Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 16th 2018

Me and my transmog pet!




Last Week - as it happened:


We extended the raid last week after the never-again-to-be-mentioned Vari adventures the previous week and on Wed we killed Vari after only 1 wipe! What the hell!! We then set about working on our second ever Coven kill. Three excellent attempts put us sooo close, but it took another couple of hours on Sunday to cement the kill and gave us an hour to check out Aggy some more. Great job on Coven peeps!


First phase Aggy is eaaasy and we are managing to push before the second Tes Combo is over. We want to push that a little further and avoid the first Rend and that is then sorted. Second phase we have a plan now.. see the forum for details. But this was good practice letting Ida get a feel for his new job and Tun and Zubs work on their new ranged rotations.

This Week's Plan:


We are going to extend again. We had an Officer chat after Sunday's raid and our concern is that each week it is becoming more and more difficult to get a team together. The good weather is here, peeps are a bit tired and we want to give ourselves a chance to get just a little more progress in the raid before we break for our pre-expansion rest. The amount of gear we 'might' get by clearing we don't feel at this point is going to make the difference between us killing Aggy or not killing Aggy. We need to learn the fight. We do still have 2x Tier bosses we can pop back to on this lockout for a break which we may indeed do, and Argus HC for the trinkets. There are also opportunities to do a couple of HC bosses at some point who drop Tier. We think we will probably focus on Aggy for the next month or so before our break and if we find we are htting a dps wall then go back and collect a little more. In the meantime feel free to use HC run on a Fri or pugs to get any last little bits you want.


So, this is how the week looks:


Wed: Heli Standby - HC Argus/Aggy progress


Fri: HC Alt run - sign if u want in!


Sun: Heli Standby - Aggy progress


Mon: IF we can get 18: Trial Mythic. IF we can get 12 HFC Mythic. IF we are less than those numbers: Dungeon Achievements or M+


In Other News:


A note on signups:


The HC Alt run was cancelled last week - people didn't sign. I have noticed that some people just show up on the night without signing. Please sign 'Tentative' if you are not sure you can make it so Tac has some idea if he has enough people. This has also happened on the Mon Ach nights. Getting Zubs in particular some gear from HC would be useful if we can find enough people and having a bit of notice if that's possible or not means he knows if its more likely he will need to pug.


Achievement nights. Same issue here, people signing and not showing up, or NOT signing and showing up. This week we had 12 people signed and only 6 appeared on the night. These nights are no different to official raid nights. Leads are doing preparations and to do that work and then find they need to cancel is not on. If we are planning groups and then someone wants to join in at the last moment, this also screws things up.


This Monday we have some options. We have 14 signed and 2x tentative. If people want to do the HFC Mythics for the Guild achievement and chance of a mount, or Trial of Valor Mythic for the achievements, then Cy and I will prepare tactics. Please reply to the forum post indicating which you want to do. We will make a decision on FRIDAY this week dependant on the replies and let everyone know. If we don't have enough people for the old Mythics, we will get a M+ group going and a Legion Dung Achivement group for those still needing some. Monday nights are unlocked so you can amend your sign-up. Those wanting to do any of the above.. reply in forum.


That moment when you log in and someone asks for Mythic+ before your feet have touched the ground:





Raid Snippets:

We had reason to pause the raid this week while Visp learnt his lefts and rights. As a fellow left/right-mixer-upper, I would ask for some patience with him! Being Directionally Challenged is a serious condition and might explain why he seems to fall off anything available to fall off of!


Hearing Cy call Tal 'Butthead' has to be the highlight of my week! Tal was just lying across his keyboard having a doze as usual, when this little fire add brushed past him and woke him up. He shot up to attention, mashed his CC button on reflex and cc'd the very add we were trying to bring into the boss. Cy: 'Whyyyy Butthead!' Loved it.


Tun has been working on his Ele spec to help out with Aggy but seems, in secret, he thinks that the further he is from the boss, the easier it is to tank a bit without getting smacked in the face. 3x ninja pulls from the Shammy!


Rightio! Head over to the forums to check out our Aggy plan and to respond to the Achievement night post! See you in-game.