Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update June 13th 2018

Naked and proud!


Guild News:


Farwell to Mivz: Mivz is heading back to Russia this weekend. Safe trip Mivz and missing you already!


Invite to Raid:


Thanks to all who did manage to fill in their holiday schedule. I will start making the rounds of people this week to get an idea of what classes you are wanting to raid on in BFA so that I can begin to think about what we need to recruit. As spots are filled I will be adding people to a new tab on the TLDR. As explained previously, we want to give ourselves some more flexibility in classes we can bring to individual fights, but also to try and get a more even balance of ranged+melee to avoid some of the issues we had in Legion. This first round will not be set-in-stone as many of you would prefer to test out classes and specs once the pre-patch hits, however, as soon as we start to recruit this is going to have an impact. For example, I am not going to recruit a Warlock and then tell them they can't play Warlock because 3 of you suddenly changed your mind about playing rogue during pre-patch! So you do need to have some idea and accept that once recruitment happens other choices might not be available to you. Beta is available to most people now and with Character Transfer now active, you can go test out classes and specs without seeing any of the content, so avoiding spoilers. We encourage you to do so. In addition there are loads of guides and videos on all classes, so there really is not any reason to not have a pretty good idea now.


The only real concerns are for DpS. Tanks and Healers can have a second tank or healer, or choose a DpS class/spec as an alternative should a different tank or heal class be optimal for a particular fight. Melee DpS should try to have a ranged alternative, and ranged a melee alternative. For those of you who simply hate being ranged in a fight, or hate staring at the butt of a boss, then we get that. Some people have very little experience playing as ranged or melee and feel uncomfortable doing so, we are not going to force you to play something you really don't want to. No one is required to have a second character, so if you play mage, have always played mage, want always to play mage.. then that is fine.




With the new forced personal loot system we will be reviewing how we continue with our principles of team and this will be announced in next weeks news. Alongside that, we will be updating our Charter and other info on the website in preparation for the new expac.


Last Week: as it happened!


Wed: The Chosen and Gul'dan Mythic


After our attempts at the Chosen achievement last week, we set off again to tackle Helya. We had pretty much sailed through to this point whereupon it all went to shite last week! This week we made a slight adjustment, mainly in regard to shouts for warnings. Thanks to those who helped with that! Despite Cy shouting loads (with his mic off) it made a huge difference and we got it! Cookie vanished into the nether, Didds seemed to fall off and Thana ended as a bloody mess on the floor.. but 17 others of us have a new title and transmog to show off! Great job!


We then went to Gul'dan and after a couple of wipes emerged triumphant there as well. Nicely done everyone.


Sun: Naked M+


This was actually a LOT of fun! Ok, lets just gloss over the fact that none of us twigged that dropping our 21 keys to 2 would actually lock us out of dungeons so a lot of time was taken waiting for the lockouts to expire... When we actually did get in to some, we sailed through M+0 with just our weapons equipped. We struggled massively on Arcway+2, so decide to equip one item for CoS+2 and that one item seemed total overkill! We are going to try this again, with keys ready ahead of time and see how far we can get, adding one item as we move on.


Mon: M+ evening

We mostly managed 2 teams for some M+15s to get people their chests and then 5 of us headed off to DHT+21. Yes, on tyrannical. Yes, on Bolstering and Grievous. Madness you think. You would be right. We had a cunning plan.. Visp tanking, Ellz healing, Tac and Mivz on lock and Didds on his DH. That was the plan. Isnt that cunning! We spent some time discussing how to handle the various issues, so cats = chain stun with Ellz in melee, Dragon boss positioning and running out for the rockfall, ranged on last boss out-ranging and Didds jumping out for bolts. We lost Tac on the first cats - but the strat we planned worked, he was just very unfortunate getting multiple hits. We then sailed right the way through to Dragon boss with no mistakes, no deaths and pretty damn fine time. Blizz noticed this obviously and decided we were just doing way too good - so decided to give Visp a perma-debuff bug on dragon boss. We wiped. Back in we went and with no bug this time sailed through. Our strat on last boss worked pretty well, ok a couple of deaths - a rather panicked Visp needing someone to stack with him while we were all hiding at the back of the room! BUT we killed it. 4 mins over time. We were robbed! Without that bug on Dragon it would have been on time. Excellent work and really damn good fun. The stress was high, but so was the sense of achievement at the end!


This week's Plan:


Wed: The Chosen for Didds/Cookie/Thana. You guys are great.. thanks SO much for all agreeing to come back to get our 3 team mates this. We will whizz through and then you are all free as birds for the rest of the evening! We are 18 at the moment, apologies received from Light and Ray who have other commitments this evening. Only person who hasnt volunteered to come along is Chum? We are 18 at the moment, we can probably still do this, but need all of you to show up. After we have done that, those who want to can come along for any last Dungeon achievements. Please have a list of everything you still need ahead of time.


Sun: We had planned naked gnome bombing of Orgrimar, but it seems we have a guild full of chickens, not brave, though naked, level 1 Gnomes! I have decided to postpone this. We are struggling to get a M+ push evening this week as Visp seems to have suddenly found a real life social life, so the team that did DHT are going to try to push some others on Sunday. We will return to gnome bombing the week after next and combine it with some general drunken fun. More to follow on that!


Mon: M+ general: Come along to get your weekly!


In prep for the following week:


Wed 20th: General Achievements - got something you have wanted to do for EVER? Then come along and we will help everyone get those hard-to-get things. Post what you are after here.


Sun 24th: Naked M+: anyone wanting to come will need to lower their keys BEFORE sunday.


Alright! see you all this evening, have a great week!