Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 5th 2018

It's a whole new raid!



Last Week in Review!


We did our final organised Mythic runs before raid this week and got some shiny loots and achievements. However on Monday we were done with this and Cy decided it might be fun to go kill some hordies, after all.. this is what this expac is supposed to be about! Two of our members were happily levelling on alts in Drustvar when the dirty horde arrived and attacked them, so we gathered ourselves up and flew over to give assistance! I'm not sure how much better we made the situation for them, but we certainly delivered some Divine Retribution upon those filthy horde assassins. We ended up at their landing zone and picked them off one by one as they landed. Didn't we feel all tough and pvp-ish!


With the victories we had won we then decided to take the fight to their home ground, so off we flew and split into two teams of 5 to complete the pvp quest at the same time and pretty soon we had manged that, all jumping on hordies in 2 and 3s. However, we then ventured a little too near their base and word went out because before we knew what was happening there were 20 or more of them chasing us down! Cy decided a tactical retreat was called for, so we (ahem) rezzed and raced back to safety. We did venture out again before they all found us - and on the way we came upon a lone herber.. Zubs was most upset that we killed the poor guy. Methinks he hasn't quite got into the theme yet.


We didn't give up just because we were slaughtered. Twice. Oh no, we brave members of the alliance decided that we should go hand in our quest.. yes, we did. Some duel PvP was then the next order of the day! All in all it was a really fun event and something we should certainly repeat! We also managed to have a little more success than our brave naked gnomes had in Orgrimmar!


The Coming Week:


Tonight we raid.


So we intend to run Normal this evening and then move onto HCs for the rest of the week. When Cy and I looked at the fights in detail some time ago, we thought that the last 2 bosses would be tricky - and the info on G'huun was sketchy at best! This was the main reason for deciding to clear normal so we could get a handle on the mechanics and then hopefully move through HC faster. Having watched first kill videos and twitch streams in the US this evening, that does indeed seem to be the case.


The TLDR is updated with G'huun tactics, so head over and take a look. This evening will be a learning curve, but thats part of the fun! I have had a couple of people ask about pugging normal tomorrow morning. Can I just remind you that it is Guild policy that we do current content first kills together as a team, not have people come along that have already done them. We are a team, and we do first kills together. Once we have cleared Normal, you are of course free to do them on your alts. All this is in the Guild Charter.

In Other News:


Raid Mats:


If you missed it, Cy has organised the last 3 tabs in the guild bank to sort mats for our feasts and cauldrons. You can find his guide to this in the forum. We would be very grateful for all donations you feel able to make, be that things you farm, or if you don't have the time and still wish to donate, you could always buy them from AH!


Mythic Dungeons and M+


With 4 raid nights this week we are not doing any organised Mythic or M+ runs. We also need to get into them and work out how they are running as at the moment we don't know them well enough to predict how different affixes will work and we don't know yet how they will scale, or if our ilvl will be high enough to complete the max level for the chest. So feel free to group up, or pug to test these out this week and we will start with the guild runs next week.




With a new expac and a new raid, it's time for our new punishment system! Cy may well hand out fish punishments in raids for whatever he decides.. I however have some special punishments in mind! This is how my bad book/punishment list is panning out so far..


  • Fly-by pet/pat/other = 10 Anchor Weed


  • Inappropriate Summoning = 20 Anchor Weed


I reserve the right to add to this list at my whim! Be warned!!


Right! Busy day tomorrow, Raid, Warfront, World Bosses... time for me to get some sleep! Looking forward to a whole new raid for us to explore together!