Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update July 11th 2018

Enjoy it while you can!




Last week:


After recovering from hangovers from drunken gnome night, and celebrating our victory over the horde, thereby ending the WoW story the previous Sunday, we decided to top that! We FINALLY got every single person through The Chosen! Yipeeeeeee! Thank goodness for that! We NEVER have to go back there again!.......


Plan for weeks before Launch:


This week our ready check had 18 people sign up. We are missing Dirm @ work and Shadows @ Footy (with Tal and Chum afk) So we would have enough if everyone could make it. I was kinda hoping the pre-patch would come today, but seems not, so I'm gonna give us this week off for a final rest and then next week it is sure to be here! Please sign up for next Wed and pre-patch in hand (fingers crossed) we will test out our new specs. My idea is to finish off some achievements to see how things are playing in a raid situ, so we have (yes... believe it...) Trial of Valor/some missing achs in Nighthold for some people - will check how many this affects, and we may give Antorus a run through. The first evening after pre-patch we will just try stuff out and then look at having a final push in Antorus for the remaining weeks before launch. So this is officially your last week of rest!


I have had 3 enquiries from potential new raiders, 2 look promising and would bolster our ranged ranks. I am still on the hunt for good healers, but have delayed bringing anyone in as so few of us are around that joining what looks like an empty guild isn't great! I hope to bring people in as pre-patch launches and we return to a raiding schedule. So the plan looks like this:


Pre-patch arrives:


Week One: First night test out with old achs and raids.


                   Bring in new guildies


                   Second Night raid in Antorus?


Week Two: Revisit class choice for BFA - update Roster


                  Recruitment starts seriously


                  Raiding Schedule resumes


This will give you all a week in pre-patch to play around with your classes/specs in your own time and with some organised Guild Raids and then I can finalise our roster and get going with some serious recruitment.


As a result this evening will not be happening. Rest and relax!

Guild Meet:


We are now a month away from Guild Meet, so I am expecting that any of you intending to come have contacted me and booked flights. So far I have these confirmations:




Almost for sure:




Said they would but not yet confirmed:




Please update me/the forum asap. If everyone comes it's gonna be quite the challenge to sort beds for you all and might require me to get tents! So as much notice as possible will be appreciated.




Just a quick note for anyone on Beta in case you didn't know. If you have gotten through some of the campaign, you can get 370 level gear from killing rares in Arathi Highlands - you need to have the portal open just under the ship by the War Table. If you wanna get geared up fast and do some Mythic Dungs to test out, give me a shout and I will see if I can orgnaize an evening.


Right, I am going to enjoy my last week of rest..