Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update March 28th 2018

Vari down!




Guild News:


ROTM: It's that time again and grats to the following for being super-stars!


Cy, Cookie, Tal, Ellz, Levy, Term, Ray, Light, DIddi, Tac, Nain, Uz, Visp, Chum


We will meet in the pub to celebrate later tonight!


Grats on promotion to Member: Dirm officially joins the DR family having completed his Initiate period. Good to have you here Dirm :)


Last Week's Review:


Wed: We zipped through Argus HC and Mythics up to the King! Our fastest clear through. Good job all.


Sun: King went down..eventually, 7 attemps which is not bad at all for our second kill with a different team than on the original kill! We then set off to Vari. Lots of attempts, lots of bones lying all over the place, then we had last man standing with Cy and Tal left alive and that last hit from Cy got it dead!! Great job team! 8/11 We had two pulls on Coven to test a couple of theories out and called it a night.


Mon: Coven. Well, this actually went really well! Best attempt was 29%. There are so many mechanics to handle here it's kinda a case of dealing with those over DpS. The new Mythic mechanic wasnt too problematic, but we have to be absolutely on our toes to stay alive and get to the end of the fight. This is very doable people - good job last week!




This Week's plan:


We made great progress on Coven last week and really wanted to bring the same team but unfortunately we have a couple of drops outs. Zubs seems to be taking his new nickname of Captain a little too far and has an eye infection meaning he cant see and Nain is now not available this evening. So we are losing two heavy hitters tonight! Ida is also still poorly so we are taking Cru and Bon as ranged are preferred. This is a bit of a set back in terms of having the same team, but we do have a real chance of killing this tonight - so it's gonna be a hard nights work and we will be asking the very best from all of you. Mechanic's are the key to the kill. People who stand in crap will be frowned at! With the Easter weekend coming, we are raiding ONLY this evening this week so we are extending the Mythic lockout. We will be killing Argus HC first so all raiders who are backups should come along for that. I am running out of standbys tonight.. so no more last min drop outs please!


Standbys for tonight: Thana


After Argus HC, we need to speak to all of you (backups included) as we have an announcement to make, so please remain in the Vindicaar while Cookie does loot and don't leave. Once we have dealt with business we can leave and switch to Mythic for Coven. Sunday and Monday you are free as birds! So enjoy the rest!


Friday we have a SUPER FUN alt HC run. It's gonna be SUPER FUN. So if you would like some SUPER FUN then get yourself onto Discord where SUPER FUN is the order of the day. TIming-wise starting this up isn't the best with it being Good Friday and I appreciate a lot of you (myself included) are off doing rl super fun stuffs. However, if you arent then there is a SUPER FUN alternative, so make the most of it! Tac will be looking to do this again, so if Good Friday turns out not to be the best timing, then keep a look out for the next SUPER FUN one!


In Other News:




R.I.P Mumble. We had our last raid on Mumble on Monday and the server is no more :( Mumble has served us well for the past 8 years so I bid a fond farewell to the place where much banter occurred and much (even SUPER) fun was had! However, we now have Discord to move all that banter and fun to! You have all had plenty of warning about this, so I expect to see you all there, ready to raid tonight with working mics/settings etc. Cy has done a brilliant guide on the forums if you still need help. We will NOT be waiting on you to sort things - so make sure you are ready to go for 7.45.


In addition to the DR Discord, we encourage all of you to join the Arathor/Hellfire server that we mentioned a new weeks back. The address for that can be found here. DR has agreed to participate in this and as such we would like all of you to join there and get involved with the server community.


In other other news:


In our recruitment post it is made clear that the Officer team are not amateur psychologists and we aren't keen on 'Special Little Snowflakes' in the Guild. Can I just make it ABSOLUTELY clear that when, after a couple of ninja pulls on Coven, I decide enough is enough and ask people NOT to target the boss before the pull if they were having problems.. this is NOT as Zubs questioned, an invitation for a counselling session for people with 'any problems?' :D


In other other, other News:

Sign ups for next week's raiding - DO this tonight! I will be locking next weeks raid when I return from Paris on Tuesday. If I get back and find half of you have forgotten I will be SUPER annoyed and it will NOT be SUPER FUN. Just for once, surprise me...


ALSO Mythic gear. If you have not updated this by end of raid tonight, we will just delete any gear u need to Kingaroth and it wont be counted. U need to change your name to red to show you have updated it. After Easter we will be skipping bosses and we will make the decision on which after the raid tonight. So, you have been asked to do this a week ago, you have now been warned. Get to it :D

Have a great week and a lovely Easter peoples!






#3 Nainjo 2018-03-28 23:56
Have a nice trip!
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It's gonna be super Tony!
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It's gonna be super fun!