Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 2nd 2018

Mythic+ Madness!




Guild News:


Welcome home to: Mivz who we get for 7 weeks this time! Hurrah!


Grats to: Cy who did the Children's week PvP achievements in one go! Gotta kinda hate him really...



Last week, as it happened!


Aggy Alts in tow we set off to Antorus on Wed to try and clear as many as we could and get our guys geared up. Wipes and triumphs resulted over 2 nights in clearing to Vari. We actually had our best result on Kin'garoth with only 9 wipes before we killed it! However Immonar was a bit of a train wreck compared with our one-shot last week... Eonar.. how could it?.. took 4 wipes before success. Not much of this was due to having alts there however! Obviously a little less dps is going to impact, but this was mainly due to us messing up generally rather than having low geared alts in tow.


We need to step up the pace really. Going to 2 nights to give people a bit of a break is going to really impact how fast we can prgoress any further so we have to bring our A game to the 2 nights we are still doing. Clearing from Imonar is going to provide the biggest upgrade in gear for the raid as a whole, so spending an entire night getting to that isn't going to work. Cy and I had a look at the gear needed by alts on early bosses and compared that with gear needed by the entire raid after Imonar and it just doesnt add up. So it isnt about NOT doing early bosses, it's about doing them efficiently and working hard on the 2 days we are there. Fortunately we got some good drops last week so while we still need 3 early bosses, Nain is looking pretty good at 965 ilvl and Zubs picked up a few items.


The coming week:


Wed we will do HC Argus - with all standby's/tentatives please. We will then kill Garothi and go straight to Imonar with one Alt, then work on getting King, Vari, Coven. On Sunday we will see how far we have got and go back to Hounds and Command (possibly Eonar) for alts. With the nerfs in place we really need to get some attempts on Aggy at some point to see where we stand now, and given the rate we killed stuff last week we can't see how we will ever get there. So in detail:


Wed: HC Argus (All). Antorus Mythic: Heli/Cru standby. Garothi (+Tac Alt), Imonar (+Tac Alt), Kin (Will make judgement call on Alt given Imonar performance) Vari/Coven - see how far we get.


Sun: Heli Standby. Continue Mythic clear, Aggy practice if possible, Go back and do Hounds (+Nain Alt) Command (+Zubs/Tac Alts)


Mon: Antorus Normal Achievement night by Cy! As mentioned before, mains please so we can zip through in one evening.


In Other News:


Mythic+ Madness!


We had a bit of a crazy week with Mythic+, partly to help our Aggy Alts gear and also as we had Monday evening there.  So many many M+'s which were a lot of fun! Feel free to jump on Discord in the evenings to do M+, the more the merrier!


Monday activities:


This Monday we have achievement night in Antorus. However, seeing how well the M+ evening went, I have decided that we will alternate M+ one Monday with some achievement or old raid the second Monday. This gives Cy in particular a bit of a break from tactic preps, but also the whole point of going 2 nights was that some people felt they would collapse if they didnt cut down a little and running achievements every Monday will mean they miss out if they don't come, so its the same pressure to be here 3 nights per week. So, Monday14th sign ups are for M+, please do sign and unsign accordingly.


Guild Bank:


Cy happened to check the bank this week and we noticed that over the past couple of months our gold reserves have halved. We haven't broken the bank yet.. but we do need to pay some attention to this. Some of this is due to Levy spending it on ROTM, but it's also due to the fact that we don't earn gold as a Guild apart from challenges. We don't wanna get to a point where we have to ask for donations, so can I ask people to continue to donate mats for ROTM.Thanks to Visp this week for some herbs!


Short and sweet this week, see you in-game