. If you have some secret nugget - then talk to Cy about it before raid, or keep quiet. If you can't be bothered to put in some effort ahead of the raid when officers are working hard every week to prepare, then we don't want to know it during the raid when all it does is put us on the back foot and cause time to be wasted while we think it through. Of course having a new idea while we are wiping it much appreciated, so feel free to whisper Cy as we run in - he may have already considered this idea and will let you know, or will think it through quickly. One of Cy's best qualities is that he isn't precious about tactics. He will stand his ground if he thinks his idea is right, but he wants the kill above all else, there is no ego there - so he will change his point of view if he feels it will work. In some of my promotion chats with new members, the amount of noise on Discord was raised. Many people like quiet to focus and are just getting used to raid leaders and officers voices, when they hear a different voice it is just confusing. This happens every new expansion while we settle in to a new team, so let's get this sorted fast so we can maximise our pull time, our efficiency in fight, our time during breaks or run-ins and get the wipe banter rolling!


Mythic Roster:


We have a nice healthy roster for raiding at the moment. However we are going to need to sit people out for Mythics. At the pre-raid meeting I was very clear that we would select the best team for getting Mythic bosses down and performance would be considered. At the moment, just on our 3rd week, it is pretty hard to do this. We don't have enough data to establish this and while they are some clear winners in the dps ranks, there is a huge middle pack of people who do a really good job, making it hard for us to make selections in any sensible way. So for the time being, we are taking that middle pack and if there is not some mechanic that requires specific classes, we will sit people out on a rota basis. I am keeping a track on the TLDR of who sits out so we keep this fair and ensure that even if you don't get the first kill on a Mythic boss, you will get the second.




Ok, we hate it. There, it's been said. Let's move on.


Traits and the method by which we gain the pieces, upgrade them, get azerite for our necks might not be something everyone enjoys or even agrees with. However it is here to stay. Here's a different way of looking at it! When we are looking at Mythic bosses and taking shit-loads of damage, every little addition to your health pool helps. Higher item level, higher neck, getting those survivability traits could make the difference between life and death. If you are someone who might once or twice stand in things you shouldn't then having a shield from your azerite trait that keeps you above 0% health for that crucial second it takes healers to make up for your mistake is kinda important. One of my favourite comments this week was from Auldrin who said 'my defensive is a worried look at Ellz' which made me chuckle. A lot of classes have lost survivability and if the class traits don't interest you - then the survivability ones should. So quit whining about it and get it farmed. This is what being a Mythic raider is about. If you don't like it - go casual. SImple as. As Mythic raiders you should be looking at EVERY advantage you can get to help get a kill. Generally people are doing a great job with this, so keep it up!




I've had a lot of chats over the past few weeks with new members, checking on them during their first couple of weeks, after their first raid night, for their member promotion chats.. and I have to say thank you and what a complete pleasure those chats were. The amount of positive feedback has been lovely along with some very useful suggestions. Two of the suggestions involve having a kill photo gallery and making kill videos. I will get on to sorting those out. Also the positive feedback has really been about 2 things. One how friendly and welcoming people are, and I just wanted to share that with you all and say thank you to everyone contributing to the atmosphere we have here. It also includes how people are not screamed at or ridiculed if they mess up, and it's lovely to hear that people are happy with how we run things from this perspective. The other is around the organisation and how much work is put in to make things work. And I wanted to share that with our older members as a little reminder! You got a good thing going here, don't forget that or take it for granted ;p Thanks to everyone for those chats!


Right. Goal for the week:


8/8 HC, 2/8 M


Up for it?