Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 23rd 2018

Officer meetings are serious affairs..


Guild News:


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Didds for herbs and Gnomy for foods!


Raider of the Month:


Another month has rolled round - don't it just go fast when you are having SO much fun! So it's time to celebrate those who achieved the dizzy heights of 100% raid attendance and have earned the great honour of their names being entered into timeless history as the hero's of the hour.. or even the entire month. Grats to:

Cookie, Cy, Didds, Ellz, Cru, Levy, Light, Tac, Term, Uz, Visp, Ida


Last Week as it happened:


We raided Wed evening. This isn't huge news to be frank, we raid every Wed. We did our usual Argus HC. Like we er, like we usually do. 5 of us died before the 2nd min of the fight was done, 3 of us died before Reap Soul. Then we all died, tho this isn't show stopping news either, cos well, it happens. Then we were all miraculously alive again before 13 deaths occurred before the thing that was MEANT to die.. actually died. I guess you could say.. all's well that ends well. Yup, you could say that.


Off we went to Mythic Aggy. Full of hope and dreams, with courage in our hearts and steel in our eyes. Time to tackle the greatest foe we had ever faced since the last greatest foe a couple of weeks ago. Or, given our HC performance described above.. since moments ago. Words of encouragement were given. Reminders and advice were dispatched. There we stood, anticipation rising, Term was playing Eye of the Tiger in the background. Ida was flexing his grip finger. (lets not go too much further with that idea), Dirm, standing in for Shadows who had fallen by the wayside in a drunken post (Sunday.. yup this was now Wed..) football stupor only hours before raid, was frantically trying to remember what the fight was about, Zubs had his Hunter at the ready for action, Tun was reciting ranged rotations in his head. We were ready for the off. Ready to give our all and throw our very best at this challenge...


... all the while, Averte was trying to perform his own miracle. Namely to fix a PC problem he had the previous Sunday, but in his wisdom and special sense of timing had selected 20 mins before Wed raid time to tackle.


Now, he will tell you that he had no time. He will tell you that he had tried to solve the issue Sunday. He will tell you that he had an essay to write and that had to take priority. But let's be frank here, for the second time this news. Lets be frank here. We arent buying it. No siree. We arent. We ARE however acknowledging that Averte's problems are not the only reason we had to nod at Aggy and back away. Shadows dropping out and taking our only backup was just as much to blame. So, 19 of us coughed a little, looked at the ground, whistled nonchantly as we stepped back pretending we had only come to look at the scenery, waving at Aggy like we were on a Sunday School outing and had just come to pay our respects. No, Aggy, we had never intended to come and kick your ass, whatever gave you that idea??


We killed Mythic Council for Aggy Alt loot. We then went and killed most of the rest of them on HC. Just for something to do. Then we had an early night. Hurrah for football and pc issues!


Sunday was looming. Time to get back and this time walk up to Aggy and show him what for. No Sunday School outing this time! This time we would be ready. This time we would be 20. Sat evening preparations were taking place, much like just before the FA match, or the World Cup. The team under strict instructions to have an early night, no alcohol, no activities that might drain energy before the big day - Ida was defo resting that finger.. A few of us were chilling about, I was enjoying the peace and quiet before the storm, when Tal appears online. He opens the chat with a 'sure. sounds good' response to a question I sent him days ago but that he had missed cos his head was lying on the keyboard instead of looking at the screen at the time. Then he hits me with the news that he, much like Shadow on Wed, would be unable to accompany us on our Aggy quest due to.. FOOTBALL. Or, the aftermath of football. I look at the signups. I look at Tal. I look at the signups. I place my head gently on the desk and close my eyes. I take a deep breath, blink a few times at the calendar, willing it to suddenly show tentatives all ready and eager and prepared to raid. My head returns to its place on the desk. For quite some time.


Sat evening becomes suddenly frantic. My achievement list is thrown to the floor to make way for my attendance book. Monday I have no more than 16 signups for achievements. I make a list of everyone missing, start running around trying to contact to make sure people can swap nights, because as opposed to my previous requests for all raiders to sign tentative for Mondays so that should this very situation come up I can simply swap nights... numerous people haven't complied with this request. I search the forums for availability issues, which of course EVERYONE who didnt sign had made. I search. Some coding error must have made them disappear. I re-check the Monday achievement post to make sure that all who ARE signed actually meant to sign and would be available because of course they all will have complied with my request to respond there with which achievements they want. I search. Some hacker bot must have deleted their responses.


By Sunday afternoon I think we might be able to pull it off. I think about announcing we are swapping Mon achievement night with Sunday Aggy raid on the site, on fb, on discord. I worry that people wont read a post properly and think they can just not show up when we need 18+ for Trial of Valor, I um, I ah, I decide no. And it works! We show up 20 strong for Trial of Valor Chosen run! We kill Odyn. NO deaths! We kill Guarm. NO deaths! We kill Helya! Ow wait. Helya kills us!  We head off to Nighthold Mythic. We kill everything to Guldan! What a super night of super fun and achievements. I guess you could say all's well that ends well!


Monday we finally.. and god this has been hard work to get here... we finally stand before Aggy. We make some really decent progress, not in percentage but in really understanding the first 2 phases and getting into the flow, ironing out some issues. For the first time on our attempts on Aggy I feel like its starting to come together, despite the fact that having finally actually gotten to our progress boss, we then lost Visp and had to call the night early!


I guess you could say.. alls well, that ends well.  Or you could say.. what a cluster.. of things that cluster.

Next Week's Plan:

Wed: HC Argus (All signed) Aggy Mythic: Cru standby. (No Mivz)


Sun: Aggy Mythic: Cru/Bonbo standby


Mon: Ulduar Timewalking (SIGN in forum if you want this. If we don't have around 15 by Friday we wont plan for it) or M+/Timewalking Dungs


Advance notice:


Monday 4th June: Trial of Valor Chosen + Guldan Mythic. The 20 who attended before get first dibs on a spot. SIgn for it NOW in calendar.

In Other News:

This week has not only been eventful in our organised activities, we have also had Cy announcing he is a Tough Boy, a long debate on cooking eggs, Mivz teeheeing that Ida apparently can use Ellz as he wills, Tac and Cy reminsing about the Patient Achivement back in the day and wondering where all the patience Cy had previously to achieve this had now vanished to. We have had science experiments, we have had loot challenges that resulted in Ida and Chum depositing huge gold donations to the bank. We have had triumphs in M+'s, its been all go!


We are going to start losing people mid June. At this point it is looking like we will be down at least 3 players from June 14th, so I am hoping to be able to keep going until then and then take a month break from raiding until a 'Call to Arms' towards the end of July. We may well re-group about then and try our luck again in Antorus if we have enough people around. But for now, lets throw our best efforts and getting as much progress as we can on Aggy. And turning up please. Not dropping out last min, falling asleep at the pc or - thank god footy season is over.. not focusing on that beautiful game over this one! Lets make sure our PCs are ready to go - updates included! We are on the home stretch peoples! Lets make that last dash as great as we can.