Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Jume 27th 2018

It's all subterfuge!


What's been going on?


Well, we had a pretty chilled week this last week. A group of us did naked Mythic+ - got to a +5 Halls of Valor with 2 items (or 1 leggo) equipped. Unfortunately, England were playing football, so a certain warlock was a little distracted and died quite a bit! Nothing to do at all with us being naked.. of course not! However, we were pretty close to doing it on time!


Other than that, we had a night of dungeons on the Beta, a night of +15s on live and some general bants and achievement hunting and.. and... and...


...after MONTHS, literally of doing Argus as a Guild, plus pugging Argus every week on various characters and various difficulties.. the Guild got its first Aman'thul's vision!! Grats to Visp, who totally deserves to have gotten this for his persistant pugging!

The Coming Week:




The Chosen. We are 16 signed, with Term offering to re-sub for it. But I am still missing Uz, Tun, Light to make it 20. Have sent messages to you all - please let me know asap if you can make it.


When you log-in tonight there is a quest which send you to Sithilus. Its the start of your artifact retirement quests. You wont lose it at this stage, instead you will get it empowered to AP level 126 with 75 traits. So this is pretty nice for those alts as well, but mostly it is going to give us a very nice buff which will hopefully make The Chosen even easier. So, log in - run and do that and then let's see if we can sort this achievement out! It literally takes 2 mins ONCE you actually get there.




Didds and I are hosting a mini-evening of drunken pleasure and activities. Some of you will need to make level 1 Gnomes and will be summoned to complete a challenge with a partner where you will navigate all manner of obstacles! On any character you will tight-rope walk, launch yourself off buildings and generally attempt to NOT kill yourself after having consumed more alcohol than is considered safe - in-game and out should you wish! This will last maybe an hour and a half, after which time you are free to sober up (or not) and do some M+ or Beta dungeons - as you wish.


Next Week:


I am reserving Wed evening for The Chosen again, should be hit disaster tonight - which of course we SHALL NOT ! Other than that, we have a pretty clear week for everyone.

Current Progress:


Cy and I had a chat about the new buff and what that might mean for us attempting our last 2 Mythics in Antorus yesterday and this morning. While a buff is going to be pretty nice, it won't let us skip all mechanics and will still require some pretty intensive work. I think a lot of people are really enjoying their break as well and some have unsubbed. Looking at the availability, which a few of you managed to fill out for me on the TLDR we are looking at being short of people every week now until launch. It's just a terrible time of year to have a new expac in the middle of summer breaks and holidays. I very much doubt that we could find a full team any week between now and launch after next week which means we will either need to start recruitment early, or find pug people to make the numbers up. And I don't think we will go in there and one-shot. Even to do the Chosen we are struggling and have non-raid team members coming along. So, we will talk a little more about this tonight and take a vote so I get an idea actually of how many people want to give this a go, but it is looking pretty hard to get a team.


In Other News:


Beta is pretty fun - I know some of you don't wanna spoil things for yourselves on launch and thats totally understandable - however, as Cy discovered this week, it can also be nice to act out your fantasies and inner desires in-game without ANYONE knowing. So, you see - Bnet doesnt work in Beta unless you specifically add your existing friends. SO it is possible to play without ANYONE knowing your dirty little secrets, total anonimity, sneakiness, subterfuge..


Unless of course you are unlucky enough to group with someone who DOES actually know you in a dungeon and reveal, that after all your protestations about Gnome-love and only EVER playing Gnome on any character that can.. you in fact reveal that your true hearts desire is for a Nelf Rogue. Have pic, have proof:





And yes.. don't think by being IN stealth you weren't caught out Tac!!


Now Cy may be feeling all smug that he caught Tac out.. but he is not entirely free of secret activities on the beta as well! This week I found there was a little theme going on. So, it was a dark, dismal day in Kul'Tiras and I was wandering a very pretty area in attempt to counter the dreariness of my surroundings, looking for a suitable place for our new Office, when I came upon a pretty square. With sofas. And an open fire. 'Come look!' I exclaimed to Cy, who dutifully ran all the way over to check it out. While I was sitting by the fire, enjoying the ambiance, he disappeared around a corner. 'Oh! what are you 2 doing?' I heard on Discord. I tried to follow him, but he had entered a cellar that was too small for my Draenai to enter (racist Blizz!) Apparently there was a couple of NPCs in it up to no good. I will let you decide WHAT kinda of no-good. But suffice it to say they leapt apart when Cy came upon them. Now you can't be blamed for what you come upon. However, he then invited me to check out an Inn in the ghetto with spinning red lights outside and a lot of drunken, dancing, semi-naked women inside. Not to finish there, only hours later to discover and link a Goblin's Gentlman's Magazine to Guild Chat!


Each to their own I say. Tac secretly wants to be a nelf, Cy's arrangement with Dev's seems to have taken a new turn!


Guild Meet:


It is getting closer and I need to start making arrangements for beds etc, so I need confirmations from you guys. If you originally said you were coming and now can't - tell me. If you can't see the forum on the site, it's cos you havent said you are coming, so tell me.


That's it! See you this evening!