Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update 30th May 2018

A little help from my friends.




Guild News:


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Gnomy who donated enough pigment for 2 weeks of runes and food - pretty nice of him when he doesnt even raid! Thanks Gnomy!


Last Week as it happened:


We had 2 nights on Aggy but a mixture of late arrivals, early departures, last moment drop outs has it's impact on the time we actually spent on the boss doing and the progress we made. I appreciate that its summer and less people are online, but if you sign for a raid you owe it to the other 19 people there to show up, on time and put in your best effort.


However, lets get to the progress! Wed wasnt a brilliant night in terms of actually moving forward but did give us all more opportunity to get used to the rhythm of the fight and make some adjustments to our strategy. Sunday however, despite the fact that we were missing 2 of our CCs from Levy and Tun, we actually did pretty well! Ida has needed some time to work out bringing the adds in, in as safe a manner as possible but getting them in! This got better and better to the point where we actually feel this is doable. Great work peeps!


This Week's plan:


Wed: We will be doing Argus HC last as Visp needs to leave a little early. Shadows is going to be about 30 mins late, so I want Tun in for the first 30 mins and then backup for the rest of the evening. Heli second backup.


Sun: Depending on how the CCs go and how far we get on Wed - we are going to need heaps of DpS in the last phase - either Cru or Tun will be backup. I will confirm this Thurs/Fri. Heli second backup.


PLEASE: if you are going to drop out, I could do with more than a couple of hours notice!


Monday! Oh my! I forgot this! Trial of Valor: The Chosen and Guldayn Mythic. Those signed be there for sure - we need the 20!!



In Other News:


Summer Break:


We are looking at a 14th June raid break at the moment, it is possible we will have to stop earlier than that, but I do need you guys to post availability in the forums for your summer holidays. If we manage to go until then (our last raid would be June 13th) that gives us 5 more nights on Aggy. If we feel its close I might want to reintroduce Monday into that, so please sign as usual so I can see if thats possible. We will then break for a month and have a 'Call to Arms' around 11th July with a view to resuming raiding on the 18th July for a last push to see if we can get a little further. This will give us 4 weeks to enjoy the pre-patch and do some recruitment. It's not ideal to recruit while people are away on holidays as this invites people to a pretty much empty Guild, so I need to know when you guys will be around to plan this properly.


In the meantime if we can put in max effort and attendance for the next 5 raid nights we will be in a much better position to get some progress here.


Raiding in BFA:


As I have mentioned before, we will be doing 'Invites to Raid' in June. I intend to do this as we break. We are looking at allowing those who wish to have 2 raiding characters to give us some flexibility. Those who have shown excellent reliability and committment to our raiding efforts will be 'invited' to raid first and anyone wishing to continue on the character they are already playing will get first priority on that spot. So you have a couple more weeks to decide what you would like to play. The first round of people will be those who have maintained a high attendance over the period they have been with us. This is not the period they have raided compared to others, so there is no penalty to having joined the guild later in the expansion, it's simply if we feel that you are reliable and put in the effort for the time you have been here. I will discuss the reasons for this in more detail at a later date, for now think about which characters you want for a main and a backup.


Forced Personal Loot:


I could rant for 3 pages about how crap this is, but there is no point. We have to find a way to make this work and it has some consequences for our rules and how we both organise our raid team and run it. I have some ideas about this and will be speaking with the Officer Team in the next week or so and then when our Call to Arms comes in July we will likely have a Guild Discord meeting to go through how we intend to work things for the next expac which would include any new recruits.

Fun, fun, fun


This has been a very business-like weekly news! However, there were some 'smile' moments this week! As the screeny shows, my M+ mates made sure I would be 100% sure where to stand with the light in M+ Vault! Cy and Tac entertained me with a discussion of milk and how on earth the first person in the world looked at a cow and decided that drinking the liquid oozing from it seemed like a good idea, especially given milk is not really good for us. Cy thought that perhaps they used the farts from an upset tummy to ignite fires! (Or something along those lines..) Levy treated us to a rendition from Frozen after Cy suggested we 'let it go' thought quite what we were letting go escapes me now. Tac and co treated me to the pug experience on my Pally healer in M+s - they need Oscars for that realistic portrayal. Visp and Ida are currently bad booked for not saying hello, Zubs has a bad back/leg - tho ofc thats not funny at all! It's quiet in guild... DO something newsworthy this week, or I will be forced to make stuff up! Fake news FTW!