Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Aug 29th 2018

One week to go!




Guild News:


Welcome to: Obelus who joins us as a Ret Pally


Happy Birthday today to our Cookie!


Guild Bank: Please don't drop your trash in the Guild Bank! It has been tidied up and we have zero room or desire for old Legion mats.. or solid stone :D



The Coming Week:



Pre-Raid Meeting:


All those who are on the roster for raiding should be on Discord this evening at 7.45 for our Expansion Pre-Raid Meeting. We hold one of these each expansion to run through everything you need to know about raiding in DR and our aims and plans for BFA. We will give the ilvl requirement for the first raid and a list of other requirements so you have one final week to get ready. There are some people missing from the sign-ups, so please check with me if you are unable to attend this evening. You were given a week's warning about this, so pull your fingers out people!


Mythic Dungeons Week 3:


We will be making teams again this evening to run all the Mythic Dungeons after the meeting. I need 2 more players and at the moment from the roster I can see the following players who have not signed or posted in the forum why they are unable to make it: Kasme, Bonbo, Cookie, Ray. Mads I understand is working this evening, Chum is tentative, but no post, so I have no idea what that tentative means :) We want to make 5 teams tonight, so please help fill those last two spots.


In Other News:


The TLDR has been updated with first round Uldir tactics. Please note that these are very preliminary at the moment as there is little, and sometimes contradictory info to go on.. as ever at the start of an expac! They will be color-coded with responsibilities nearer the time and Cy and I hope to get some answers next Wed morning when we can see US videos. For those new to us, at this stage having watched Fat Boss videos to give yourselves a basic idea is a good plan.



Guild Farming Night. Cy will be posting in the forums for people to join up to help farm mats for cauldrons and feasts for raiding. We would appreciate as many of you as possible to help out with this. More details will be given this evening at the Discord meeting.



New Members: You have joined us to raid and I need to be able to contact you fast if there is an issue with a raid night, or you don't show, are late etc. We have a Facebook Page that you can join - please send a message when you request to join it so I know who you are! If you dont use facebook, I need some other way of contacting you, so think on that please and let me know.


Ok, everything else you will get at the meeting this evening, so see you in-game!