Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update July 24th 2018

And that, my fellow guildies is 'Divine Retribution' in action...




It was a humid warm night in Eynsford on Friday and I was happily chatting with some of my lovely Guildies. At 11.45pm there was a knock at my door. This startled me a bit because my house is all on its own along a stretch of road that people don't really walk along. Not at night especially. I jumped out of my chair and went to the door and shouted through 'Who is it?' There are no street lights along my road, so it was pitch black outside. No way was I opening the door at that time of night! Yet there was no reply to my question. That kinda freaked me out. I mean who knocks on a door and when they get an answer just dont reply?


I tell you who, someone up to NO GOOD! I told my lovely guildies and sat rather unsettled back down at my PC. Zubs reminded me that perhaps locking the back door was a good idea, I rushed down to do this and found that my torch batteries were dead at the same time. I tried looking out of the windows but could see nothing. I returned to the PC. Zubs decided that it was ghosts. From the Castle. Knight Ghosts.


I tried to not think about it and continue chatting and then I heard the clang of metal outside the house. I quickly told my guildies I was off to investigate and that should I NOT return they should call the police. I went upstairs, opened a window to use my remote key on the car so at least the headlights would give me some idea who was wandering about... when I saw 2 people....


What these people were doing is not the point. What IS the point, is that once I returned to my pc a short time later I see Zubs saying, ah well nice knowing you Ellz, before you die could you please leave the house keys somewhere safe so we can let ourselves in for Guild Meet? And with that he LEFT. LEFT me to my fate. Which for all he knew was being murdered and left for dead.


And this is where Divine Retribution comes in. For 'Divine Retribution' is what he got the following morning. His inet died. And its still dead. And it will be dead till at least the weekend.


Let this lesson be learnt by all.


This week:


We have 20 for this evening. We are going Mythic Antorus and clearing the first bosses, we will see how far we get. HOWEVER we can only do this because Didds is delaying getting a train till the following morning. So woe-betide anyone who doesnt show up and make his sacrifice worth NOTHING. Beware, 'Divine Retribution' may follow....


On Sunday if we can get enough we will continue, so please sign up.

Next Week:


We want to revist Antorus so I need you all to be signing as you would normally for raids now. We have 3 more nights (missing the last Sunday for Guild Meet) so lets see how we can do.

In Other News:


Bnet Communities:


BNet communities are here and I think provide a really good opportunity for many players, particuarly those who dont have active guilds or whose guild doesnt offer the kind of activity they are interested in. On Sunday we had a situation where a community was made specifically for people only in Divine Retribution, but only a selected number of people were invited. Unfortunately someone let the cat out of the bag about it which was then pretty awkward for everyone present and I had to deal with the issue on discord. I know that on this occasion it was meant to just be a bit of fun, and I am sure will not form the basis of a permanent sub-group in the Guild, so the following are my view on this feature moving forward and how it fits with our ethos.


Our Charter, indeed everything about DR, is aimed at creating an environment where we act as a team and are inclusive. Having private little groups within our community doesnt lend itself to a sense of team and makes for a fragmented atmosphere which is something I know none of us want.


I totally get why some of you might want to make a community, for example for PvP which is something we dont do as a Guild. Or a community to keep in touch with friends from your old guilds for example. Like I said, there are some really nice benefits to be had from this feature. Creating little private groups WITHIN our team however, isnt what we are about and as Sunday demonstrated, makes for awkward situations even with innocent intentions. Aside from this particular incident which I am sure was just meant to be a bit of a joke and then kinda backfired, I would encourage you all moving forward to act with Guild unity in mind when using this feature within the guild itself.


BFA Roster:


I said last week that we would finalise what characters we wanted to play in BFA but I know that some of you are still dithering about :D I will speak with people again this week and see if we have any progress. The melee/ranged mix is looking pretty good and we have a fairly good spread of classes. The healer situation is almost sorted and it is this role that we do need some clarification on as there is a set number needed. As for if you want to play Ret or Rogue or you want Lock or Mage, that isnt something that is dependant on numbers. With no Master Loot or Tier, we are not under the same kind of pressure to have a spread of cloth wearers or classes in general. So the question for those dithering peeople is 'What will I love to play?' If you can keep to ranged or melee as you have already indicated then that would be helpful, but which CLASS within those groups isnt a major concern to me, like I said, we have a good spread.


Guild Meet:


I think all the travel arrangements have been sorted now and I will be making a post in the GMeet forum later this week with final details, so keep an eye out for that.


Right, we have new quests n stuff tomorrow and a raid in the evening. So enjoy and see you then.