Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Aug 22nd 2018

To Bee or not to Bee




What with Guild Meet and a new expansion we have been a little behind on our weekly news, so this week we have a little catch-up!

Guild News:


Welcome to: Auldrin and Kasme (Charlie on forums) and welcome back to Mads.


Grats on Guild first 120: Cy again got Guild first - so huge grats! As for the rest of you.. if you don't win, you lose! Or maybe thats just my excuse to not list everyone who has made it so far in order! We still have some slow-pokes, you know, those people with real lives and work... so look forward to seeing more of you hit this week.



Last Week in brief:


Week one of the new expansion was as hectic as ever, with a full Discord and many exclamations of excitement and delight! So far we have worked out that Averte loves Bees, Uz loves Hippos and Tac..... loves Island Expeditions. At least I think that was the message I was getting once or twice on discord. The launch wasn't Legion standard, with some DCs, lag, server shut downs and other gliches, but it certainly wasnt WoD, so that is something to be grateful for. The zones are gorgeous, the dungeons, I think, are a lot of fun, and love it or hate it, the Horde are there to be picked off!


We had a bit of a difficult week organisation-wise as we were not really prepared for running mythic dungeons so early which meant that I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to make sure that everyone who could and wanted to got through as many, if not all Mythic Dungeons before reset. We are organising this within the guild this week - see below.


For those of you who don't know, there is a Bee pet which can be obtained through a set of dailies at Mildenhall Meadery in Stormsong Valley. Averte posted a guide to it in the chat channel on Discord if you can manage to scroll back through a lot of other crap he posted after!


Otherwise we had a busy week and it was great to see so many on Discord and people helping each other out.

This coming Week:


We have events in the calendar for Wed/Sun/Mon. Please sign. On Wed we are going to do a Mythic World Tour, so having 20 of you will make that much easier. I have left signs open as a couple of you haven't signed up yet. So far we have 17, with Didds and Styhl tentative. 20 will give us 4 teams and we will start at 7.45 prompt. This means be ON discord at 7.45 so I can sort groups and we can get going asap. We will do the tour together, doing the dungeons in the same order so that should we run out of time - which we probably will, we can remake groups as needed on Sunday without me having to try and work out who did what - which I cant do cos Im not here Sunday!


Important: If you want to run any of these solo or pug, or do them with friends outside the guild that's fine. You are of course free to do so. However, please remove yourself from the sign up. I will not run around like a blue-assed fly with people telling me, oh I'm locked to that one. You are in or out. You do one solo, you do them all. I try my best to not waste your time during our organised evenings together and people who can't be bothered to communicate with me when I ask them to means that planning ahead is a total waste of my time - I'm not doing that again!


We will run these probably for 2 of the evenings with HCs or something else on the 3rd. If you cannot make Sunday or Monday I kinda need to know now and I may just make a group on Wed and then leave you to organise your group for the remainder we don't do this evening at a time all 5 of your group can make. For those who will be absent for one of the evenings, I will be asking people to help out on Monday to get stragglers through.


In Other News:


To Bee or not to Bee... a raider.


Our main aim for the next 2 weeks is to get as much gear as we can ready for Uldir. We want to get into HC and then into Mythic as soon as we can so that we aren't playing catch up. The best way to do this at the moment is to get everyone through Mythic Dungeons 3 times before the raid starts. Most people did these last week, but if you are behind, we really need to get you through the next 2, so sign up! We are only as strong as our lowest geared person, so running these in guild groups where we can swap around gear to help out is optimal! If you don't manage to get to a decent ilvl before Uldir, then you may be sat out of progression and brought along to farm.. so get working on it now!


Next Wednesday we will be having our pre-raid chat and expansion aims chat on Discord. If you want to raid, you need to be there. I will be locking sign ups on Monday evening as usual. This week, I will lock after tonight. We will be giving info on requirements to raid at this meeting, including ilvl, consumables and expected enchants/gems etc. My advice is to start working on these now and get as high an ilvl as possible. We will also talk about Mythic+ and how we intend to do these as a guild.


For this week, if you are not 120 - get there. Your main priorities should be doing the War Campaign so you can unlock Boralis and Kings Rest Mythic Dungeons. This means that 7th Legion Rep is where you should focus, followed by Champions of Azeroth to get your neck upgrades. Getting access to professions so you have food, flasks, pots, enchants. gems is also going to help you out a lot - however, we do have people in the guild who can make stuff for you, so dont spend an ridiculous amount of time levelling your own professions over the other priorities if you are a bit behind.


One final note. Officers, you are officers for a reason. Please check the officer forum. Please reply. Cy and I are tactic planning this week and your input is required.


Right, thats my lecturing over for another week! See you in-game!