Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update August 8th 2018

It comes to an end.




So as our last week in Legion starts, we look back and we look forward!


I usually do a lovely.. ok... a long post at this point going through all the highs and lows of our latest expansion as a Guild. However, I have to confess that the new expansion coming during the summer holidays, this week not only being the end of the building project at home but while I am frantically preparing for Guild Meet on Friday and with Wobbs and his family here.. I not only seem to be running out of time, but also energy!


I couldn't let it pass tho without some comment. Legion has been a great expansion in so many ways, from its spectacular and hasstle-free launch, to the constant stream of content, some pretty nice dungeons, M+ and some interesting, if sometimes frustrating, raids, to the new members who have joined us during the journey.  As a guild we have grown in experience and success with our raiding. We sat at server 6th at the end of WoD - but to be honest much of that was due to going back and completing previous WoD raids. In Legion we got to server 4th at the end of Tomb, finishing 5th now with our summer break halting further progress. This is our best performance since going 20man, so good job team! Our highlight in terms of raid achievement was really that Naga Bitch kill!


There are still some improvements we can make as we move forward. We have maintained our close-knit team spirit in many ways and as we welcome new members during our down-time, it is hard to integrate people when we are, myself included, in many ways on a wow break. I hope as the new exansion launches and we throw ourselves into BFA we will recover this and move forward as a united team ready to face the challenges ahead. There is some work to be done in terms of our team gameplay, all of us have room to improve our personal performance, but most importantly to enjoy a whole new world in this game of ours.


This evening we are gathering for our last 'raid' of the expansion and will have a little chat about our plans with raiding in BFA before we have some fun doing something or another. It isnt a progress evening, but just a last meet up before the hectic levelling process begins. With 18 signed, running Mythic isnt going to work, so we are planning to have a 'Legion race' and run through all the raids on HC and see how far we can get and how many memories we can stir up! For those of you attending Guild Meet on Friday, please check the forum for final preparations (the temp has dropped 10 degrees here today!) and I look forward to seeing you all with safe journeys completed. For those of you who arent, have a good last week in Legion and see you Tues evening!


Finally, can I just take a moment to thank all of you for your participation, support and committment to Divine Retribution for our 5th expansion. Onwards and Upwards team!