Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 9th 2018

Its not all doom and gloomhound




Guild News:


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Diddi, Ida, Ray for food, Tun for runes and drums, Visp and Diddi for herbs and Ida for a huge boost in guild funds! Much appreciated everyone.


Welcome back to 3 night raiding to: Styhl who has finished his golfing antics on a Sunday evening and Tun who is back from Sunday after his 'wee' break. Though seems he ended being ill and ended up doing more than wee, too many details of which he was all to happy to share on Discord last night. Cy actually asked what colour a certain substance exiting Tun's body was, at which point I was forced to mute Discord as everyone there joined in and the conversation went downhill and got messy. Much like Tun's recent problems. Thanks for sharing that.

Review of last week:


Two nights raiding and one night achievement hunting. So what happened..


Wed we started with HC Argus which went pretty well as usual, then switched to Mythic, killed Garothi and then skipped to Imonar and 4-shot that. The highlight (believe it or not!) of our Mythic kills was King who went down in 6 attempts, our best ever! From then on... well. What can I say. The rest of our raiding week was spent on Vari.


There is a separate forum post on this here.



On Monday we went to Antorus HC for our achievement night! Led by Cy, we worked our way through and ended the evening in the pub on our gloomy mounts! Great job everyone and thanks to Cy for the preparation and leading.

This week's plan:


We will be taking the lockout this week to Vari and working on getting this fight under control, then onto Coven for our second kill. Our hope is to get to Aggy and give it a go with our Aggy alts in tow. Tac we will try with your lock and your priest depending on how far we get as if possible, having me mass dispell is preferable. Lets see how we go. Depending on how we do, we may go back to earlier Mythics for some additional gear for Zubs/Tac but we will play that by ear. We have easily 10 ranged each night at the moment, so that is looking pretty good.


Standby's/tasks this week:


Wed: Heli Standby. Chum - still no idea if you are available, so you will be first standby if you are here and we have a no-show. Ida is healing for Chum this evening. Zubs tanking 3rd Coven boss for some practice!


Sun: Heli, Standby. Heli has something else on Sunday, so I would appreciate having no drop-outs so we don't have to call on him and IF there is a problem, knowing asap so that he gets some notice. We have no Cookie on Sunday!! Cy is going to heal and if we are still on Coven, Zubs will tank the 3rd boss.


Mon: M+ night. It is very likely that I will not be here for this, so Cy will sort you all out.



Right, thats it! See you in-game.