Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update July 18th 2018

Pre-patch time!




Guild News:

Welcome to: Grimey and Mystik who are joining us for BFA fun. Head over to forums to check out their intros and make them feel at home.

Welcome HOME to: Mivz this week!


The coming week:


This evening we are meeting up for some fun stuff to test out our new specs etc. There isn't any new content until next week, but you can grab a legendary on every character at max level as they messed up M+ loot this week with the result that every character, irrespective of having done a M+ or not will get a key and a 1000 essences, so go open all those boxes! The usual addon fun, missing weak auras etc are in play, so this evening we are gonna head to ToV for the 3 achievements and then perhaps do Antorus HC and/or some M+s to test things out.


The Guild tab isn't working as they still havent managed to sort that out, and the calendar events have been wiped. I will put up an event for Sunday later and we will see how many of us are around and how our testing goes to see if we want to try Mythic Antorus again.


In Other News:


With the new patch heralding the arrival of a new expansion, I have made some changes on the website. Firstly there has been some forum pruning, so I have removed all forum sections that have not been used for a year or more. This includes the Tank/Heal and Ranged forums as they were never really used as well as the forums for separate raid teams which we don't have anymore. Any tank/Heal/Ranged or class posts should now just go to the WoW section where I also have a M+ forum which will appear at the start of the expansion where people can offer tips/advice etc. Once the expansion hits, the tactics forum will be re-organised to put Antourus in archive.


The other changes are on (or linked to on) the About Us Tab. The Charter/Loot/Raid Rules/Welcome and Mumble posts have been changed or removed. The Raid Rules post in the forum has also been updated to reflect new loot etc. The Charter is the main one to be altered and you should check that out. Change log is as follows:


  • Officer Roles - updated
  • Mumble to Discord change
  • Section on M+ approach
  • New Loot policy
  • Change 125 food to max level in raid requirements
  • Change to GM role
  • Removed Mythic rank
  • Added 'time wasting' to raid rules

We have also made a change to Discord and the Slackers section has been removed. This was only ever really meant for when we have guests join us and yet was being used as a channel instead of Chill Out which confused some people as to if they were allowed to join there, or if people gathering there wanted privacy. I also had to move afkers recently out of it when I was wanting to interview prospective members. Instead, The Clinic (which is renamed to Mumble as a suggestion from Didds in rememberance of our 8 years mumbling!) will have the facility for guests for those times when I am interviewing new members and Chill Out will also permit guests.  Mumble is for when Officers need to speak to individuals without being disturbed just as The Clinic was and if a group is doing M+ or PvP together they should use the appropriate Dungeon/PvP channels and other people should not disturb there.


Rightio! See you later and hf with those leggos !