Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update June 20th 2018

Guild News:


Hmm, what to write here. We are on our summer break! It's a time of the expansion I really look forward to. A time to chill a bit, not have the pressure of raiding 3 nights a week and time to catch up on all those achievements and 'just for the hell of it' stuff I never seem to have time for. However, some of you I know, find this time boring and choose to take more of a complete break.


We seem to have only just stopped raiding, and already it looks as if patch time is looming! We have a couple of things to do before the patch hits - one of them being finishing 'The Chosen' Last week's attempt to get our missing 3 the achievement was pretty disasterous, not least because we didn't have 20 people. With Mivz now away and Term telling me he will be afk, that is looking more difficult to achieve, but try we must! Therefore I am asking all who can to sign for NEXT Wed. Thanks SO much to everyone who already got this and still showed up last week - let's try once more. Please try and find time to sign up over the coming week and we might look to pug any empty spots.


This week's activities:


Wed: General Achievement Night. No one has posted needing an achievement - so I kinda ssume that means we can spend the evening doing what I want. Yay! Those of you NOT intending to show up tonight - would be very helpful if you would UN-sign so I know how many I have to work with. Aside from 2 Firelands achievements, we have some missing HFC Guild achievements with the chance of a mount showing up - so I think we will head there as well.


Sun: We have Naked M+ night again. Those who attended last time will have priority for this, I think we were 6 in total. If we can get 2 teams that would be great, so do show up if you want to try this out. Please also LOWER your keys (or have an alt with a M+2 prepared) before Sunday. As I said last week, we wasted pretty much 2 hours lowering and getting locked out last time!


Mon: M+15 - I am actually going to cancel this. This week we had no-one show up aside from Term. There isn't really any need for people to get their +15s now, so I will leave it to you all to organise this yourselves or pug. It gives those of us wanting to push M+ still an extra evening to do so, or to go Beta.


PLEASE un-sign from things you don't intend to show up to. We have quite a few people signed and just not showing up. There is no requirement for you all to be at anything (except the Chosen for 30 mins!) but some of us who are putting aside time for this would also appreciate knowing ahead of time if we actually have a free evening!


Beta Dungeon Night.


There are a good number of us on Beta now and in a Guild called 'Mistakes Were Made' if you want an invite to the guild then give Ellzangel, Wingster or Cyperr a shout. I will be speaking to those in that Guild to organise a Dungeon evening this week.


Next Week's activities:


Wed: The Chosen


Sun: Drunk night. We will be having various activities involving rl and in-game alcohol. Just come along and have some fun with your guildies!


In Other News:


BFA Loot:


We have updated our Loot rules in response to forced personal loot. You can see this in the About Us section on the website under Shiny Loot. It is basically the same principles as we have currently but if anyone has any questions about it, then now is the time to speak to me. Otherwise this is the new approach we will be taking and you all agree to it :D


BFA Roster:


I have been speaking to people this week and while I still have a couple more to get to, you can see on the TLDR how the roster is looking at the moment. At this stage, nothing is set in stone, but as soon as we get a patch date I will make a decision about who we are recruiting for and once that happens at least your mains need to be pretty much a firm decision. I will give you notice of this and you will have another chance to nab the spot you want. There is a Key at the bottom which makes the colour coding pretty expanatory.


Right! Thats all from me this week.. see you in-game.. or not :D