Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 12th 2018

Week One Uldir




Guild News:


Welcome to: Sam and Naz who bring our numbers back up to a 30 strong raid team!


Thanks to: Uzzie for kill screenies, to all raiders still depositing mats and to Gnomy who doesnt raid but has donated gems!


Current Progress: 8/8 Normal 6/8 HC, Server Rank 3



Last Week in Review:


The first raid in an expansion is always something a little special. From an organisation point it's hectic, a bit scary and very much like stepping into the unknown. Any new raid - in this case with 8 bosses, means we have to prepare for all 8 as we are doing them all on normal, so planning for this when guides and videos are only beta based until the morning before is a little challenge for us! Having a raid where we have 6 shiny new-to-us players is exciting as well! Looking after them, planning for the fights and looking after our own characters makes these first weeks feel like a full time job. But what a result. And how worth it all! While planning is important, it's pretty pointless without a great team that are on-board and ready to make those plans work.


Whatever your feeling about the raid itself, this was a fantastic result for week one. Normal cleared, HC 6/8, server rank 3.. this was the kind of result we had hoped for and boy did you guys deliver! Having lots of new members as well didn't seem for one moment to hold things up and I was very impressed with how the whole team worked together and prepared ahead of time, and the focus during the raids. Great job DR! Hope you all had fun and enjoyed it as well!


We cleared 7/8 on Wed with minimal wipes and then had some wipes on G'huun learning the fight and practising Orb relay racing! Funny things happened. Lots of them. You guys (apart from Zubs ofc) are funny people so how could they not. Refer back to the 8-fight-prep thing as to why I didn't record each and every one to report here. On Thurs we had our extra raid night and went back to G'huun and made pretty short work of him as a last raid boss. 2 wipes and it was game over for him. Then on to HC and 3 bosses down by evening end. We took 6 attempts on Mother and Fetid to perfect a strategy and while Mother was a resounding success, Fetid was more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat result! Making it all the more exciting and rewarding in my opinion! We are going to have to do some work to make that boss a firm farm fight.


Sunday we got 2 more down and started work on our first real challenge of the raid. Zul. We continued this on Monday, having to test out a number of approaches to find what worked for us. Just as it was looking like we had found the right strategy, but were running out of time to get P1 right for a clear transition and would be leaving this to reset.. in typical DR style, that last pull before raid end came together and Zul was all over. 6/8 HC!


Having that extra raid night so we could spend a night on normal learning the fights really made a difference. We might have ended Wed low on the rankings as other guilds went straight to HC and spent an entire evening working on one boss, but by week end this really paid off for us. This result is extremely encouraging looking ahead to our aims for the expansion and being able to clear Mythics each tier. So really well done everyone and thank you for the focus and hard work. However, do not get complacent! We have a lot of work ahead of us and for a fuller review on that you can check the forum for a week one review with details of what we are planning for the coming week.


This week:


We are back to 3 nights raiding this week: Wed/Sun/Mon. Sign ups are now locked. See the forum post for more details on that.


We are also holding a M+ night on Friday. Last week we didn't organise M+ at all, as I had explained in the pre-raid Discord meeting, with 4 raid nights trying to find a 5th night for this was beyond my energy levels and many people couldn't fit a 5th night in with other commitments. So it was great to see people sorting this out themselves and we now have a good group of people who are pretty familiar with all the dungeons and that will help speed things up for everyone.


The Weekly this week is to complete 4 Mythic Dungs, so those of you will less time can do some of these with the M+ group on Friday and save some time!


Please sign up for Friday - we will split into groups and the aim is to get everyone a +7 for a decent upgrade in the weekly chest. You have until Thurs eve to sign so I have some time to balance groups out. The motivation for doing this is to gear raiders out of raids as well as in to help progress. Non-raiders are welcome to sign, but we will make raiders the priority over the coming few weeks to try and get a boost to ilvl to help with progress. If there is room we will love to have those of you not raiding along. For raiders who havent done a lot of M+ so far - please remember to bring flasks/food/pots and be as familiar with the dungs as possible and listen carefully to those leading them to help achieve smooth runs. If you can't make Fri let me know and we will look to swap nights around to suit everyone. I appreciate that some may find it hard to find an extra night, but not getting that weekly chest is going to hold you back gear-wise, so if you want to be picked for Mythics, you will need to find other ways to keep up.




As I mentioned last week and in the Pre-raid meeting summary, it is one of the rules in our charter that you don't pug progress ahead of the Guilds. We are a team and getting bosses down for the first time on a new difficulty is a team effort and something we do together. This week we may clear Normals (see forum post for details) so pugging these on your mains may be a problem. Pugging normal on alts is of course fine, or up to Mythrax HC on any character.


In Other News:


Raid Consumables:


Cy's bank system has worked a treat this week and we have plenty of feasts and cauldrons ready for the coming weeks. Do keep filling up those slots though so we are always well stocked ahead of time. Spare herbs you don't need are also really appreciated (or inks if you come across them!) so I can mill them for Vantus runes and Battle Shout scrolls. If every Winters Kiss slot is full for example, then you can just post them to me. Much appreciated.


There is a gap:


As I said there were many funny things this week, but the one standout for me was sitting on discord listening to a M+ group where Shadows just could not get through the orb maze in Temple. Now as a victim of this myself on many occasions, I felt his pain, however I literally was laughing out loud listening to him insisting there had been a gap! The team with him were in fits of laughter, but not seeing it myself all I could hear was a little silence, then a burst of laughter with Shadows claiming, 'But there WAS a gap!' Silence again, then more laughter and the same claim... like 10/15 times. Literally the funniest moment so far this expac for me.. and I wasn't even there :D good job that team - and Shadows.. great sport!




Cy and I will be going through the TLDR today and updating it, so make sure you have it to hand for this evening and if you get time have a quick re-cap.




As I mentioned in the pre-raid meeting, we have not been actively recruiting but with our progress currently, we are still getting lots of applications to join. I have turned a number of people down, but Naz kinda won Cy and I over despite ourselves! He and Sam are last in and I have officially closed recruitment and posted as such on WoW Progress. We have lost a couple of people since the roster was finalised at the end of Legion: Light will not be raiding, Ray is going to take quite some time as work pressure is making playing difficult for her at the moment, but she may join us later. Tal decided to go on a definate break, we lost Madds :(.. and for the next 3 months, Styhl is away. We are seeing 23/24 in each raid at the moment with the usual holidays/work/other commitments issues. 30 on paper seems a lot, but I think it is better to have a healthy number than be scrabbling around every week. I also think we have a good number of new members we need to get to know and give a chance to settle in now, so lets focus on that and leave recruitment concerns to a later date for now.



Right head over to the forums for more details and see you in-game!