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Weekly Update April 11th 2018

There's no avert(ing) this




Guild News:


Grats to: Uzzie and Aeli on...




It has been WEEKS of me holding back on the excitement, but I am finally allowed to cheer and shout about DR's first eva baby! To be fair, we have had other babies, including Wobbs and someones sister giving birth in the bathroom during a raid! However this is our first DR couple to  share such lovely news with us! As I said, I had been waiting for the go-ahead to announce it in the news for some time now.. I'd had babies on my mind so much due to it that when Ray told me in a whisper chat during a convo where I said that our Warlocks seemed to be breeding, that she (and I quote) 'had one brewing' I thought for just a moment that I was going to be making two announcements, not just encouraging her on levelling a Warlock!


Sooo huge congratulations you two, we are thrilled for you and look forward to a whole new direction for our recruitment process! Couldn't be lovlier news for a lovlier couple.


Last Week's roundup:


Lets not talk about last week... seriously.. let's not.



This Week's Plan:


That's better!


Wed: HC Argus, Mythic Garothi, skip to Eonar then Imonar onwards


Sun/Mon: Mythic progression


Tonight I will be asking someone to step out for Garothi so my Mage can sit at the back and die horribly for a lockout for the coming weeks. We want to skip all bosses to Imonar from now on but as so many of you still need items from Eonar we will do this and try to clear that gear-need list. I appreciate that some of you still needed items from earlier bosses, but saving people's sanity clearing all Mythics takes preference over one item from a boss, which might not even drop, as an upgrade right now. If you really have an issue with missing any of the bosses do come chat with us about it.


The plan is we do this for the next couple of weeks and see how we get on with Coven. Then the Officers will meet to discuss further skipping and maybe taking a lockout only to the progression boss and dropping a raid night so that we give you guys (and us) a little break if we decide we do want to push progress to Aggy and Argie. Over the next couple of weeks we want to gather some views on how you guys are feeling burn-out-wise, so please have a chat with any of the officers or me and let us know where your thinking is at. We can then take this into account when we make decisions towards the end of this month.


Standby's etc for this week:


Wed: Bonbo standby. I am looking for offers of 2 further people to sit out for Garothi/Eonar/Imonar/King. Please let me know asap if you are happy to have a night off. Otherwise we will just ask those not needing gear to sit out on individual bosses. Don't sit out if you need gear though because we want to tick items off the list!


Sun: Heli will be coming as Shadow is at footy and not likely to be here for raid start. If that for any reason changes then Shadow will obviously take the spot, but for the purpose of the sign-ups I have put Heli as confirmed and Shadow as backup. I HAVE NO OTHER STANDBYS for Sun so DO NOT drop out or not show up!


Mon: Bonbo standby


Friday Super Fun HC Run:


Don't forget to sign for the HC run this Friday. Please make sure that your alt fulfills the requirements set out on the site!


In Other News:


Standby next week for important news about this years Guildmeet!



3 members have made the headlines this week. Diddi firstly for announcing to all who would listen that he 'only wanted to do nice things to himself' for the evening. Yea Diddi... just let off the push to talk while you do please.


Uzzie paraded himself about in what he described as 'Booty Shorts'.. which I swear I took a screeny of but can't seem to find. The shorts in question had a little hole for his monk tail which is pretty stubby to be honest and looked more like he had a little accident.


Thirdly and finally...

A certain Rogue (the bad one) has been making all kinds of headlines this week. First on the list is definitive proof that even Officers are subject to punishment:




That smart ass officers will pay for trying to be funny...




and will pay like this...


See video if you want the visual to go with the audio clip attached to this page! If you cannot hear anything, you need to allow Adobe on the page!


It is official, it is saved now forever as evidence that Averte LOVES us!


Right, thats your lot this week. Without talking about last week... which we seriously don't wanna do... lets pick ourselves backup and get back to our usual form, kick some boss ass, have some bants and generally enjoy ourselves please!


Have a great week




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Some fantastic news this week! :D