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Weekly Update April 25th

Coven Mythic down!




Guild News:


Happy Birthday this week to: Diddi - who according to Visp is an old fart, as apparently is anyone over the age of 23, and to Heli is probably my great grandson! Whatever any of them think, Happy 30th Diddi! Also today to Dirm - hope you have a lovely day!


Thanks for donations to Guild Bank to: Visp, Shadows and Diddi


Raider of the Month:


Well done to:


Cy, Cookie, Cru, Chum, Diddi, Ellz, Light, Ray, Tac, Term, Uz, Visp, Zubs


See you in the pub later!


As it happened last week:


With Levy away on Wed, making tackling Imonar a bit of a challenge, and having had a really tough last two weeks clearing later bosses we decided to take a lockout this week to Coven to give ourselves a little break. So Wed we headed in and made some pretty decent progress.. eventually. We spent 2 hours not really getting anywhere good, well not under 20%, but then we managed 3 decent attempts and ended the evening at 11%. Sunday back in we went, with those big girl pants on and first attempt got to 14%, a kinda non-attempt followed, a early wipe after that.. and then... out of the blue, BAM! Dead! 8 alive at the kill maybe.. but enough to see them fall over! Really great work people! 4th on the server to kill it, taking back our 4th spot, 1415 in the EU and 2348 in the world! To put this into perspective, our Naga-bitch kill also put us 4th on server, but 1805 in the EU and 3038 in the world.. and remember how great we thought that was! So a huge thankyou to all of you for your hard work and persistance and congratulations on getting the dreaded pug and guild killer down!


The rest of the evening we spent taking a look at Aggy. We managed to get through the first phase with a less than optimal set-up and returned briefly on Monday to test out a couple of ideas. We had a chat and a vote about how we wanted to proceed as a raid team for the coming months before BFA arrives and some decisions have been made.


The Coming Week:


First our raiding plans from now till BFA:


TLDR: We will raid Mythic Antorus 2 nights (Wed/Sun - with Mon for fun stuff or a swap to Mythic should we not be able to get 20 Wed/Sun) to farm Mythic bosses for gearing purposes. We will then focus on Aggy. We will make a decision on how long we work on this as we go along, but our aim is to have at least July off from raiding.


In our vote we had two people who wanted a raid break now, but 21 who wanted to continue and 3 backups still available. The other part of the vote was around gearing up some alts to get the optimal raid set-up for Aggy. Having the right classes but mainly roles is the key to getting this fight down and like our announcement last week about having 2 characters available to raid in BFA, this is the fight that not only is easier with the right ranged/melee set-up as many of the previous bosses have been, but actually is pretty damn essential. As a result we are having 3 people switch: Ida to DK, Zubs and Nain to Hunter. We need to get them some Tier from earlier bosses and geared otherwise in M+ etc so help from all of you is needed to make that happen. The rest of us need to make sure we are bringing our A game, not only to farm these bosses in a decent amount of time, but when we do get back to Aggy, which may be some weeks yet.. to be at the top of our game for that.


The other part of the vote was around our raid schedule with a number of people wanting less or shorter raids. We are getting tight on the number of people available or wanting to raid now, so much so given the role constraints on Aggy, that I have to think about keeping people motivated and not burnt out in the coming weeks if we are to push on Aggy. As a result we are going to drop Monday raid nights for the time being. Raid will be Wed and Sun, same times as usual and Monday we will either do M+ or some old achievements/fun stuffs. This Monday we will take a night off, but from next week we will run other things that people can opt in or out of. More of that in Other News!


So schedule this week is to farm Wed/Sun Mythic Antorus for extra gear, Cy and I will be looking at gear requirements and deciding which bosses to kill. For the Aggy Alts, we are concentrating on Tier and trinkets, but we do have to also consider particularly on later bosses if we can have all 3 alts on the same fight and not wipe for an entire evening :D so there may be some jumping in and out between the 3 of you. We do need to continue to get to later bosses as its not just the 3 alts that still need Mythic gear and tier in particular. So all 3 alts should do their best to attend the HC run on Friday and if others attending are able to funnel some loot their way, rather than take it for their own non-raiding alts, then that would really be appreciated.


There have been some nerfs announced today to Mythic Argus and Aggy - perfect timing! They are not huge, but still nice!



  • Aggramar now begins Stage 3 at 35% Health, down from 40%. (Mythic-only)
  • All Ember of Taeshalach now spawn with 0 energy. (Mythic-only)
  • Empowered Flame Rend has been reduced by 25%.

Argus the Unmaker

  • Argus’s health has been reduced by 5% in Mythic difficulty.

This will work really well with pushing through and still getting some down-time before the new expansion.


This week:


Wed: Backup Heli


Sun: No backup! Be there!


Other activities:


Fri: HC Alt run


Monday: No raid, M+ evening.


In Other News:


In the week that brought us Fridgegate, Averte's lastest calamity involving this time, his face, Visp saving Ellz by killing Tal, Visp falling off, out of, over and under any obstacle in dungeon, raid, the Office, chinese dragons.. and our Coven kill... is there really room for more? Of course there is:


Guild Meet:


Thanks to those who have responded by replying as requested in the forum! Those of you that have spoken to me saying you hope to come, please also respond properly to the thread. I will be creating a private thread later this week to which all those who have put fingers to keyboard in the reply to the current post will get access to with more details so you can begin to prepare travel arrangements and co-ordinate between yourselves and transport meet-ups. So if any of you have not yet responded, please do so fast.


Monday raid nights:


We are going to look at having some fun, less intense activities on a Monday evening while we move to two raid nights. Some of what we are able to achieve will depend on numbers - like we would love to go back to Nighthold and Tomb to finish Mythics there, but will probably need close to 20, if not 20 to get those down. This is totally an optional sign-up and we will adjust the activity we do based on how many we have available.  However, there might be times when we can't get 20 on a Sunday and moving our second raid night to Monday for the week will be the only way to get 2 raid nights in a week. So I would ask you to continue to sign for all 3 raid nights. I will lock sign-ups as usual on a Monday evening so that we can decide on the planned activity and announce it every Wed in the news.


  • Sign Tentative on Monday if: you want a night off, but would be happy to attend on a Monday instead of a Sunday for Antorus Mythic clear but you DO NOT want to spend a night on Achievements. I will put you as Backup for counting purposes. Also sign tentative if you are a non-raider wanting to join for achievements only.
  • Sign as Available on Monday if: you want to do some achievements or old Mythics for your 3rd raid night and also could attend if we switch our raid night to Monday


  • Dont sign Monday if: You are not available at all for Mythic raid should we need to swap from Sunday, and don't want to do achievements as well.

Other than that, I expect to see all raiders sign for Wed/Sun as usual, or to post early in the forums if they are not available.


This week we will not be running anything specific as it's a bit late notice, so will just gather on Discord for some Mythic+. We will organise teams based on who is signed now, so speak to me if you want out. The following week we would like to do a Normal Antorus run for Glory. To do this in one evening we want you all to come on your main character so we over-gear it and make the achievements go nice and smoothly! This is not an option to gear your recently dinged alt! The idea is to have fun and be relaxed on our Off-Raid night, not battle through and end up stressed! So thats the plan, sign up as per the instructions above so Cy and I can make sure we have the team we need to do this.


Right, that's it for this week. Grats again on Coven - that was excellently done Divine Retribution!




#2 Diddi 2018-04-25 18:50
8 people alive, that's at least 7.5 people more than our first Vari kill! Totally counts as a clean kill :D
#1 Lightcrow 2018-04-25 14:21
Yay! Coven! :D