Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update June 6th 2018

...for some funsies!




Guild News:


Summer Break is here!


As people start taking vacations, leaving school, moving homes and all that scary real life stuff that so many of us find we have to participate in, DR takes its summer and pre-expac break starting this week! This does not mean we won't be playing WoW at all as a guild, there are numerous fun things to do in-game but any events are optional and progress-raiding will stop until Mid-late July when we will hold a 'Call to Arms' and maybe pop back into Antorus to test out our new rotations!


In order to plan for the new expac, it would really help me to know when 'Call to Arms' is going to be best announced and I can't gauge that if you guys havent told me when you are away. So could I please ask that you visit the TLDR and go to the Summer sheet and just jot down when you will be away so I can work out when we might have enough people to get back together.


Last Week as it happened:


Wed: Well, that was a bit of a mess to be honest. We had people who thought they were going to be late, but werent, people who locked themselves out of their houses.. anything to avoid Aggy I guess! People who didnt sign for the raid but played a vital role so forced me to sit other people out last min, people having PC meltdowns!, people who ended up in pot holes on the way home from work, people who had to leave early... writing was on the wall really here! However! We DID get to the last phase on Aggy @ 26%


Sun: People showed up a little better on Sunday, however - let's be honest here. We didn't deserve to get a kill given that performance. I'm all for trying to motivate and gee people up, but praise for what was really an evening of poor performance isnt honest, nor does it do anyone any good. We improved on our last phase attempt by 3%, once during the evening. The rest of the time was spent with people flying off the platform, adds killing us, people standing in crap. We did get 3 decent phase 2 attempts, more than we did Wed - but for a last night push, we kinda got the result that mirrored either the effort we individually put in, or the ability we displayed on that particular evening.


Mon: Chosen Ach and Mythic Guldan. Helya pretty much showed us who da boss! We did have a practice go after and we will try this again this evening. Mythic Guldan required some tactics.. godamnit! BUT we got there!


In Other News:


Summer fun:


Raids as such as I have said are stopping now, however we will be having some other activities running to keep those of us not moving or holidaying occupied! At the same time, take this opportunity to enjoy yourself out of WoW, recharge those batteries and get ready to enjoy the nwe expac. Our week in terms of activities will look like this:


Wed: Achievement Night


This will be the main event night each week. We will run various achievements over the weeks we break, including things like:


  • The Chosen
  • Glory of the Legion Hero - for any who missed the old Dung achievements
  • New Dung achs - like Kara, Cathederal, Seat
  • General Old Achs you can't solo - like Only the Penitent
  • Old Mythics - we need a Guild run in HFC for example.


Sunday Fun Night:


Each week we will have a fun activity - they could take all evening, or just an hour depending. Things like:


  • Wow Quiz Night
  • PvP night with a twist (naked gnomes in Orgrimmar)
  • Beta Dungeon evening
  • Team Race night
  • Shopping Spree
  • WoW Fright Night
  • Drunken Tight-rope walking
  • Weapon-only M+
  • Brawlers Night


This list goes on. Head over to the forums for more details! Events will be in the calendar and announced each Wed in the news, so sign up if you want in. Sign-ups will work the same as ever, so I will lock every Tues evening. Obviously this week I havent - so you have until Thurs to sign for this week's fun! (see below) I am going to delete all raids posted so from next week you will need to sign for new events. Please dont just show up. This is my break as well and I - or anyone else bothering to put the effort in to organise things shouldn't have to waste their time doing so if people aren't going to sign, or do sign and then don't show.


Mon: M+15


M+ go on all week really, but those of us pushing higher keys tend to do this Thurs and Tues. However, many of you like to do a +15 so we will have Monday evenings as the night to get anyone who wants one through. That leaves Thurs/Tues for some serious pushing and point gathering for those of us who are really gluttons for punishment!


This week's Plan:

Wed: The Chosen, followed by New Dungeon Achievements (Kara/Seat/Cathederal)


Sun: Weapon-only M+ Night. So the plan here, offered up by Tac is to unequip all our gear apart from our weapons and then start with a M+0 or M+2 and see how far we can get! To do this we will either need someone with no key, or someone who doesnt mind lowering their key as far as it will go. PLEASE UNSIGN FROM SUN if you don't want to join in with this so I can make sure we get enough people for one or two groups.


Mon: M+15 night


Next Week's Plan

Wed: Glory of Legion Hero - Meta achievements in Legion Dungs for any that have missed some, or those of you wanting to get alts through.


Sun:  PvP with a twist night. Bring your level 1 naked gnomes for a visit to our enemies, have your 110s on standby for retribution on those dirty hordies who will indeed stomp all over those little gnomies! We will be running through Horde cities as a group - yes I have a plan how to get there! It's gonna be messy, its gonna be bloody, we wont come out without scars, BUT we will damn well have fun while we do it!


Mon: M+15 night


SIgn up for what you want to join in!


Invite to Raid:


Okies, I appreciate that some of you don't really know what you want to play next expac and might want to wait to test things out when the pre-patch arrives. However, we do need to recruit and we don't want to start that until the pre-patch arrives really so that we can have plenty of activity in the guild to welcome new people. So starting next week (13th) I will be speaking to people on an individual basis to find out what they are thinking as far as raiding characters go. If you are planning to be away over the summer, than posting as I have asked in the TDLR will ensure I know when I can get hold of you for a chat.


This expac DR has raided more seriously than before and we have achieved some great results as a Guild while content was still current. Our Sisters kill was pretty damn awesome and put us 4th on server. Currently 5th on server we have done good! We want to build on this next expac and so we are looking to put together a team that WANTS to do this. A team who is motivated and has the time to prepare and put in max effort to do this. Whether you want to be backup or have a main team spot - now is the time to decide! We are allowing people to choose 2 characters so that we can be a little more flexible on class balance for the new expac, so in this first round, I will be asking what your gut feelings are atm and this will give me an idea of what I need to recruit. Once pre-patch hits we will confirm the team and get new people in to fill gaps. I may well start recruiting ahead of pre-patch, it depends on when that is going to arrive.


Right, head over to the TLDR for your availability and the forums for the Summer Fun post.


Officers! Please dont forget Thurs Discord meeting: 7pm