Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update July 4th 2018

Ish not thast we ish gnomse, ish thast we ish drinken gnomse!




Last week's roundup


On Wed we got a few more people through The Chosen, but Thana and Cookie still remain needing this! So with the pre-patch looming, we are going all out tonight to get this sorted. It was a way better attempt than last week's but not quite enough to clear this off our to-do-list! Good job all those coming week after week and grats to those who got it last time!


Sunday was Drunk Gnome night. Didds and I had a number of activities planned that involved level 1 naked gnomes and plenty of alcohol. It was so much fun! Firstly we gathered in Spires of Arak and paired up for the Great Drunk Gnome Run. The idea was that the naked level 1 gnomes firstly got totally smashed, then turned off their monitors, while their max level partners directed them along the path through Skettis. All guides were on Discord, in the same channel so our drunk gnomes had to listen for the right voice shouting at them. Now, along this treacherous path are mobs just way too eager for naked gnome blood. Perhaps it was the alcohol content in said blood. There were bridges to cross, mountainous (by gnome standards) ledges to negotiate, cavernous canyons to avoid falling into. It was a journey full of danger and trepidation but our brave gnomes placed their fates in their partners and took the plunge. Literally on some occasions into said cavernous canyons. We had Uz's patient 'Left Tun. No, the other left' Ray's 'Oh you died!' Didd's 'Erm, you fell down' Styhl's ' 'Erm you fell down too' Directing a drunk gnome isn't as easy as it seems! Much hilarity ensued and after 2 trips Ellz and Styhl won the first and Didds and Ray the second. We wont mention Tun and Uz...


We then headed off a little further into Skettis for drunken tightrope walking. There were 3 to navigate and Uz won, crossing all 3 almost immediately! This was followed by Didds, then Tun, then Styhl. We wont mention Ellz and Ray...


Our last drunken endeavour was to glide off the top of Skyreach to land on a designated spot. Hmm, this was actually really easy, even while drunk, so we decided our last challenge would be to do this.. in Orgrimmar. Ray had to leave at this point, so 5 naked Gnomes stood together on this hills above Orgrimmar and prepared for their most ambitous endeavour ever. Months of preparation had gone into this assault on the heart of our enemy. Amongst all the brave souls of Divine Retribution, only these 5 had the courage to stand short and shake their fists at the opposition. They stood for a moment, looking over their destination, contemplating the certain death, but everlasting glory that awaited them.




Off they glided, dodging winged sentries, and landed with a thud in front of Gromash Hold. They eventually managed to get into this lair and stood together facing the evil of the Horde, 5 brave souls against a mass of Orcs, Undeads, Blood elves, Taurens and Trolls.






It wasnt long before their assault was noted and after a fierce battle with many deaths on both sides (Horde deaths imagined and Gnome deaths a reality) this was the result...




However, it was a cunning ploy! The Gnomes revived themselves..




and despite the jeers of the dirty Horde, they battled to the end, killing every Horde in Orgrimmar, descimating the population, raising the city to the ground. It was over. The Horde were defeated, wiped out. 5 brave souls achieved what all the might of the alliance, the Legion, the Wrath King, Deathwing and countless other enemies over the years had failed to. It was over. It was done. The Alliance was Victorious. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.




BFA has of course now been cancelled and our 5 gnomes would like to thank all the rest of you weak willed, cowardly scardy-cats for your participation in the games over the years.

The Coming Week:


This evening we have The Chosen again, hopefully for the last time! We currently have 19 available, but Ray hasnt signed - hopefully she forgot and we will be 20, if not I can hopefully get Grimey who joined us last week. This includes Uz, Averte and Cookie who havent signed but are coming. We have a cunning plan to protect Cookie and Thana which should take about 30 mins after which you are free to do as you wish for the remainder of the week!


Looking at numbers available in sign-ups for recommencing our efforts in Antorus, we are way short of the 20 we need and particularly short of healers, this Wed we also miss Ida who obviously is key to our Aggy kill. I am looking to recruit and hope that in a week or so we may be able to resume. I will keep you posted and if you could continue to sign for Wed next week I will see if we have enough then.


Rightio, things to do! Have a fun week, see you tonight.